the photo box

so here’s the story: i have a digital archive of photos stretching back to before my kids were even born (don’t we all?). i always told myself i’d get prints made, fill up some photo albums. and inevitably, i’d keep putting it off because i knew i had all of the photos nestled in their little digital folders. until i didn’t. i never mentioned this on my blog, but last year, our studio was burglarized and in addition to several bikes being taken, two of my computers were stolen along with their contents… all of the photos from the births of both of my children! i was devastated for almost a year until i finally uncovered an old hard drive in a drawer that miraculously had back-ups of all the photos i thought had been lost forever. so yeah, it’s time for me to start printing hard copies of our most beloved photos.

i always loved flipping through my mom’s photo albums filled with grainy film photos of the family. so of course, i wanted to do the same for my kids. at first, i thought i’d do one of those fancy hardcover albums by artifact uprising, and i would like to try that someday, but the amount of photos that i need to print is feeling pretty daunting at this point. so i opted to sift through my archives of the past couple of years and print out 50 of my favorite photos to put in this little brass & wood display box for the kids. when it came in the mail, i couldn’t wait for christmas day, so i just plopped it right on the kids’ shelf so they could discover it on their own. and honestly, i think it may have been a better gift than straight-up toys. both of them just love to sit and flip through the photos, mostly pictures of them together or with the whole family.

and i think just about any of our relatives would love the same. in fact, i might have to get a few more for all of the grandparents who are also wondering where i’ve been stashing all those thousands of photos i take of the kids! if you’re also doing some holiday shopping, then click here for details on shipping deadlines. this sunday, dec 15th is the last day to order for usps shipping to receive by dec 24th, and dec 19th is the last day to order for fedex overnight! and…

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