fair season vintage

i tend to go through phases. sometimes i can’t be bothered with vintage, sometimes all i wanna do is rummage through thrift stores on the hunt for hidden treasures, and sometimes i fall down the etsy rabbit hole.┬álast week, i embarked on an etsy hunt for the perfect vintage coveralls and came across fair season vintage. it was love at first sight. for me, it’s the exact aesthetic that i’ve found myself so inexplicably drawn to since i moved to los angeles. unfussy basics with very minimal styling. in fact, i just bought the pair of cream coveralls down below!

what’s more, i discovered that the shop is based here in la, and that they set up shop at the silverlake farmer’s market every saturday. such a good idea! i still haven’t stopped by, but now i’m pretty excited to check them out while i’m picking up fresh fruits and veggies.

photos courtesy of fair season.

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