hansel from basel spring 2013

it’s funny how easy it is for me to overlook such a simple detail like a pair of good socks, but browsing through the new hansel from basel spring 2013 collection is just the reminder i need to start adding some unexpected colors and patterns into my wardrobe. this la-based brand is pretty much at the top of my list when it comes to cool socks and stockings. i actually purchased a few pairs from their collaboration with rachel comey last season and have been greedily hoarding them, still wrapped up in their pretty packaging just waiting for the perfect time to wear them. they’re just so special that i almost want to just leave them untouched on top of my dresser so i can simply admire them. but really, i need to bite the bullet and throw them on with skinny jeans on lazy days, or with a pair of sandals on a springy afternoon. check out the full selection of spring styles here.

photos courtesy of hansel from basel.

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  1. I’ve got a sparkly coral-colored pair of socks pulled up to my mid-shins right now.
    How funny that I found myself experimenting with this very same style.
    Dying over the green and olive ones in the upper left!

  2. I’ve discovered this brand thanks to Miranda July! Once, in a ceremony she wore its pairs, and I loved the way
    how she combined!

    Also the lookbook is great!! I love analog photo shots, yay!

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