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so you may recall this post about some of my favorite fall inspiration, in which i confessed my infatuation with the lovely alia shawkat dressed in a little witches outfit, my love for those vintage-inspired shorts, and all things gothic. so with halloween winding down, and the festivities behind us, i got to remembering said collection, only to discover that rachel antonoff has released her spring 2010 lookbook on facebook. i discovered this after reading a lovely post about it over at liebemarlene vintage, and i just had to write about it here because i am in love with her latest collection!

as you know, i love simple, wearable pieces with pretty little details in mostly neutral colors. looking back through my past several outfit posts, i noticed that i’ve been wearing a lot of cream, brown, black, and white so this collection is right up my alley! i seriously wish i could have every single piece! and i just love that the collection doesn’t scream spring, so if you were to invest in a few pieces, you could get a lot of wear out of them throughout the seasons.

and i can totally get down with the pretty little ballerina slippers. d.i.y., anyone? they’ve got really inexpensive slippers at payless right now. add a contrasting ribbon and voila!

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  1. Oh my gosh, that picture of Alia is too cute to be believed, I love it. So glad you reposted because I definitely hadn't seen it before. And Rachel Antoff's pieces in general are just gorgeous — those long shorts with the cute white little pockets in particular are just screaming out my name. Not to mention those black dresses.

    The ballet flats are adorable too, and look like they are totally DIYable! I think I will try to make them myself in the next week or two!

  2. I love her stuff. Its so cute. I got to go to her fashion presentation in September and it was so cute. I made a blog post about it.

  3. What an amazing collection! Thank you for sharing this. I love those ballet flats, I should buy some cheep ones too and try making those too :)

  4. i love everything. those black shorts with the white pockets really draw me in. and i just love that model, i've seen her around a lot but dont know her name, anyway she's such a babe.

  5. I love the lace dress, the floral shorts paired with the mint green cardigan, & the peach shorts with the cream top. I love neutrals, pastels, & florals!

  6. yup i'm all about the paypless slippers, &they are authentic too!
    i used to line my own slippers with vintage fabric in my teens , i just used a glue gun to make em stitck….

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