these days


looking a little disheveled, but this is me, out in my natural habitat on a typical day. wearing clothes and drinking coffee, as i am apt to do. i swear i have other clothes besides kamm pants and these mules, but it’s almost impossible for me to wear anything different! i just love them so much.

carleen pleat shoulder shell – this is currently on sale! you might not be able to tell in the photos, but this is actually made of a super soft cotton flannel, which makes it irresistable to wear.

jesse kamm sailor pants in bill cunningham blue – this was my first pair of kamm pants from a couple of years back. she’s improved on the fit since then, but i think i actually prefer these because they are shorter in length, so i didn’t need to get them hemmed. i always kind of hate to get my wide leg pants hemmed because you cut off some of the width in the process.

mari giudicelli leblon mules – yes, i know. i wear these nonstop. but they go with everything, so i can’t stop wearing them! i think i should just admit that the only shoes i want to wear are brown leather. i always think i should get a “statement” pair of shoes in some bright color or metallic, but even if i buy a pair like that, i always default to brown leather. i need to stop fighting it.

sylvain le hen xs barrette in gold – i got the xl barrette several months ago before i chopped off all my hair again. this one is awesome because it makes me feel like a mom in ’90s with the side pinned up.

young frankk orb cuff – i love this bracelet because it works with practically any outfit. it’s good with something super casual like this outfit, but it also looks really classy dressed-up. i recently wore it to adam’s winter recital paired with a really minimalist silk dress and i felt like a million bucks. young frank is easily one of my favorite handmade jewelers right now.

j.w. hulme legacy bag – we need to talk about this bag. i think i’ve had this handbag for 8 years now? probably one of the strongest workhorses in my closet, this bag was handmade in the usa and it only gets better with age. and it basically goes with everything. i own other handbags, but this one is almost always my go-to.

garrett leight wilson sunglasses – i love garrett leight glasses, but i’m actually on the fence about these. not because of the glasses themselves, but because i’m not sure if i’m pulling them off. i love the style, but every time i put them on i feel like they just aren’t me. but then again, i always have a hard time with glasses. i think it’s because i have bangs and i feel like the glasses and the bangs blend together and it’s like i’m wearing a giant mask or something. maybe i should try to grown my bangs out for the millionth time…




  1. Love this outfit! Hoping one day to score a pair of JK pants! I ordered a pair, and they end dup being too small, and went to purchase them in a size bigger, but they were sold out (I could only afford them on sale)! Would you say the MG Leblon mules run true to size? Ive seen that some sites say they run small, and other sites say true to size. I normally wear a 7 or 7.5 (i’m flat footed). Thanks!

    1. oh i know! it took me a long time before i got a pair because they kept selling out everywhere. she lives part time somewhere in central america and i think during that time, she doesn’t have production going or something? anyway, you’ll find a pair! i’m always stalking noihsaf! :)

      the mules run small in my opinion. i wear a size 8 with a slightly narrow foot and got the 38s because i was told they run true to size, but my heel was falling off the back of the shoe! had to return and get a size 39. so i would say lean towards sizing up! also, the heel is kinda heavy for the shoe, so they took me a while to get used to. but obviously i love them now!!

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