oshkosh b’gosh!

calivintage: oshkosh b'gosh!

yep! today i am wearing my new pair of overalls. i like to think of these as the grownup version of those classic oshkosh engineer striped overalls we all seem to have had at some point in our lives. and they were perfect weekend wear for a lazy sunday spent sleeping in, indulging in lots of delicious food, and stopping in at a couple of thrift stores.  i pretty much had to have a chill weekend after having a bit of a rough time adjusting back to regular life post-summer vacation. it’s certainly not like those oshkosh days when summer was three months long! but at least i can kinda sorta pretend with a little bit of silly nostalgia.

thrifted vintage silk blouse
boutique by jaeger denim dungaree
thrifted vintage handbag
vintage vera scarf
swedish hasbeens peep toe super high
ysl rouge pur lipstick in le fuchsia

calivintage: oshkosh b'gosh!
calivintage: oshkosh b'gosh!
calivintage: oshkosh b'gosh!
calivintage: oshkosh b'gosh!
calivintage: oshkosh b'gosh!
calivintage: oshkosh b'gosh!


  1. Haha! Cute! I’m positive my sister had a navy blue oshkosh b’gosh jumper and I know I had a pink floral one too. It was a highlight of the summer to visit the Oshkosh B’gosh outlet when we would come to the States to visit from England. I remember this and I was about 7 at the time. It reminds me to ask my mum about it.

    Great outfit!

  2. Your overalls are so, so cute. Seriously. Also, I love your vintage silk blouse! I’ve been looking for one at a thrift store for FOREVER, and I have yet to find one that’s just right. I haven’t given up, yet!

  3. I definitely miss length school summers, this year it feels like summer is a lie, ha. Those overalls are excellent! I love how you styled it, the proportions and colors are playful but not infantile. You look amazing, as always.

  4. the overalls are SO sweet and i love the scarf on the bag. it brings the perfect amount of yellow in :) in middle school someone told me i dressed like i was in oshkosh as an insult and it made me really sad haha now i think of that every time i hear the companies name

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  5. oh my gosh this is the cutest outfit ever. this might be my fav from this summer.

    i also have a couple pairs of overalls/dungaree dresses that i wear quite frequently. i always feel a little child-like, but i think the key is to wear them with a pretty blouse and some heels – just like you did here! adorbs.

  6. I think these are my favorite pair of shoes you own! I find myself swooning every time you wear them as if I’ve never seen them before. That yellow is just so enticing!

  7. oh my goodness my mum used to LOVE dressing us in osh kosh hahaha, I had completely forgotten about it. Love how you’ve styled it with the yellow hasbeens, you’ve made me want ANOTHER pair! I wish I owned them in every colour.

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