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today i’m excited to announce my latest giveaway courtesy of ricardo medina shoes.  medina has been designing and making shoes in mexico since 1984, starting with the original ‘botines‘ that i’m wearing in this post. his designs are inspired by the indigenous cultures of north america and the pre-hispanic and mediterranean influence from his travels in mexico and southern europe. every shoe is made with natural leather and cut, sewn, stitched, and woven by hand using recycled materials, making each pair unique on its own. and today i’m excited to be able to offer you the chance to win any one pair of shoes from his women’s collection!

to enter: simply visit ricardo medina shoes and tell us which pair of shoes is your favorite in the comment section below.

the fine print: this giveaway is open to international readers, so anyone can enter. only one entry per person. winner will be randomly selected and contacted via email after monday, november . the winner will receive their pick of any one pair of shoes available at ricardo medino shoes. all styles are hand made and take approximately 2 – 3 weeks to be made and packaged.


  1. I love those Botines! They’re so cute, and it’s great how his designs celebrate the indigenous cultures of north america.

  2. Definitely the Botines! They look so comfortable, coupled with your blue jeans and fisherman’s sweater – a cosy start to November!

  3. BOTINES !!! Black are lovely !!! Best giveaway !!! Thanks for the chance to win from western australia 💛💚💛💚

  4. Gosh, it’s hard to select just one, but I love the Botines and Chinos for Women, and pretty much all of the Kids Shoes. My Girls would love a pair of those, especially the pink one’s.

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Botines! Been coveting for a while now – crossing my fingers! His cobalt leather is stunning too.

  6. I got a pair of his shoes about 10 years ago in Mexico City! They are all so beautiful. Happy to see him succeed. I love the Botines!

  7. I have been admiring the botines and Brazil for a few years now. Just could not afford. I would wear the botines EVERY DAY… love them in black or navy blue. This is such an amazing giveaway…I’m feeling lucky✨⚡️🔮⚡️✨

  8. the brazil lace-ups are INCREDIBLE.

    i will say though: there is a photo where he’s making shoes, and on his work table there is what looks like an open-heeled, short version of the botas tejidas. if he offered those, i’d buy them in a second.

  9. The Botines are absolutely perfect!! So great for lounging around, but easily taken around the town as well. Such wonderful craftsmanship + a great mission of them as well!! Thanks for hosting such a grand giveaway :)

  10. How unbelievably beautiful is Sr. Medina’s work? It’s so endearing & honoring to know that his excellent craftsmanship is a proud product of a fellow Mexicano. I would be most appreciative of a chance at a pair of his Cholas.

  11. Oh my goodness, Ricardo’s breathtaking brown botines are just dreamy. It’s funny because I was just major hinting at these as a Christmas present to my darling boyfriend, but going back and doth about if the price is practical. I’m sure he would just love if I won them instead ;) anyway, the shoes are gorgeous and you wear them beautifully. I would love to be a winner of this giveaway. <3

  12. Oh wow! I think they are all magical and lush. My favorites I think are the Botines in natural brown, that rich earthy color just like the ones your wearing. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  13. I completely love the BOTINES. The ones you are wearing. Love them. I am now putting those at the top of my list for wants!!

  14. Oh my goodness the Brasil sandals in cobalt blue are heavenly!! Incredibly beautiful shoes, I would give my right arm for a pair! X

  15. Oh! WOW! So excited to have these amazing shoes brought to my attention- they look really really great. Definitely going to order a pair for my kiddo! If I could choose one pair for myself, I think it would be the Brasil in natural brown… Or cobalt… Or natural brown… Or… Oh I don’t know! The Tejidas look so cool too!

  16. Oh my goodness what a chance!! I am truly so excited about this. Ive been wanting a pair to call my own for years, just havent been able to yet. I love the black botins and the cobalt blue brasils. I have so many outfits i have invisioned wearing with them. Such gorgeous, unique, special shoes. Thank you for the chance. Xoxo.

  17. Hands down favorites are the TEJIDOS! The attention to detail & design is original and spectacular. What beautiful, authentic craftsmanship.

  18. On the off chance that this giveaway is still open (I’m not seeing a closing date) – Botines in brown! So happy to know these are available once again.

  19. I absolutely love the botines in natural brown! They look like they’d go with pretty much everything in my wardrobe! And so comfy too!

  20. These are a work of art! And I bet they’re super comfy. Would love a pair to sport around the Bay Area. Would also be great to gift to my mom and sister in Spain! I hope I win!!!

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