morton salt girl

alright, i will admit that the umbrella was a bit of a prop since it wasn’t actually raining during this shoot. but i’ll have you know that it did start pouring rain right when i stepped inside, so we’ll just call this careful planning. and if this outfit looks a bit familiar, it’s because it was inspired by one of my favorite street style looks last week on citizen couture, seen in this post.

i actually bought these vintage suede boots about a month ago after i was tipped off by lisa zain’s tumblr blog, vintage shoe love. the only thing is that i only got as far as knowing that i liked the style, and didn’t have a clue how to incorporate them into my wardrobe! but the street style gods smiled down on me and i found the perfect combination in my charcoal gray otk socks and inky blue trench coat.

i know i’m not wearing a little yellow dress, but i do feel a bit like the morton salt girl tripping around with my umbrella.

navy trench coat, h&m
obey gray ruffle dress, 80’s purple
charcoal gray wool otk socks, courtesy of tabio
black suede ankle boots, erstwhile vintage on etsy

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  1. Just love the blues and grays… and that little Morton girl was quite the fashion inspo, no? At least, more so than the Coppertone girl. Hehe

  2. ahh! the morton salt girl. love her so much. my summer project is going to be hunting down the perfect yellow dress. or hunting down the perfect pattern so i can make the perfect yellow dress.

  3. I love the colors here. They are all neutrals but they still create a lot of visual interest when put together. Adorable look!

  4. Oh, so cute Erin! I love your coat in particular. And lol, somebody called me the Morton Salt girl on my blog just the other day when I included an umbrella in one of my outfit shots. Someday I think I'll actually obtain a yellow school-girl-esque dress and imitate her for real since she is actually pretty adorable.

  5. Oh this is SO cute! Love it–the whole shoot is really cool and you look wonderful as the Morton Salt Girl ;)

  6. it's raining here today and i'm wearing jeans and rainboots. thanks for showing me that the rain is no excuse for not dressing up. you look darling.

  7. The Grey ruffle dress is adorable and i like the high socks style!


  8. Love the outfit. I like that the colors are sort of dark and dreamy. I was the morton salt girl for halloween two years ago! She sure is stylish for an icon.

  9. Those shoes are fab. Love the thick heel. But the H&M coat is my favorite part. That navy blue is the most gorgeous shade and I'm sure it was a steal!

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