tiny comforts

i meant to share this post about a week ago, before the proverbial shit hit the fan… and since then, i’ve been trying my best to cope with a completely different routine that keeps me at home all day long with two little kids while my partner still has to leave every day to do clinical work in families homes. it scares the crap out of me. and then there’s the anxiety that i always have to cope with, but turned all the way up. so it’s taken me about a week to go through some highs and lows, trying to figure out how to stay sane in isolation, but also trying to move forward in the face of so much uncertainty. for the entire global economy, for those who are at risk or immunocompromised, for my own little family stuck here at home.

it’s a lot to feel, a lot to process. and i don’t have a definitive answer. but i’m moving forward out of necessity. time doesn’t stop because we’re all scared out of our minds. and if we spend every moment in utter despair or deep fear, we will have done nothing to change the current situation. we can only be diligent about flattening the curve, and do the best that we can.

i’m trying to keep my grocery trips cut down to as few as humanly possible, which turns out to be pretty difficult because i usually only buy enough for a couple of days at a time! i often find my pantry bare by the end of the week and just buy whatever i need when i go to the store because i hate to buy too much and risk food spoiling. so even attempting to stock up on a weeks work of supplies feels like a lot! but then public goods sent me this little care package, and i realized that it would probably help me to start ordering some of my pantry goods online (including toilet paper, they have some)!

cedar & suede candle

chocolate variety

whole bean coffee

vegetable broth

herbal tea

carrot soup

use code CALIPGA for 15% off your first purchase at public goods for you to use any time


also, don’t go out! but do use reusable bamboo straws at home, they’re fun for the kids. just make sure you wash them thoroughly! the little juice cups are from eastfork pottery.

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