cardigan shopping

it’s friday! which means for some of you out there, it’s payday.  and i don’t know about you, but i always seem to be in a rush to burn through my cash with some online shopping indulgence.  i’m starting to realize that i don’t have nearly enough comfy cardigans in my repertoire, so i decided to check out the scene.  and without a doubt, my two favorite haunts for sweater shopping are j.crew and madewell (which i know, are basically the same thing.)  i didn’t buy all of these babies, but you might see a few of these popping up in my outfits some time soon!

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  1. The one on the bottom left must be mine. I love how it looks a little feminine and a little "old man" at the same time, haha.

  2. These are beautiful choices! I've been looking at these more masculine cardigans too recently and I've even been looking in the mens section for ones I like!

  3. i received the arrow sweater jacket as a birthday gift in september. it's so cozy and soft, and i love the rich caramel hue. perfect for fall. :)

  4. I like the one on the top right, though I'm not usually a fan of structured cardigans. I like my knitwear slouchy and my coats structured, and never the twain shall meet. Or something.

  5. I'm always to scared to start shopping for new clothes online! I worry I will spend all of my money on it ha!
    LOVE the second to last cardi! Something about those colours just get me!

    Ayesha x

  6. hi erin, I want you to know that I would like to use one of the pics from your "light and dark" post into my "autumn inspiration" post.

  7. Love these… They have a great old man/sea faring gentleman vibe to them. I think the two in the top row are my faves. Can't wait to see which ones you got!

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