swedish hasbeens spring 2011

swedish hasbeens spring 2011

i’m sure you’ve all been hearing about the new collaboration between swedish hasbeens and h&m. when i saw the articles floating around, i was happy to hear that they’d be offering their shoes at a more affordable price point, but mostly, i was interested to see what styles they’d be rolling out on their regular line this spring. and while i was browsing the site for a pair of jodhpurs, i discovered that they’ve already started releasing their spring 2011 collection. in addition to several new vintage-inspired 1930’s styles, they have also added new color ways to their more classic models. i love them all so much, i can’t decide which pair i want the most.


  1. oh swediesh hasbeens…why must you be soo out of my price range…i know you will be totally worth it but i just can’t think of spending so much…but you would look rather cute on my tootsies….one day i will make you mine <3


  2. Oh wow, those perforated flats are actually my favorite… which is terribly ironic considering I’ve been in love with the wooden heels since last year, and it’s been too long since I’ve purchased flat shoes.

  3. Is it bad that I am already planning to make the launch date of the H&M hasbeens the end of self imposed shopping ban and am already excited about rushing to get a pair on the day? :D

    No trouble deciding here though: If I were a rich girl I’d order the baby blue pair :) Sooooo gorgeous!

  4. These are all so cute!! Every time I see you wearing Swedish Hasbeens, I just get sad about how they don’t make them in any size thats fits my RIDICULOUS TINY FEET. Le sigh. Life is hard. And then I don’t get fun shoes.

  5. I need them red ones NOW! Just gonna save some money for this spring. Guess they never go out of style since they are hasbeens and heard quality is really good.

  6. Really? I’ll give it a shot. I generally don’t see anything smaller than a size 6, and I need size 5s generally. Did you know the vast majority of shoe companies don’t go down to 5? Grumble. Well, if you ever stumble upon some fantastic size 5 vintage shoes and you happen to remember this, please let me know. I can, um, repay the favor in candy? Or something that makes more sense if you’re not a 3 year old like I apparently am.

  7. Where do you typically purchased your hasbeens? I`m ready to take the plunge but I`m also willing to wait patiently if it means I could possibly get a better deal. Also, I’ve learned (through experience and research) that our NAmerican sizing is not actually equivalent as many websites tend to say (i.e. 38 = 7 NOT 8). What has your experience been with sizing?

    So many questions! However, owning 2 (or 3?) pairs automatically makes you an expert, didn’t you know? :)

    Thanks for any advice you can give!

    1. i’ve purchased all of my swedish hasbeens directly from their website or from modcloth. i was really apprehensive at first because i was concerned about sizing, but if you go to their website, they post the exact measurements of each shoe on it’s respective product page. in my experience, some run true to size, some run slightly small. also, i was really impressed by the shipping times from sweden. each time i’ve ordered from the site, they’ve come in 3 days. crazy!

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