the little baker boy


it’s christmas, and we’re all feeling comfy and cozy, enjoying this chilly southern california winter. the other day was particularly grey and rainy, so we stuck to indoor activities and decided to bake sugar cookies from scratch. fortunately for us, we just received the most adorable little kid’s apron set by odette williams, which turned out to be the perfect accessory for our activity of the day! like most toddlers, adam is obsessed with doing everything he sees his parents do, especially in the kitchen. brendan washes dishes most mornings before heading off to work, and adam often wakes up requesting to help his daddy! and you know he was ready to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty when i started mixing cookie dough. i set up a little work station for him to experiment with rolling out the dough and using a cookie cutter!

i’ve mentioned it here and there before, but i’m a certified pastry chef. before i became a blogger, i was actually a professional cake decorator. i still don’t know why i don’t show off my baking chops more often on the blog, but perhaps with adam’s help, we’ll share more of our culinary adventures in the new year. baking with a kid can be a test of patience, but it’s so rewarding to give them the opportunity to try something new and to truly feel like they’re contributing and collaborating with you. especially during such a special time of year.



  1. Beautiful shots! I agree, baking with little ones can be a test of patience, but so important to include them while they’re young! My middle boy, who is now six, helps me bake and loves to measure, crack eggs, and stir things. He’s beginning to man the mixer, which is kind of amazing!

    By the way, if you don’t mind sharing, what is the paint color in the room you’re shooting? The creamy white color is perfect! I find it so difficult to find the perfect white!

    Thanks, Erin. Longtime reader here, loving the direction your blog is taking!

    1. ack, sorry it took me a minute to get back to you! my whole house is behr swiss coffee. it is the pre-mixed color they sell at lowe’s hardware stores, and i like that it’s very light and bright, but not blue. :)

      thank you!!!

  2. so adorable! i keep thinking he’s still a little baby but he’s grown so much. he’s like a tiny adult here in the way he cuts the cookies and sprinkles. a very good mimic of mum and dad :)

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