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alameda flea market

today i am super excited to share my first set of street style photos! i finally overcame my fear of approaching strangers and decided to share some photos of the fashionable ladies i see in my daily life. so if you were every wondering what the bay area girls wear to the alameda flea market, here is a little snapshot for you! i have more images, but i still haven’t figured out exactly how to share them with you! at first, i was thinking that i would just share one photo per post, but then i thought it might be better to share a set since i have so many other posts going on here… maybe i haven’t ironed out the details, but i hope you enjoy the new feature! and expect to see more soon!

alameda flea market
alameda flea market
alameda flea market
alameda flea market


  1. I collaborate with a street fashion site and it’s always so difficult for me to approach strangers! even though most of them are cool about it, some of them still say no and that feeling sucks!
    anyway, I’m glad you took these!

  2. I always think the Alameda Flea Market fashion is unrivaled. Great picks here. I don’t understand why anyone would be upset for someone complimenting their outfit and asking to take a picture. Sounds fun!

    1. hehe, you are so right! i get so shy, but the reality is that it’s always a nice compliment when someone wants to take your photo because it means you have great style! it’s kinda silly for me to get so nervous about it!

  3. So great! As an aspiring photographer, I deeply respect anyone who can ask strangers for photos. When I go on my own street photography runs, I’m very hesitant to approach my subject. Not to mention I also love these girls’ wonderful outfits!

  4. I’ve been on the verge of doing this for a while.There’s a market held here monthly and I’d missed a few, and now it seems everyone realllly dresses up. There were even some full-on lolitas!! Which is sorta rare for Brisbane especially. Maybe I’ll gain confidence and just do it!!
    Great job btw :)

  5. I’m so glad you’re doing this. San Francisco is one of the best dressed cities in the country and definitely has its own unique sense of style. Kudos for overcoming your fear, too!

  6. Hey, I’m going to have a booth selling TONS of vintage clothing, shoes, & accessories at the Alameda Flea Market next Sunday. Not sure what booth # I’ll be in yet, but I’ll have a pink pop-up canopy. I’ll also be at Treasure Island this Saturday. Please come by! It’s my first flea market. If anyone wants updates on my booth #, send me a message or look me up on twitter/FB.

  7. These are great! I especially like the last one with the girl showing off her rad flea market discovery. It really describes the situation in a fun way (tee hee, stuffed tiger). I’m looking forward to seeing more street style pics. You have a good eye!

  8. Awesome! I’ve just started photographing strangers in the street in this way too and now just have to start sharing them! Yay for street photography!!

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