outfit: navy baby

so it turns out that everything in my wardrobe post-baby is either navy blue, black, or white/cream. granted, my wardrobe is still pretty small at this point, but it was kinda funny when i realized this fact the other day. i carefully cleaned out my garment rack with only the pieces that currently fit and are practical for wearing daily. and there it was, an entire rack of almost completely navy clothes. it’s long been my favorite color to wear, both of these pieces were in my wardrobe long before i became pregnant, but i guess i let it get a little out of hand recently. i’m going to chalk it up to a still incomplete wardrobe, but it’s a good reminder to myself that i need to remember to add a few more colors into the mix every now and then…

equipment silk mina blouse
lauren moffatt skirt
peep toe high sandals courtesy of swedish hasbeens
vintage coach bucket bag
ray-ban clubmaster sunglasses
double hoop necklace courtesy of giantlion

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  1. One of the things I’ve always loved about your blog was your colour combos. I think I remember mustard & lilac once, so good! x

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