back yard

i was so eager to see my family again, that i just couldn’t wait for christmas. so we piled our stuff in the car for the long drive down to southern california on the most travelled holiday of the year. we set out after work on tuesday night and drove through the late night traffic to arrive at my grandma’s house at 5am. it was a rough drive, but it was worth it to spend time with the people i love the most.

these photos were taken in my grandparent’s back yard on saturday afternoon. we’d already had our thanksgiving feast and plenty of leftovers, but at the perez household, that’s never enough! my grandma decided to barbecue steak, chicken, and hot dogs for all of the family that had been coming and going, so i found myself lounging in the yard enjoying the southern california sun with a belly full of bbq. i have so many memories from this little yard in redlands. my great-grandparents lived in this house before my grandparents moved in, and my cousins lived next door. i will always remember running around in the yard going back and forth between the two houses and eating tangerines from the trees. it’s nice that even though so many things have changed, this small space in the world has still stayed the same.

wearing: vintage sweater dress from black & brown vintage in san jose, target tights in mustard, vintage mary janes from pretty penny vintage in oakland, orla kiely gold leather holly bag.




    1. we stopped in at ontario mills because we were driving by and i scored some dvf heels on sale, but i really didn’t get to do much shopping! i was holed-up at my grandma’s house eating most of the time, haha! but i’ll be back in redlands for two weeks around christmas!

  1. Beautiful light in your photos! I feel that way about my aunt and uncle’s house in La Mirada. We visited there from Tennessee several times when I was a kid and it was SO MUCH FUN. Now that I’m older, it’s so nice to go back there and visit because it’s still the same as I remember it. Unfortunately my grandparents’ old house here in town is in a terrible neighborhood, so I can’t go back there :/

  2. That third to last photo with you grinning so warned my heart :) I love how you not only put together great looks but also bring us into the fun and quirky events in your life :) I so want to hang out with your family now! In a non-stalker way, of course :)


  3. That sounds so wonderful growing up w/ family so near! I def have no complaints of my wonderful family, but sure woudl have been great to not have my extended family way across the country. Glad you had a great day w/ family! love your simple little sweater dress w/ the tights, super cute but cozy for lots of eating too : )

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