you can tell i’ve been bracing myself for some seriously hot weather by how much i’ve been posting about linen lately. but can you really resist when collections like this exist to keep you looking fancy as hell even in the heat of the summer? i first came across stil while browsing through the offerings at one of my favorite shops, avenue boutique. the first thing that jumped out at me was the perfectly retro loren playsuit, which is what my summer vacation dreams are made of. but then of course, i wandered over to their site to learn more about the brand:

“stil is a los angeles based womenswear line founded on the idea that fashion should transcend trend and season. the brand was established in 2014 by elora joshi and nicole carbone with the intention to re-explore classic design with a commitment to ethical manufacturing. all pieces are sourced, designed, and manufactured in and around los angeles.”

all things that have become a requirement for me as i explore my own consumption, and the ways that i view the fashion industry in general. their whole philosophy of creating more timeless design really helps to pull the focus away from whatever is trendy, but they don’t sacrifice style in the process. the oversized buttons and interesting details have definitely got me feeling some type of way.

you can shop stil here and check out some of their exclusive stockists here.


  1. Linen is astonishing! It looks fabulous, it feel s great on skin and it is definitely the quintessence of freshness when needed!
    Great looks indeed! Especially the 4th and 5th pictures!

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