outfit: heat wave

it’s that time of year. when the entire fashion world is collectively gearing-up for fall and promoting sweaters, while i’m sweating it out in 100+ degree weather. the high today is literally 107 degrees. so i’m really just hitting peak summer wardrobe. in fact, it’s almost like a different season. there’s regular summer and then there’s hell-on-earth summer. and the heat keeps on going well into october where i live, so there’s really no end in sight.

fortunately for me, i recently got my perfect pair of dream shorts from san francisco-based muumuu. i came across her feed on instagram and there they were in all of their high-rise, pleated glory. it was a match made in heaven, even if the weather does indeed feel like hell. and they’re definitely going to be in heavy rotation for the next couple of months.

ilana kohn roxey tank in denim 
muumuu pleated paper-bag shorts
maryam nassir zadeh mules
bamboo clutch courtesy of moorea seal


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