win a pair of glasses (or sunglasses) from bonlook!


today i am excited to announce my latest giveaway courtesy of bonlook! if you aren’t familiar with bonlook, they’re a fashion and vision boutique offering prescription glasses (and sunglasses) with lenses made in the usa at a fair price for all. all of their glasses come with anti-reflective, uv, and scratch-resistant protections and they cost only $99! and as you can see from the selection above, they have some seriously stylish frames!

and just for fun, i thought i’d share this little video i made a few months ago featuring some of my favorite bonlook frames!

to enter, simply visit bonlook and leave a comment in the section below letting us know which frames are your absolute favorite!

this giveaway is open to international readers, so anyone can enter. only one entry per person. giveaway ends tuesday, march 20. winner will be randomly selected and contacted via email. winner will receive your choice of frames along with your choice of standard prescription lenses, clear lenses, or tinted sunglasses lenses.

not interested in giveaways? bonlook would also like to offer you $15 off your purchase with the code “blcali15” now through april 1st!

EDIT: THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED. congratulations to our winner, amberly!


  1. i love the jungle chic in havana + purple! they make me want to get different (prescription) frames for every season.

  2. Amazing! I think I’ll get some winner or not :) I love the Bonnie and Clyde. I also need motivation to get some prescription sunglasses before my eyes burn up.

  3. I love the Flanagan in Rose Gold and the Simply Fabulous in Havana
    Both of them are in a super fun and playful shape and cool colors!

  4. I have been in love with the flanagan’s in rose gold FOREVER, i actually really really need new glasses too – since i just found out i can’t wear contacts anymore!

    -brittany :)

  5. What a fun giveaway! I’ve always been such a fan of Bonlook and their eyewear because their frames are so fashion forward. I must say that I am quite in love with the sunglasses you’re wearing: Jungle Chic – Havana & Purple. Such a lovely pair of sunnies.

  6. I’ve been searching for a prescription pair of sunglasses like Jungle Chic in Tortoise for forever! Cheers!

  7. I would go with the honeybadger in grey! I think the totally clear frames reflect a little too much light. The touch of grey has the same look without the reflection issue!

  8. The pair that I absolutely have to choose are the BONNIE & CLYDE – BROWN. Why? Because they’re so wearable! you can go to the office with this glasses, still gives you a proper office look, but at the same time they give you an edge****

  9. i would absolutely die if i won the flanagan rose gold prescription glasses. i have needed prescription glasses for a long time now (i wont say exactly how long because it is embarrassing) so winning these beauties would be so good for me on multiple levels!

  10. Oh my all of the (sun)glasses are really pretty. But I have to say, that the vintage-looking ones are always my favourite! Especially 50s-retro sunglasses :)

  11. J’adore the J’adore frame! That was really cheesy but I felt it was appropriate. But seriously, I really like those frames.

  12. Drink the Kool-Aid in Grey would be my new best friend! I can see it now, how they’d sit with me while I work in the library, read with me on the sofa, help me cook a delicious curry. Oh, Drink the Kool-Aid in Grey, it’s just youuuuu and meeeee alwayyyyyys and forever ba ba baaaaaa…

    Plus they’d go with pretty much every outfit I have. Best friends are so complimentary like that.


  13. I have been absolutely in LOVE with the Jungle Chic eyeglasses in havana + purple ever since I saw that video a few months back. somehow the purple just works as the most fabulous neutral ever, and I want to own those things. so much.

  14. Tried BonLook “try on” feature and I would say the HONEYBADGER frames fit my face well! plus it comes in different colors! loving the wide selection and so good to know they’re providing prescriptions! :)
    fashion + prescription glasses = BonLook!

  15. I am coveting the Jungle Chic sunglasses in tortoise. A classic colour, but such a fun shape. My sweetheart has the Urban Dandy Sunglasses in havana; they are the best sunglasses he’s ever had!

  16. I love the brown Bonnie and Clyde sunglasses. I just broke my favorite and only pair on suns the other day, and these would be the biggest upgrade ever!

  17. Super cute video – now I want all of those!
    Buuut “Drink the Kool-Aid” in Black & Clear is RAD! They’re professional, but fun, retro with a modern twist, would look great dressed up or down, and (more importantly) they’d look amazing on me!

  18. j’adore the simply fabulous deep brown frames. i feel they would transport my inner geekyness to the outside elegantly…

  19. Aaawwww
    I’m trying to win a pair of bonlook eyeglasses since I star following blogs a year ago…

    I’m in love with the SIMPLY FABULOUS – HAVANA

    gorgeous glasses!

  20. My favorites are the Jungle Chic in Tortoise. So pretty, But I pretty much adore everything on Bonlook


  21. Oh my! I just love the opera style MASSAMOUSSO glasses. But I really do need a new pair that i don’t have to hold all day, so I would probably go with FLANAGAN in TORTOISE & TURQUOISE.

  22. I’ve been dying for a pair of BonLook eyeglasses since I really need new ones since mine are hideous + old. My favorite, although hard to choose, are the Aviator Tortoise. xoxo

  23. It would be nice to win but even if I don’t I will probably use the coupon code. Really need a new pair of glasses! I’m wondering if my flex-account from work can be used to cover the cost.

    I love the Bonnie and Clyde in green.

  24. omg i adore the Midnight Express Tortoise!! they would suit my face shape perfectly! also ive got a bit of an obsession with tortoise print! ahhh love love love.

  25. Jungle Chic in Midnight Blue for sure! I love a bunch of them though. I busted my glasses and would be really grateful for a new pair, haha. Good luck to whoever wins!

  26. I am in love love love with the the Drink the Kool-Aid eyeglasses in brown but almost as much love goes out to the Simply Fabulous in Havana! Simply fantastic!

  27. I actually just lost my pair of prescription glasses about a month after getting them, so this giveaway could not have come at a better time! the MCQUEEN HAVANA TORTOISE glasses are gorgeous! A must have if you ask me!

  28. The “Drink the Cool-Aid” glasses in black & clear are perfection! I’m so happy you’re doing this giveaway! BonLook & Cali Vintage are two of my favorite things on the internet!!

  29. I’m so in love with the ones from the Drink the Kool Aid, specially the black and clear… that one it’s just beyond awesomeness

  30. Yes, thank you! I’m really needing some new glasses :) My absolutely favorite are HONEYBADGER

  31. I’m in desperate need of new glasses, and I just love the green Bonnie & Clyde frames, and the grey Smoking Hot ones!

  32. I have a pair of the Rose Gold Flannagan’s and a pair of the Havana & Purple Jungle Chic’s.. but I would LOVE a acquire the new Coquine’s! But regardless whether you win this contest or not, buy a pair from BonLook. Amazing quality and customer service at such a reasonable price is so refreshing and they deserve all the business they get! I will never not sing the praises of BonLook. :)

  33. I love the jádore black!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sunglasess i love them.. i gotta have them now!! please!!!!

  34. Well, I have a very small face, so looking for a pair of glasses that fits my face is an incredibly tough task. So, I personally love the Midnight Blue sunglasses, simply because up till now I’ve not found a pair of sunglasses that fit my face structure and also looks sleek at the same time. I’ve never gotten around buying them because I’m from Malaysia and the price is three times more.

  35. HoneyBadger in ChocolateTortoise omg I’m drooling! I really need some new glasses (contact lenses are getting pretty expensive :-S haha) I’ve had fun trying on different frames on my face too so thanks for introducing me to this website :) xxxx

  36. I really need a pair of frames, since I found out that I need prescription lenses for the first time in my life :( But the Drink the Kool-Aid Black & Clear or the Hooverville Black will make it fun to wear glasses! :)

  37. Ooh, I really like the “Drink the Kool-Aid” (dope name) in brown or the Midnight Express in tortoise! All so cute!

  38. Living in London, I don’t think I’ll be needing sunglasses very much. They are all such beautiful glasses that it’s hard to definitely choose one pair but I will. I adore the Coquine eyeglasses in tortoise, they would look absolutely incredible with anything. Thank you for introducing me to BonLook!

  39. I really love the DRINK THE KOOL-AID and the Flanagan frames. I would love a new pair of prescription glasses this year!!!!

  40. Bonlook is my new favorite site! I collect glasses but can never find any quality ones at the thrift stores I shop at…but these are crazy adorable! I would love to have a pair of my own! I absolutely adore the brown Bonnie and Clydes…I virtually tried them on and they would totally add to my style! :D

  41. Honeybadger chocolate tortoise: simple shape, but with a slight flare on the side. Or for sunglasses, Bonnie & Clyde in black; also simple, but with a retro feel.

  42. Hi Erin,
    the shape I prefer is the Coquine, every colorway is cool, I just need a new pair of glasses because I’m short-sighted and the frame I have now it’s really old and I should change it! My boyfriend hates it so please help me with a new pair of glasses!
    Thank you!

  43. I think I’m in love with the Honey Badger sunglasses/eye glasses. Thanks to you, I will be browsing around the site more often! How fun is it to actually be able to try on the glasses from your computer!

  44. Jungle Chic in Midnight Blue is definitely my favorite! I’ve been trying to get new glasses for some time now (my glasses are WAY too old). This is a great opportunity to possibly win a great pair of glasses. Thank you!

  45. Hooverville brown. Love it.
    Contact lenses are doing my head in, and my 5+ year old frames are a sorry sight, so i’m in the market for some new frames :)

  46. Bonlook is such a fabulous website!! Love their selection in eyewear and the fact that they’re so affordable – awesome!

    It’s so hard to choose just one ’cause all of them are so rad, but if it had to come down to just one, I’d say: Honeybadger in Chocolate Tortoise – so cute! Love ’em.

  47. I love the bonnie & clyde frames! I may have a new obsession with glasses, thanks to this post and the bonlook site :)

  48. What a difficult decision!!! I really like the Urban Dandy for sunglasses or prescription glasses but I also dug the Smokin’ Hot style! Wonderful giveaway….. : )

  49. loveee the frames “Drink the Kool-Aid.” i’m thinking of buying them even if i don’t win the contest.

  50. Hey Erin,

    My favourite frames are the Simply Fabulous Havana frames! Simple but chic, and it adds a little bit of tortoise spice to an outfit = quirky and classic! I love your blog by the way! D x

    I’m a new reader of your blog (as of like a month ago) from san francisco and I am such a fan!!!

  52. I absolutely adore the Griffin Brown frames, and I’m due for a new pair of lenses. I haven’t been able to afford a new one since I no longer have insurance so this giveaway would be super great! This is an awesome website!! I’ll have to add them to my wishlist! :)

  53. Hard to judge when you can’t meander into the store and try!!! I like the urban dandies. I also like the griffins, but I’m slightly worried about how much it raps around the front of the face. C’est la vie.

  54. My favorite frames have got to me the Honeybadgers in Chocolate Tortoise! I’m loving both the color and the cat eye style! I have got to win them! Love your site =)


  55. Hi.. me and my sore little peepers have got a bit of a crush on the flanagan grey frames, so we’re taking a chance, throwing our hat in the ring and hoping… we … just… might… win.

  56. Argh such a tough choice! I narrowed it down to three (all tortoiseshell, like my ray bans), but my absolute favourite is the Jungle Chic in Tortoise. They would definitely convince me to ditch the contacts!

  57. Love the Aviator in tortoise! Flanagan in tortoise and turquoise is great too and I’m not sure which would fit my face better. Thanks for the giveaway!

  58. The Flanagan in Rose Gold are basically the perfect glasses for me; they’re in the only shape that suits my face and I love rose gold for spring and summer.

  59. I LOVE BONLOOK! I would LOVE to win the Bonnie and Clyde frames. Ugh, I’m in love. Thanks for posting the giveaway!

  60. I’ve been looking all over for a pair like the Midnight Express eyeglasses! I love the shape and how thin the frames are. They’re perfection! I’d probably want either the gray (if it’s really a dark gray) or the tortoise ones.

  61. This is the best giveaway ever! I actually need new glasses very badly-my current prescription only brings my vision up to 20/40, so I shouldn’t even be driving with them! =o( If I were to win, I would love to choose the Hooverville frames in black. I love how they’ have a retro look and are super versatile! =o)

    The Hoovervilles:

  62. I bought few months ago a new glasses, so now I’m falling in love with Honeybadger Chocolate Tortoise,
    and I don’t like yet my glasses.
    I want it.

  63. My favourite are definitely Drink the Kool Aid in Black and Clear.

    If I had a pair of those, I could finally fulfil my dream of being a shorter, more feminine version of Teddy from Stand By Me.


  64. I’ve worn glasses since the first grade making them a permanent feature on my face so I always get excited when I find new and unique frames to change up my look! It was really hard to choose just one but the Flanagan – Rose Gold just caught my eye (pun intended!)

  65. Oh heck yes! I <3 these giveaways. I'm using a lot of public transport now and plan to purchase a bicycle soon. It'd sure be rad to have some sweet shades! I want them there Urban Dandy Suns in Havana. Ohhhhh yeh.

  66. I’ve been craving a pair of glasses like these for quite a while. :) “Smoking Hot” are definitely the ones I would choose. This girl could really use her first pair of uber hip glasses. :D

  67. honeybadger, coquine, j’adore and the urban dandy are utterly amazing. My heart fell out of my butt when I saw these. Uh-may-zin.

  68. Oh my, what a fantastic website. Buying new glasses is a hassle but this website looks so much more user friendly than most I’ve tried before, not to mention the variety is great. My favourite pair of glasses is Coquine in purple, an adorable cat-eye shape and in the same size as my current glasses!

  69. oh, this is such an amazing giveaway–& such a near-impossible decision! i think i have to go with the jungle chic in tortoise, but gosh they are all lovely! thanks for hosting this–and looking so fantastic in the ones you tried!

  70. Hi – I am new to your blog. Clearly other people are not. Wow. For whats it’s worth my fave would definitely be the J’adore in Black.
    A. because this pair will enhance my round face
    B. they just look too cute in your video (better than on the website actually)

  71. I’ve been searching for the right frames for awhile and no luck. However, the Simply Fabulous
    Brown is absolutely perfect.
    Possibly a chance to change my old broken frames for that one. :D

  72. I really love the Smoking Hot in tortoise, and I could really use a new pair! Thanks for the great giveaway, fingers crossed…

  73. I love thick colorful plastic frames- so most of these hit the mark.

    I really love the Jungle Chic in Havana & Purple

  74. I smitten with the Drink the Kool-Aid frames in Black & Clear AND J’adore in Tortoise. It’s hard to choose just one.

  75. My favourite frames are the flanagan glasses in tortoise and turquoise!

    Thanks for the international giveaway :)

  76. What a hard decision!!! I’ve been wanting to order glasses from BonLook for some time, but there are just so many great frames! I think my favorites are the Flanagan in rose gold. Awesome giveaway- thanks to you and BonLook! Fingers crossed!!!!!!

  77. I LOVE the jungle chic in midnight blue. SO CUTE. I need to go glasses shopping really badly. I always wear contacts, so I still only have my purple glasses from seventh grade.

  78. Love the Drink the Kool-Aid in Grey. They have that perfect bookish, slightly androgynous, timeless thing going on.

  79. I’ve had my eye (terrible pun intended) on the Honeybadger frames in Chocolate Tortoise! Great discount too! :)

  80. Hi,

    As a prescription glasses wearer myself, I have worn a wayfarer style over the past few years and now I am looking for a change and think the Cateye glasses in tortoiseshell are perfect for something different. They are a really sophisticated shape and really ladylike which is something I’d like to try.
    The website offers a great selection and it’s wonderful to see shapes that are on trend.

    Thank you, good luck to everybody.

  81. I have the Simply Fabulous glasses in brown and I adore them!
    With Spring just around the corner I would love a new pair of sunglasses from Bonlook, this giveaway is timed perfectly!
    I like the Flannagen in Rose Gold ones. Funky and perfect for warm weather!

  82. I love the Urban Dandy in tortoise but the Jungle Chic frames in tortoise are awesome too!
    Good luck to everyone :D x

  83. I love all the frames that are tortoise or light brown–perfect for spring. And I’m all about the Jungle Chic frames, so cute!

  84. I always have such a hard time deciding which frames are my favorite because they’re all so cute. But as for right this minute, my favorite is the Coquine frame in purple.

  85. the honeybadger frames in brown. they’re different from the traditional cat eyes. much more subtle. and the brown ones would be really nice for spring. :D

  86. oh my oh me oh my! i love ‘drink the kool-aid’ in black and clear. they’d be a delightful treat for my face. <3

  87. I love the cavalier frames, sat on my glasses the other day and am left wearing some really bad old ones now – pretty awful as I am spending so much time in the library at the moment for my dissertation. Definitely wouldn’t be embarrassed with these frames!

  88. Oh my goodness! Such a toss up between the “drink the kool aid” in black and white and the “J’adore”in tortoise. But i’d have to say the J’adore!

  89. I’m new to the Bonlook site but I have completely fallen for the Flanagan frames in Rose Gold.
    I’m a total sucker for anything ‘Rose’ or ‘Rose gold’ and these would be perfect for spring 2012.
    Even though there is very little sunshine at the moment in the UK, I would definitely wear them anyway!

  90. Flanagan Tortoise & Turquoise sunglasses are so cute, but, not as cute as you I suppose. Email me if you’re willing to give away your whole wardrobe… yeah. I’d be into that.

  91. I’m in love with the Simply Fabulous ones in brown and the J’adore in tortoise. I never win things like this, but it’s always good to try.

  92. I absolutely love the “Drink the Koolaid” in the black and clear style..I’ve been searching for a new pair of glasses for weeks now, and BonLook is my top choice. How perfect would it be if I won! xoxo Maria

  93. Not just for the name- Honeybadger in Chocolate Tortoise. I really need new prescription glasses, mine are from high school and according to my bf make me look like a little girl! (And not in a good/hipster way)