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as much as i’ve been working on perfecting my summer uniform, i’ve also been experimenting with clothes completely outside of my comfort zone. case in point? this ultraviolet dress by ajaie alaie. not only is it a color i have literally never worn in my life, but it’s also a slip dress. something that i rarely ever wear because i have to wear a strapless bra underneath, and i get all weirdly uncomfortable about my arms because they’re not michelle obama perfect. but you know what? it’s exhausting to be so self-conscious all of the time! if i wait until i’ve lost those few pounds i gained from stress eating hot cheetos, or until my arms are perfectly tanned and toned, then time is just going to pass me right by. so i say, life is too short! wear the damn dress!

oh and i haven’t even talked about this tote! it’s from one of my favorites, golden ponies, and it comes in a bunch of different colors: pink, clear, holographic, black, and the tortoiseshell pattern i’m wearing now. i’ve been thinking a lot about alternatives to leather, and i think this tote really fits the bill because it’s fun and affordable and, well, not leather. and if you’re not familiar with the brand, they also have a ton of cute shoes, all handmade in mexico.

get 20% off your purchase at golden ponies using code ‘calivintage’ through june 22!

ajaie alaie full moon dress from brookes boswell
loq ara sandal in nude
clear plastic tote bag courtesy of golden ponies

photography by melissa sonico.


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