outfit: enter to win a dress from mrs. pomeranz!

after sharing the lookbook yesterday, i am excited to announce my latest giveaway courtesy of mrs. pomeranz! and if you’re a 1950s aficionado, then you’re going to love this collection. each piece is hand-made with incredible attention to detail and construction in ladylike silhouettes and classic designs. i know i’ve been all about 1960s styles these days, but i can never resist a classic 50s shape. the designer was kind enough to send me the summer meadow dress (illustrated by masha karpushina), and the moment i slipped it on, i felt as though i was being transported into one of my favorite vintage films. i know i don’t compare in the least, but i will sheepishly admit that i was trying to conjure up my best audrey hepburn vibes in my heidi braids and ballet flats. i just felt so proper and elegant, yet still youthful and carefree in this ladylike design. and today we’d like to offer you the chance to win your own ready-to-wear dress from the spring collection!

to enter: simply visit mrs. pomeranz and tell us which dress is your absolute favorite.

the fine print: this giveaway is open to international readers, so anyone can enter. only one entry per person. the winner will be randomly selected and contacted via email after tuesday, april 23.

mrs. pomeranz would also like to offer you 10% off any ready-to-wear dress in her dawanda shop and 7% off any custom-made design in her etsy shop using code “calivintage” now through april 23!



  1. oh my they’re all so beautiful! the summer meadow one is gorgeous but the garden party dress and Times Square dress are both to die for~ all of these clothes are so beautiful

  2. The blue cotton dress is absolutely stunning and timeless too! :) I love Mrs. Pomeranz silhouettes… so beautiful.

  3. The minute I saw your first post on the Mrs Pomeranz dresses I was immediately drawn to the Yellow Tulips dress and it’s still my favourite hands down. I love the coluors and it makes me happy just looking at it!
    You look gorgeous, and very Audrey Hepburn chic, in your summer meadow dress! Thanks for the giveaway.

  4. It took me as much time figuring which one was my favorite as if I was gonna buy it for real, that was fun !
    I couldn’t decide between those 2 : Marseille and Times Square !

  5. I’ve had the Rosa in my favorites forever, and I don’t usually do floral patterns. But their dresses are just so pretty! I love them all…would wear them all everyday. :)

  6. OMG the red tulips dress! Not only does it feature my very favorite flower of all time, but I LOVE the colored buttons on the back! Creatively, cheerfully chic. <3

  7. That dress is ADORABLE! I love the way you styled your hair too :) You look so pretty.

    My favorite dress is the “Liberty of London Custom Made Garden Party Dress.” The fabrics to choose from are all so lovely. But the print that the model is wearing is my favorite :)

    xo Azu


  8. So.. this might just be your best giveaway yet? If I were a rich lass, I’d take one of each; they’re all gorgeous. I think my very most favorite is the Maria shirtwaist dress though; what special fabric! https://www.etsy.com/listing/110406863/maria-shirtwaist-dress-made-of-woolen?ref=shop_home_active
    I’m also especially tempted by this Green Tartan beauty: https://www.etsy.com/listing/122546391/green-tartan-dress-by-mrs-pomeranz?ref=shop_home_active

  9. I have coveted Mrs. Pomeranz’ dresses for years! I am absolutely in love with the new collection. I am torn between the simple perfection of the black dress with the detachable collars – such a classic. But the incredible one you are wearing in the post? Summer Meadow? How one of a kind.

  10. Oh My Word! I was just looking (read: drooling) over her dresses on Etsy a few days back. I honestly love all of the, but I’m the most smitten with the ROSA boatneck floral number. Cheers!

  11. I really like the spring tulips dress, it would be perfect for work or play :)

    tenantchic.blogspot.co.uk – I did my first outfit post yesterday, nothing compared to your lovely photos though!


  12. These are really wonderful pieces. I am quite taken with the Blue Woolen Dress. Looks like a cute and cozy winter to spring piece for those of us still braving chillier days north of the 49th.

  13. After thoroughly looking through her Etsy, I still love Mrs. Pomeranz’s (and your) Summer Meadow Dress. It’s perfect for the upcoming season! Nice job channeling Audrey- did you see her on the latest cover of Vanity Fair? Stu-hunning.

  14. The Summer Meadow dress is also my favorite! I love a classic shirtdress and the buttons and belt provide wonderful pops of color!

  15. I love the red tulip dress! The buttons on the back are adorable… but really, I love all of her border prints, it’s hard to pick one!

  16. Everything’s already said before. These dresses are very special and extrodenary beautiful!
    I’d live to wear the Summer Meadow dress at my best friends wedding in June <3
    Even thought I might not win good look to you mrs. pomeranz your dresses are just a dream come true!

  17. I really like the RACHEL dress in Liberty, love all the different blue shades!
    would make a rainy day in Antwerp so sunny :)

  18. All the dresses are absolutely stunning, but my favourite would have to be the Summer
    Meadow dress. Such an absolutely amazing creation!!

  19. I have admired Mrs. Pomeranz from afar for a long time – so fingers crossed!! I absolutely adore everything in her shop and would be happy with anything! If I had to pick one….the yellow tulips dress is so pretty and perfect for spring!

  20. Love how versatile the black dress (with the detachable collars/cuffs) is, I would wear year round! It’s even more impressive that they can customize it, since I’m quite petite.

  21. I am totally in love with the Red Tulips Dress and it would make me smile every day if I see one of her beautiful dresses every day when I open my closet :)

  22. Squeee! You look so pretty, Erin!
    I love this outfit on you. And the hair is perfection.

    You’ve totally inspired me to try a 50’s silhouette again. I think it’s been about 5 years since I’ve worn that style.

  23. All of her dresses are absolutely stunning! And you look amazing here :)
    I love the Spring Tulips Dress and also the Red Tulips Dress…can’t wait for summer!

  24. This is so hard but if I absolutely had to choose just one it would have to be the Summer Meadow dress, its absolutely stunning and it looks great on Erin!

  25. I was tied between two, but my favorite is the Liberty of London Custom Made Garden Party Dress. The floral fabrics are to die for, AND it’s custom made! I can never find the right dress to fit me, because I’m quite short just five foot tall. It’s a dilemma. I hope I win.

  26. It was such a hard decision but i had to go for the Full Circle Grey Woolen Dress as it’s so simple however absolutely stunning! All of the dresses are so flattering and pretty though.

  27. They are all sooo stunning!!! I am in love with the Aksiniya! The embroidered details are beautiful. A perfect summer dress!
    Thank you so much for the chance to own such a lovely piece!

  28. So hard to pick just one! But I really am mad about the Rosa dress, made out of Russian scarves. It looks like its made out of my grandmother’s favorite scarf!

  29. Oh my goodness, what a fantastic give away! I love Mrs. Pomeranz, those dresses are STUNNING. If I were to win, I would LOVE the “Rosa” boat neck dress. That cream floral print is to die for! Fingers crossed.

    Charmaine xx

  30. The “Summer Meadow” dress is absolutely stunning. I love the simplicity on top paired with the dramatic meadow of flowers.
    It is so vibrant, crisp, and fabulous!

  31. My absolute favorite is the Black and White Tartan dress. It is lovely as are all other dresses in this beautiful shop. Fingers crossed!

  32. My Favorite Things (or Dress): Liberty of London Custom Made Garden Party Dress
    “A captain with seven children… what’s so fearsome about THAT!?”
    While I was perusing the site for my favorite dress, my mother came up behind me, exclaiming “THAT ONE! Like Fraulein Maria!” The Sound of Music is her absolute favorite film and when I saw the dress she was talking about, it became an instant favorite of mine as well.
    I’d love to be chosen to win it; if not, I’ll still be buying it to wear for her birthday.

  33. It’s so hard to choose! I love the black and white tartan dress and also the yellow tulips dress. I also like the Olga dress in that lovely liberty fabric! Thanks for the giveaway!

  34. You are perfect in this dress, the cut, the colors, i think it really suits you well.
    Now, without a doubt “AKSINIYA – Linen dress with embroidery print” is my favorite. I like the tones, the elegant cut and the tiny embroideries.

  35. Oh my goodness, they are ALL amazing. I love the Summer Meadow dress that she sent you. MY favorite is the Yellow Tulips Dress. So so so gorgeous! Thanks for hosting this awesome giveaway.

  36. I’d love to have the Blue Cotton Dress, too (though most of them being most attractive in my eyes). The reason? – I want a summer dress, simple and short-sleeved….

  37. My favorite dress is definitely the Maria shirtwaist dress. It is absolutely stunning. All of the dresses are incredible, really, but I’ve fallen in love with Maria.

  38. Oh I don’t even believe words can describe how gorgeous your dresses are. They are exactly what I adore. The beautiful 50s shape is my favorite. My favorite dress is the Maria shirtwaist dress. What a great promotion this is! i wish I could wear all of your designs.

  39. That dress is gorgeous! I love how you styled it. Perfect for Spring/Summer! I adore the Summer Meadow Dress, and the Blue Cotton Dress. Lovely! Thanks so much.

  40. I think the Black and White Tartan Dress would be perfect for both a casual day out, or even for a more formal business setting.

  41. I think the Maria Shirtwaist Dress is one of the loveliest and most unusual dresses I’ve seen in a long time. I could imagine it being one of those dresses where you have to plan ahead when to launder it because you want to wear it EVERY day and and EVERYWHERE! x

  42. I love Mrs.Pomeranz! their dresses are so unique – and beautiful. It’s hard to choose just one… but the Summer Meadow dress is such a stunner! and I love poppies, so I’d go for that.

  43. I Love the colour floral print and texture of the OPHELIA – pleated skirt made of woolen shawl which is my favourite. But if I had to chose a dress it would be the OLGA – cotton dress made of Liberty Art Fabric which reminds me of a modern art painting.

  44. What a wonderful competition! I love all of Mrs Pomeranz’s dresses. But if i had to choose, my favourite dress would be the AKSINIYA linen dress with an embroidery print,

  45. The MARIA – shirtwaist dress made of woolen shawl by Mrs Pomeranz is my favorite but I also really love the dress you’re wearing!

  46. Dasha,
    All the dresses and flared skirts are incredible.
    But I really liked and, was inspired by the use of the traditional ‘Spring Blossom’ shawls as cloth in the Winter Flowers collection..
    that kept your design authentic and unique :O)
    really great work.
    – Rosa – as I am a boat neck person ;o)

  47. I really like the Red Tulips dress. What makes it nice are the covered buttons down the back. It looks like a dress I wore in the early 60’s when I was a little kid.

  48. Dresses are so beautiful! I love the Genevieve Cotton Dress the best though. It looks like such an easy style to wear, with such cool sleeves. And it has pockets!

  49. Oh man I love her store – I have been eyeing these off for some weeks now. But my favorites would have to be the ‘MARIA’ shirt waist floral number. Simply stunning!

  50. I’ve been looking for a dress just like this one. Yes, please!

    Custom Made Shirtwaist Cotton Dress by Mrs Pomeranz

  51. oh, i just love the “bunch of tulips”! the colours are just so stunningly beautiful! it’s very hard to find such delicate colours these days, so i’ll have to stop writing now and start crossing my fingers, haha!

  52. I’ve been in love with this shop’s silhouettes for so long, and the Liberty of London prints have always been my favorite. The garden party dress would be perfect to elope in!

  53. Oh man, I follow the work of some of the talented illustrators who contributed to the patterns in this collection and they’re all so stunning. My favorite is the Ophelia pleated skirt!

  54. The Maria shirtwaist dress is to die for! It has such a romantic yet folkloric essence to it–I’m in love! The whole collection is gorgeous. :)

  55. wow these are beautiful dresses!! Rosa boat neck dress is lovely. Honestly hard to choose . I wish I had a closet full of them!

  56. They’re all stunning- if I had the money I’d buy all of them, but the full circle grey woolen dress is my favorite. It’s so sleek and cute at the same time. Plus: pockets.

  57. They are all Devine but I’d have to say my favourite is the Polka dot dress – i just can’t resist spots :)

  58. The Rachel cotton dress is gorgeous! Everything in the store is beautiful, the choice of color and patterns are really dreamy.

  59. The 1940s inspired coat looks fabulous, but my favorite dress is definitely Lilac Cotton Shirtwaist! What a talented individual, love the Etsy shop!

  60. The red tulip dress is stunning!!! Elegant yet playful. Definitely my favorite, thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!

  61. Безусловно все модели очень хороши, но Beige Woolen Dress by Mrs Pomeranz мне больше всего симпатично!)))) я ЗА него!))))

  62. I’ve had my eyes for the Liberty of London Custom Made Garden Party Dress for a long time now! I love the pattern choices and classic silhouette.

  63. I won’t enter the givaway because my wardrobe is already full of Mrs.Pomeranz dresses !
    I just wanted to say you suit the brand beautifully. You look gorgeous in this dress.
    Fingers crossed you might wear one of my prints one day :-)

  64. ooh… I was just oggling these beauties the other day!… I LOVE the collection.. and from someone who normally only ever wears vintage they would definitely tempt me away!… The summer meadow dress is beautiful!… but I think my favourite from the collection is ‘Ophelia’… so gorgeous!..

    What an amazing giveaway!… fingers crossed! x

    Maria xx

  65. Oh what a wonderful opportunity. Winning a dress made by Mrs Pomeranz would be a dream! The Venice dress was absolutely my favourite but it’s not in the shop anymore :( so I’d say SUmmer Meadow. Keeping my fingers crossed!!

  66. which one to choose…they are all so beautiful:)
    my absolute favorite has to be Bunch of Tulips and a close second is summer meadow dress coz i love flowers of bright colors against a pale background:)

    Thank you for highlighting this boutique:)

  67. Oh my I have the hardest time choosing!
    My top three:
    The Rosa boat neck dress
    The Liberty of London dress (although I’m not sure which fabric – I want them all!)
    The Yellow Tulips dress

    Love them <3 Thank you so much!

  68. This is an incredibly hard choice but so far I love the Emerald Green Wool dress and the Rosa boat neck dress. Lovely!

  69. The red tulips dress is a work of art. The small buttons on the back, dyed to match every hue of the skirt perfectly, are absolutely darling. I still can’t get over the fabric itself, how it looks like a watercolor painting or pressed flowers held up to the light. The details on this dress are divine!

  70. You know when I saw this on Instagram I did think – Audrey! You look gorgeous. My favourite is the Lilac Cotton Shirtwaist Dress, I have been admiring it for a year and a half, I was going to get it for my 30th birthday but I went with something else and I regret it now. Her stuff is so beautiful.

  71. Summer Meadow dress I LOVE YOU!!!
    few weeks ago I wrote on my blog about those lovely dresses.. and I wish to win the super fresh and colourful Summer Meadow… If so, I wil bel wearing it at all the weddings for this season! :) :)

  72. Thank you so much for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway. My favorites are Spring Tulips, Blue Cotton, and Aksiniya.

  73. Wow, that dress is GORGEOUS on you! Seriously breathtaking.

    This is a lovely giveaway also. The dress I’m obsessed with is the Aquamarine Blue Woolen dress with detachable collar. *_*

    Mostly Lisa

  74. Oh my, there are so many cute dresses! It’s hard to pic a favorite but mine may be the Red Tartan Cotton Dress.

  75. All of the dresses are absolut perfection, but the Olga has my heart. I adore the silhouette! I was trying to think of a plan to be able to purchase this beautiful gem and then I saw this!

  76. Far and away, the Liberty Garden Party dress! In any of the fabrics, because, let’s face it, anything by Liberty is to die for, but especially the Carline A and Nina E prints. I’m moving to London for the summer, and I’m pretty sure this needs to be my uniform.

  77. Torn between the Times Square dress and the blue cotton dress… both wonderful classics.

    You look stunning Erin, and a lot like Audrey. :)

  78. I adore her amazing shapes and gorgeous prints! Tough call…but I keep coming back to the custom yellow tulips dress. Perfection!

  79. Hi everyone !! I am in need of finding a dress … and when I say that I am being 100% serious . Literally my dream was to find a brand that combined vintage , quality ( cotton <3 ) , and very elegant and feminine floral prints . For years I have been looking for at least one dress that had all of that and I haven't until I found Whirled of Possibilities Dress in ModCloth . I wanted that dress so much … it is just perfect , I have it in my shopping bag on that website and I am hoping everyday that they will have some crazy sale on it , but I the price is still very high compared to what I can afford ( poor /broke college student ) huhh . I am just thankful to know that Mrs Pomeranz is actually creating fabulous dresses and each one of them is special in it's own way but my personal favorites are shirtwaist dress made of woolen shawl and the scarlet tulip dress that I find absolutely gorgeous ( a true piece of art ) !!! I would appreciate it so so so so much if I could have one of them !!! That would make the happiest young lady in the world !!!!! ( Crossing fingers ) :p Thank you a lot for sharing the amazing work and please mrs pomeranz keep amazing us and don't forget the sale section on your new website :) Good luck

  80. My first time finding calvintage.com and what a perfect day to stop by! That dress has my smile printed all over it :-)

    Summer Meadow Dress is, without a doubt, one of the loveliest dresses I have ever seen.
    Heart-squeezingly lovely!

    Times Square gets a Sassy Second Place, too.

  81. These dresses are all so beautiful – but I guess my favourites are the black dress with detachable collar and cuffs (or the Maria shirtwaist dress). Thank you for the giveaway!

  82. Oh goodness, if only I could pick all the dresses! Right now I would have to say that the Liberty of London custom made Garden Party dress in Rosa B is calling my name.

  83. They are all beautiful but I am absolutely obsessed with the summers meadow dress! Everything about it is perfection :)

  84. My favorite dress by Mrs. Pomeranz would have to be the Black and White Tartan Dress. The colors, fabric, and style are perfect. I saw it and immediately began thinking of ways to wear it.

  85. So much trouble deciding on a dress…. but chose the Marseille dress!!!
    It is so difficult finding classic styles these days… everything seems so flashy or short >.<!!

  86. It’s too hard deciding! All of those dresses make me want to weep with joy! But I think I’ll have to say the MARIA dress is my favourite, just because it’s so unique and unusual. What a brilliant idea to turn a beautiful shawl into an even more beautiful dress!

  87. Aksiniya, hands down! The embroidery is great. Perfect for the impending three month long summer heat waves in New York.

    Thanks for the giveaway and good luck to everyone.

  88. I think my favourite has to be Emerald Green Woolen Dress-gorgeous. It’s coming up winter here in Australia, so this would be absolutely perfect.

  89. They are all gorgeous, but since we can only chose one, it’ll have to be the GENEVIEVE cotton dress. You can never go wrong with a classic dress in a Liberty print.

    Fingers crossed. It would be wonderful to be the lucky recipient of one of these gems.

    Thanks for the fantastic giveaway, Erin.


  90. I adore the MARIA shirtwaist dress made of woolen shawl. If could just imagine myself living in it over the Summer.

    “MARIA – shirtwaist dress made of woolen shawl by Mrs Pomeranz” is the most beautiful dress I have seen. I absolutely love it.

  92. I am so exited about this opportunity. I really hope I can win the”Scarlet TULIP dress” . That would be fantastic !

  93. It is soo hard to choose but I would say that Custom Made Spring Tulips Dress is probably the best. It s just so fresh.

  94. My absolute favorite is the Red Tulips dress. (Coming in close behind would have to be the Polka Dot dress.) All of them are quite beautiful, actually. ;-)

  95. I love the Aquamarine blue woolen dress with the red collar! I’ve been obsessing over collars lately and I adore the simplicity and pop of the two colors. They are all beautiful, but this one definately got my attention right away.

  96. All of the dresses are beautiful but I’d have to choose the Liberty of London custom party dress. Thanks for such a lovely giveaway xx

  97. I would love to win the MIA Liberty fabric cotton dress. It’s absolutely beautiful and has such a romantic quality to it.

  98. Oh man such a perfect dress! You look gorgeous.
    I’m having a hard time picking an absolute favorite! I love the Blue Cotton Dress for Spring/Summer. But I also love the Green Tartan Dress and think it’d be wonderful in the fall!

  99. The Lilac Cotton Shirtwaist dress is stunning! I’ve been looking for the perfect dress to go with the fiance’s bow-tie and suspenders look!

  100. Red Tartan Cotton Dress is just perfect!!! I can‘t even explain WHY…like all the best things in my life. I would love to wear it during my PhD thesis defense! I believe it would bring me the best success! :)

  101. Honestly i am tied between the MARIA shirtwaist dress and the Summer Meadows dress. They are both so beautiful. But i am really likeing the Beige Woolen dress because it so elegant yet simple.

  102. Picking just one of these dresses to choose is so difficult but the fabric and style of the ROSA Dress is absolutely stunning and would make any woman, especially me, feel instantly chic!

  103. I LOVE the Liberty of London Custom Made Garden Party Dress by Mrs Pomeranz. It’s just so gorgeous and understated and pretty and feminine and and and…

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