and just like that, it’s spring! so i’m shedding my layers and prancing about in this skin that hasn’t seen the sun in months. it feels good. i’ve been tending to my garden, which is something that my mom always did when i was a kid growing up, but nothing i’ve ever tried on my own. mainly because i’ve never had a yard! but we’ve been living in our house for almost four years now, and between moving-in, having another kid, massive renovations… i hadn’t gotten to that big patch of dirt until now. so perhaps it’s fitting that the first springy look i’m sharing this year has a bit of a utilitarian vibe. the straw hat for sun protection, a fanny pack for easy access. but fashion, so you know, a crop top and a high rise skirt with these mules that i think i’ve pulled out of my closet for the third year in a row?

and this is a pretty solid example of how i’ve been dressing most days lately. easy separates, so that i can swap out whatever bottoms i’m wearing with an old pair of levis so i can head out to take care of my baby plants. but also some really cool brands that are worth sharing. if you follow my blog, then you probably already know about elizabeth suzann, they have a pretty solid reputation for their approach towards garments, from their design to their made-to-order production in their nashville studio. this simple linen tank top is something that i wear year-round as a base layer in the cooler months beneath wool sweaters, or on it’s own when the weather is pleasant. this straw hat was created by my friends at fauxgerty, a st.louis-based brand dedicated to sustainability and the environment. i’ve been working with them on an ongoing bases and will be sharing some new designs very soon!

but one brand that you may not have heard of is label by three. though their selection is small, this arizona-based brand caught my eye with their beautiful product photography featuring a variety of models, so you can really get an idea of both their design philosophy and commitment to creating clothing for all sizes and all people. not only that, but as a mexican woman myself, it’s also incredibly inspiring and uplifting to see a fashion business run by women of color, dedicated to sustainability and versatility. this skirt and everything in their current collection is on sale to make way for new stock, so if you were on the fence, now is the time to snag something!

fauxgerty woven straw hat
elizabeth suzann petra crop
label by three vela skirt in black
vintage leather fanny pack
maryam nassir zadeh mules

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