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at home. for whatever reason, i always forget that i can share photos of me in my natural habitat haha. if i think about it for a minute, i realize that i probably spend a lot more time at home than the average person. i work in the mornings while adam is at school, so you’ll usually find me enjoying my coffee and then getting to work at the computer. after school, it’s the lunchtime routine with adam and edie, then usually a mix of kid time and household stuff. it’s rather unglamorous, but i’d like to think i do it with style. since i spend so much time at home looking at these walls, i spend a good amount of that time planning, arranging, rearranging, trying to make it a pleasant space for me and the kids. there’s always more work to be done (which can be infuriating), but we’ve also come such a long way since we first moved in two years ago.

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