chloë sevigny for opening ceremony fall 2013

i’m back from new york fashion week, and while i still have a few more of my personal photos to share, i thought i’d take a quick break to show a collection that i wish i had seen in person! i didn’t go to the presentation, but i saw a smattering of photos on instagram feeds and immediately wished i had been there! the chloë sevigny for opening ceremony fall 2013 collection was inspired by youthquakers in the 1960s, but you could also see very strong ’90s influences in those big platform clogs and baby barettes, trends i can recall when i was growing up in that era. a bit of the french new wave bad girl mixed with cher horowitz. pretty much right down my alley.

photos by kt auleta for the chloe sevigny for opening ceremony fall 2013 collection.

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  1. wonderful! i love that the modelling poses are so similar to the cheesy modelling poses from the 60’s, like showing her bag, telling a secret, looking off into the distance etc. and those clear boots and red shoes are fantastic!
    Chloe is so awesome!

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