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wore this outfit over the weekend to visit the lick observatory on the top of mt. hamilton in the south bay. we’ve frequently gone on day trips up mt. tamalpais and mt. diablo, so we decided it was high time we explored another mountain top in our area. it was a long and very windy road up to the top and we couldn’t believe how freezing cold it was up there. the car thermometer read 37 degrees and we could even see a few chunks of ice along the road. needless to say, i wasn’t prepared even when i pulled on a big coat and wrapped myself in a blanket that we keep in the car. so we poked around, took a look at a big telescope, and made our way back to civilization.

rather than head right home, we decided to to a bit of exploring in san jose. we happened upon a big vintage shop called black and brown where i managed to score a ton of new stuff. all of the kids working there were very sweet and chatty, and we actually got a good recommendation for a dinner spot where we feasted on spicy jerk chicken. all in all, it was a very pleasant way to spend a weekend day.

wearing: lauren moffatt mrs. dollaway dotted sweater, lauren moffatt lolita velvet jumper, vintage salvatore ferragamo vara pumps in navy, coach classics leather shoulder bag in cream, nars lipstick in fire down below

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  1. That sounds like such a wonderful weekend day! Love your use if polka-dots and your signature high hemline :) I can see why you would have been cold, but it’s cute enough to be worth it!


    1. hehe, it’s ok. that’s what iphones are for. alos black & brown was so cute. there were tons of high school and college kids in there and they all seemed so proud to be shopping there. it gave me the impression that it was like the coolest spot in san jose haha.

      1. haha, it is the coolest spot in san jose! there’s an amazing used bookstore i used to frequent that’s on the same street (it’s called recycle books – did you guys go there? i bet brendan would love it; it is good good good. if you didn’t, you guys should go there next time!) and i used to volunteer at the lgbt center like a block away (organizing and cataloging the books in their library, haha). so therefore, the alameda is the coolest spot in san jose.

  2. Loving that dress and the pop of yellow on the collar is perfect :) Vintage shops are the best, I need to do some thrifting soon. Sounds like a lovely weekend (despite the cold)

  3. This is one of my favorite outfit’s from you ever! I live in Colorado so I definitely know how you feel driving up to the mountains- I can drive about 20 minutes up and there’s a huge difference! Sounds like the perfect way to spend a day though, minus the cold!
    xo Hannah

    1. hahaha oh yes, i am that girl who refuses to wear tights in the winter and then complains about being too cold! but really it’s not too bad here. it was in the high 60s today in oakland. if i were in sf, i probably would have broken down and added a layer.

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