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well, it’s a new year and i’m back at home after the holidays slowly transitioning back to my usual routine. whenever i visit my hometown of redlands, i always imagine that i’ll have all this time to snap outfit photos in from of all my favorite spots, but relaxing in the warmth of my grandmother’s home with my brother and sister, aunts and uncles, and cousins, usually lures me away from my usual antics. but i did snap these photos on the last day of the year in front of the historic a.k. smiley public library. i have many memories in this place, hudled on the marble floors flipping through books.

i’m also wearing what i can easily say is my current favorite outfit. if i could get away with it, i’d wear this every day. the little tunic is handmade out of a velvety soft fine wale corduroy, and it matches so perfectly with the embroidered details of this vintage blouse. and the pièce de résistance is my new carven coat which i scored on super sale as a little christmas gift to myself. it has quickly put all of my other coats to shame.

wearing: elizabeth tunic courtesy of wayward daughter, vintage blouse, carven double-breasted tweed coat, tabio 110 denier tights in navy, vintage salvatore ferragamo vara pumps in navy, orla kiely gold sparkle leather holly bag,  ysl rouge pur couture glossy stain in rouge laque

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  1. Erin, these photos are absolutely beautiful! Your location contrasts perfectly with your outfit, which is lovely as always. And that dress looks like the comfiest thing ever!

  2. This is such a perfect little dress, and the coat is beautiful. I think the library background is perfect for the outfit, plus the library is very, very nice. I guess that makes the bad smell easier to bear.

  3. That little red bow just adds that special little touch to this ensemble. Once again, such impeccable taste, Erin. You look lovely! Happy New Year!

  4. I would wear that outfit everyday if I could too. Ive recently starting shopping at discount uniform stores. I’ve literally been the same height and around the same size since 5th grade …sooo…..:/

  5. hi erin,
    i’m from florence and i really love vintage style, that’s why i woud like you visiting the blog i have just opened, so if you want and if you can find the time, i could ask you some suggetion about it. i hope to meet you in florence for pitti event in the next days.
    thank you very much,



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