fall wishlist

i may be kinda far behind on this one, but i can’t help it! i live in southern california and fall isn’t even really a season. but i do like to shift my color palette and i do need to add some clothes appropriate for slightly cooler temperatures. so here’s my list!

cozy sweaters – i think i may be the last person on the planet to own a babaa cardigan and it’s killing me. similar to many cool-weather fashion choices, i sometimes have a hard time committing to warm clothing for fear that i’ll never actually need to wear them. as i write this, it’s the month of october and the highs have still been hitting temps in the 90s. but if i don’t get some sweaters now, then january will roll around and i’ll have approximately one sweater, which i will proceed to wear every morning for the next 6 months. it gets old. i ask myself why i didn’t just buy myself a couple more sweaters before everything sold out. i find myself wrapped in a blanket on the sofa without a viable option for going out. and forget driving 30 minutes to the mountains where it’s actually snowing. i don’t have the wardrobe. what am i doing with my life?! just get the damn sweater.

babaa cardigan no19 mini in navy

l’envers caby cardigan in white


ankle boots – ever since moving back to southern california, i resist wearing boots. this is because of two things: 1. the weather only gets cool enough to wear boots for a very short period of time. i find it hard to justify the high price of a good pair of boots when i know i won’t wear them very much. and more importantly, 2. i have some sort of weird foot claustrophobia thing. i can’t stand the feeling of my feet being completely ensconced. it feels like my feet are mummified. or trapped in a coffin. both? at the end of the day, as i start to unlace them, i break into a momentary panic and sweat starts to bead up on my forehead. it lasts for a split second before the sweet relief of removing my shoe, but that feeling of being trapped is real. i should probably seek therapy. and i should probably buy at least one pair of block heel ankle boots before they go out of style.

loq lazaro boot in bombon croc

by far becca suede ankle boot in brown


pants pants pants – i paired down my collection of kamm pants over the summer and am now 100% regretting it. i hadn’t been wearing them because it was insanely hot, but now there’s this massive hole in my closet because i have a habit over over-kondoing everything in my life until i’m living like a monk and i am not happy. i got rid of all the happy. i got rid of all my pants. and let’s just be real here. the only pants that i will ever wear for the rest of my life are the kind that are so high rise that i can pull them up to my armpits. and i will definitely never wear a pair of skinny jeans again. *buys all of the kamm pants and mom jeans immediately.*

agolde ’90s mid rise loose fit jeans

ilana kohn huxie pants

jesse kamm sailor pant in skin tone 34

re/done ultra high rise jeans


statement bag – lately i’ve been steering away from leather handbags in favor of more interesting textures and styles. i carried my clare v. pot de miel all summer and loved it. i got compliments all the time! and it just felt like it added more interest to my outfits than a classic leather bag. but it always gets to a point in the fall/winter when a basket bag seems silly. so i’ll be transitioning to this beautiful, hand-dyed rope coil bag by catz orange.

catz orange cosimo in pistachio


and also… all of the jumpsuits – mom uniform, whatever. ever since i discovered that jumpsuits are like dresses but approximately 5,00 times better, i’m never going back. i got the most perfect offon linen jumpsuit in the most beautiful redwood color this summer. i loved that damn thing, but i sized down for fear that it would overwhelm my freakishly short torso, but my calculations were wrong. such is the risk of ordering made-to-order clothing from a lithuanian etsy shop. i waited 4-6 weeks for them arrive. they fit, but not as i had hoped. i’ll be restarting the process promptly. i suggest you do the same. well, not the part where you order the wrong size. but the part where you get the best linen jumpsuit ever.

offon redwood linen jumpsuit

caron callahan cardell jumpsuit

beaton overalls in alabaster

ilana kohn mabel coverall

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