outfit: 17 mile drive

calivintage: 17 mile drive

more pictures from monterey! these were shot along the scenic 17 mile drive, which is basically a touristy little drive that loops around the area past the ocean and through a bunch of golf courses in a very wealthy area down in monterey. you pay to get in and they give you a little numbered map with silly locations like the “ghost tree!” i don’t have the little brochure, but it says something cheesy about how the dead trees have been bleached by the wind and sea. there were a lot of people mulling about snapping touristy pictures, so we decided to join in and get our own. despite the spectacle of it, i have to admit that this whole area is absolutely stunning. it brought back memories of some of the bike tours i’ve gone on that passed through this area and down into big sur along highway one. i read on a postcard once that someone famous referred to the area as the most beautiful convergence of land and sea…

dress: dear creatures “boat house brunch” dress
shoes: thrifted vintage shoes
coat: asos from last year
sunglasses: tom ford nikita
bag: j.w. hulme mini legacy bag

calivintage: 17 mile drive
calivintage: 17 mile drive
calivintage: 17 mile drive
calivintage: 17 mile drive
calivintage: 17 mile drive
calivintage: 17 mile drive
calivintage: 17 mile drive


  1. Oh yay, Pebble Beach! We rented a house in there briefly, so had a pass to get in, but once we moved back out to Pacific Grove I had piano lessons and friends who lived in there, so we could usually get in without paying, citing one of those reasons – whether or not they were the real reason for us wanting to get in! Garage sales or looking at open houses were also good excuses. :) Perhaps they’re much stricter about it nowadays, though.

  2. Wow, the scenery looks really beautiful and how cute is that little squirrel! I really love your outfit colour combo, navy and mustard just go so well together. I think I shall be wearing a lot of it this Fall.

  3. Eek! I’m getting so excited about my trip now :D Love these photos.

    You have to pay for the drive? Didn’t know this, will have to look it up :) x

  4. I really have to come visit San Fran! The scenery always looks spectacular in your photos! And of course I’d love to visit you :)

    The details on that dress are delightful, peter pan collars are a perennial favorite of mine!

  5. I love that jacket.. Plus it looks really comfy!! :-)

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, and I’ve just started my own blog. Well, let’s say I’m trying to start my own blog.. cause I don’t really know what I’m doing yet. lol

    Anyway, I’d be really happy if you’d check out my so called blog eventually!


  6. I adore those vintage shoes, every time you wear them it reminds me how much I want a similar pair! The Dear Creatures dress is a gorgeous cut, very flattering. Lovely photos, especially in the overcast conditions, it adds something special.

  7. These pictures are just amazing, the lighting is so perfect! I must say that Dear Creatures dress looks so adorable and vintage on you, I love this look :)


  8. I have this dress and love it to bits. It really suits you and the mood of the landscapes! It’s incredible I’ve seen this dress styled b different bloggers and it seems to fit everyone and to bend to every style, even though it’s kind of an outfit in itself.
    Once again, lovely photos (and amazing vintage shoes!!)

  9. Whoever wrote that on the postcard is right! Just from looking at these pictures you can tell it had to have been beautiful. And on top of that, I love this outfit and your tattoos! ugh lets just be best friends already! ;)

    – Chandler


  10. I was at the 17 mile drive in June and I have pics of that tree too :) It’s a beautifu place. Thanks for this post, it’s a nice reminder to me of my holiday in the US. And I love your outfit! The navy dress is such a pretty classic with its ric rac edging the peter pan collar and the double breasted button front.

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