my nyfw: samantha pleet in her studio

on my very last morning in new york, i packed up my bags and made one last trip to visit samantha pleet in her chelsea studio. her and her husband patrick have such a knack for design that they’re pretty much surrounded by beautiful things at all times. and as you can see, their studio is no exception. filled to the brim with plants and books and remnants from their spring 2014 shoot, it’s almost like stepping into a little private paradise while getting to preview the collection and peek at her latest collaboration with wolverine 1,000 mile. samantha herself exemplifies her customer so well that i asked her if she’d model a few pieces from her new collection for me before i headed back home.

if you like what you see, samantha pleet recently launched a web shop, where you can currently pick up some of the pieces from her new fall collection!

all images photographed by me.


  1. I love her taste, lifestyle and the way how she reflects the different patterns relate to something in the history or in another culture on her collections! It’s good to see her studio, even though I see Samantha in every blog I can’t get enough of it yet :) <3

  2. Thank you for posting this! Samantha Pleet is one of my favorite designers. I find her clothes to be so romantic, yet modern. She inspired one of my illustrations a couple of years ago.

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