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well, i successfully survived day one of new york fashion week! and here’s what i wore on day one. the rainy weather was a bit unexpected for me: when i checked the forecast before packing, there didn’t appear to be any threat of rain, but by the time i arrived, it was clear that we were going to be experiencing thunderstorms and several inches of rainfall. fortunately, i did manage to stuff my silly new raincoat (which i discovered reading le blog de sushi) into my luggage! i got a lot of compliments, despite the fact that i am essentially wearing a plastic bag. albeit a very retro fun and slightly chic one, haha! and it really was the perfect compliment to my pretty family affairs dress. and even more fitting were these epic hanging chairs in the main lounge at the lucky fabb conference. obviously a clear choice for an impromptu photo shoot.

and speaking of fashion week, stay tuned for a lot of posts. yesterday i went to the steven alan presentation and the rachel comey show, so more pictures are on the way! and than you to rebecca for taking these photos!

dress: family affairs true blue dress
jacket: storets clear vinyl rain coat
shoes: vintage salvatore ferragamo
sunglasses: karen walker number six
lipstick: ysl rouge pur in le rouge

calivintage: mod world
calivintage: mod world
calivintage: mod world
calivintage: mod world


  1. I adore that raincoat – i’m not surprised you got a lot of compliments:) I really hope I can get to London Fashion Week in some capacity – fingers crossed! It’ll absolutely, definitely be raining there too I’m sure.

  2. Oh my gosh, that raincoat plus those sunglasses plus that hair. So perfectly mod.

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  3. aw wow, yes that raincoat is amazing and you deserved every compliment on it!! You look so cute, reppin’ Cali and vintage! I love seeing you in flats at fashion week. That should be a new feature, I hope I can find pics of more ladies in flats…
    I can’t wait to see more of your NY adventures :)


  4. That raincoat is amazing! I’ve been eyeing a clearing raincoat for a little bit now, ever since I saw the Terra NY one in Lucky (I think it was Lucky, anyway!)

  5. Eek! This disturbingly reminds me of Rose McGowan’s raincoat in Doom Generation. I mean, she did have awesome clothes in that movie, but I wouldn’t ever watch it again, if you know what I mean…
    It must be super difficult to get good pictures with the light behind you like that – I am envious! And such beautiful, simple framing with the hanging chairs. Thumbs all up!

  6. Oh my god that raincoat is amazing!!! I’ve been trying to find one like that for quite some time now, kept hoping ASOS would put one up. Although I secretly hope I can just thrift one haha. I love this outfit!!

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