collections: ace & jig spring 2018

as is the thing with fashion, i’m already anticipating the new spring collections, some of which are already trickling into stores as early as january. one that is high on my wishlist already is ace & jig spring 2018. over the years, i have become more and more of a fan of their beautiful textiles and interesting designs. they really never disappoint, and always outdo themselves with each new season. i’ve probably said this before, but one of the things i really appreciate about ace & jig is that their textiles are so easy to wash and wear. you don’t even need an iron, you can just pull them from the dryer and put them right on. they have this really substantial weight to them and a depth of texture that makes them just so easy to wear again and again. and i always feel so pulled together when i throw on one of their dresses for the day– and i usually get the most compliments when i’m wearing ace & jig because they stand out from the crowd, but aren’t overly flashy or intimidating. it really is no wonder that they have such a cult following with people buying, selling, and trading their pieces.

the new spring collection is about to drop and i’m really really into the orange, tan, and mustard colors! although if i’m being honest, looking at the styling makes me feel like i could even pull-off some of the colors i normally avoid, like lavender or bright teal! i think one mark of a good designer is having the ability to convince the customer to try new things and to really get pulled into the whole world they’ve created. and that’s definitely what happens to me each time they come out with a new collection.

the new collection isn’t out just yet, but you can run and catch the fall sale if you head over now…

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outfit: adventure time

calivintage - ace & jig fall 2017

i can hardly believe it, but today was edie’s first day of school! she’s 20 months, so it’s not some rigorous academic thing, but it is a really lovely toddler program at the montessori school where adam has been going since he was about the same age. i’m so excited for her because she’s such an independent kid and i know she’s going to love it! but let me tell you, after being at home most of the day with two kids for the last four years, it’s such a strange feeling to have both of them out of the house. it’s just so… quiet. and now i’m sitting here in a bit of a daze, trying to figure out what to do with myself!

but as much as i miss all of the activity and excitement of having both kids running around the house, i have to admit i’m pretty excited about having more time to work. when i decided to go independent after adam was born, i had no idea how much i would miss working full time. i know that probably sounds crazy to some, but i really loved the sense of purpose i got from my 9-5. i’ve still always worked on my blog and updated my vintage shop, but over time, i really slowed down online. it got to the point where i wasn’t able to update things for weeks at a time, and i wasn’t even sure if i could even keep up with it anymore. but things change quickly! and suddenly i have all of these hours in the day again! and it may take me a little while to get back into the swing of things, but i’m so excited for the new adventures ahead of me!

wearing: patti dress in captain courtesy of ace & jig (currently on sale!), karen walker x benah bag (this is a past season item, but baggu makes a really similar style!), maryam nassir zadeh andrea mules, suncrest hat in panama straw courtesy of brookes boswell

calivintage - ace & jig fall 2017
calivintage - ace & jig fall 2017
calivintage - ace & jig fall 2017
calivintage - ace & jig fall 2017
calivintage - ace & jig fall 2017

collections: ace & jig fall 2017

calivintage - ace & jig fall 2017

i haven’t been posting collections (or really much of anything) like i used to. but i’ve been having a lot of fun looking at all of the fall collections as they come out, and ace & jig fall 2017 just caught my eye. so perhaps it’s back to sharing some of my favorites like i used to?

i’ve been a fan of ace & jig for quite a while and have always admired their styling, even when the clothes weren’t exactly my style. but this season, i’m definitely into the slightly ’80s inspired ruffles and puff sleeves. i’m actually pretty excited about fashion lately because some of the details that i’ve always loved seem to be having a moment. these are the types of details that you might find on vintage prairie dresses or ’80s muumuus, but in decidedly cooler prints and shapes than you’d ever find at the thrift store. and yes, if you are confused, that is a compliment! i love it all! the hardest part is picking a favorite.

the fall pieces are trickling into their online store and in various boutiques. you can shop ace & jig here. or if you haven’t signed up for garmentory yet, you can get $20 off your first order by following this link. they carry ace & jig along with many of my favorite independent designers. and who doesn’t love a little discount?

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ace & jig fall 2014

i’ve been a fan of ace & jig for quite a few seasons now, and every time they come out with a new collection, i find myself more and more drawn to their easy, layered aesthetic. as if it were any surprise, i am loving the deep saturated indigo blues, but i’m also equally drawn to some of their more toned down autumnal shades. i especially love the cocoon coats, and i’m a total sucker for the quilted detailing on a crew neck sweater and varsity jacket. they’ve really pulled off an excellent collection with beautiful textiles and cool styling. here’s to hoping i can snag a piece for myself, they seem to be selling out a lot of styles at some of my favorite boutiques!

photos courtesy of ace & jig.

ace & jig spring 2014

i’ve been a fan of the cool stylings over at ace & jig for a couple of years now, and this is the season i’ve finally decided to give them a try. it’s a bit more casual than what i’ve worn in the past, but living in los angeles and having my new bebe, everything in this collection seems like the perfect thing to wear these days. alone, each piece is well-constructed out of super soft, custom-made cotton textiles, and as you can see by the styling of this collection, they really can be worn to suit just about any style. this season, the designers were inspired by carousels.

“the joyous ride creates an intricate reflection on the spectrum of color and the interlacing strands of shadow and sheer light. the glow, the glaze, the aura take on new formed woven dimensions. the linear blur of flickering textures mark this playful passage of movement. silhouettes take on more variety and volume yet remain timeless, creating a magical composition.”

the collection will soon be available at of a kind.

images courtesy of ace & jig.