calivintage: velma

oh hello! today i’m sporting an outfit that i have to admit was slightly influenced by velma from scooby doo. that’s right, i’m dressed like a cartoon! coz really, what fun is fashion without a sense of humor? well, actually it was sort of a coincidence when i realized that my mostly orange dress combined with this bob were sort of begging for me to wear with my new glasses! i’m really excited about these new frames because they’re fun to wear and they give me a much needed break from constantly wearing contact lenses. and if you haven’t noticed, i’m beginning to become a bit obsessed with glasses and have been secretly planning to collect a ton of different frames to go with my various outfits. and fortunately for me and my eyes, i’ve found some good companies online who have really affordable glasses!

so this is what i wore on saturday for a day spent thrifting and vintage shopping in san francisco, where i had my eye on more silly psychedelic prints to add to my wardrobe. i feel like my outfits have been so centered around solids that it’s high time that the pendulum swung in a different direction. and it’s been fun focusing on more vintage, too!

glasses: bonlook simply fabulous frames
dress: vintage dress from parasol vintage
shoes: swedish hasbeens peep toe super high
coat: asos
pin: vintage plastic dachshund brooch
bag: j.w. hulme mini legacy bag

calivintage: velma
calivintage: velma
calivintage: velma
calivintage: velma
calivintage: velma
calivintage: velma


    1. knowing myself, i’m gonna say it’s probably me who owes you an email. as talkative as i can be irl, sometimes i fail to communicate very well in letters. but i miss you, so i will write soon.

  1. LOVE the glasses — they’re perfect for you. And I think it’s totally reasonable to have a few different pairs on hand. (Did you end up choosing anything from Warby Parker?)

  2. ooo you’ll have to post where all the cheap online companies are that you order glasses from!

    also i’m so in love with that dress it hurts! so retro

    talk soon willd child

  3. Love those glasses! And that dress is fantastic. It’s always ok to dress like a cartoon character, I feel more outfits should be done this way. x

  4. haha i love this velma look! :) good find on your vintage dress the color looks great on you, i wish i could wear real glasses though my eyes are 20/20 right now maybe one day! x

  5. Hi Erin, I’m totally loving your Velma inspired outfit! It made me smile to think about the good old days when I used to watched Scooby Doo.

  6. The print on the dress is fabulous and fun! Your new glasses look great, I totally just got Lasik and then still run around in glasses which is so ridiculous, I know!

  7. very cute, I love the mix up! I found a blue crazy print vintage dress that seems to remind old dudes of their moms, it’s great ;)

    happy hump day!

  8. i love your glasses, and dress, and shoes, and everything!
    jinkies!…people have been telling me i look like velma since middle school, i think it may be the glasses :)

  9. Looooove the pattern on this dress! And the glasses look cute too :)
    Perhaps you could convince your bf into a green shirt and brown pants :P

  10. Dang girl! I love it when Velma is the inspiration behind anything. The dress and the glasses go perfectly together! and I love that you’re gone back to the bob <3 I have been sort of dying to get a new pair of glasses, even though I don't love the way glasses look on my face and even though whenever I wear glasses I always end up having a day of drinking hot soup and then walk around with foggy glasses and feel clumsy. But I am going to have check out bonlook for sure! I've been wasting a ton of time browsing zenni opitcal whenever I get a chance to steal internet…

    1. you know, i actually don’t feel like i’m a “glasses person,” either, which is funny because for years, i always wore the same pair of baby blue rhinestone cat eye glasses and almost felt like they were a part of me. but i’ve been trying to ease back into them because they just add another facet to an outfit and i feel like it’s good to give my eyes a break. i was actually really surprised when i got these frames because i like them a lot even though they make me feel like a total nerd!

  11. Amazing dress! I like the idea of having different frames to suit your outfits. After all there may be a pair of glasses that doesn’t go with every outfit. At least that’s what I would think. xoxo

  12. this is darling! i’ve been gravitating toward fun prints and bold colors this season as well and have been squirreling away quite a few vintage pieces for myself for summer.

  13. You look so cute! :) And thank you for posting about cheap prescription glasses by the way. Ugh, they can get so expensive without insurance. *sigh*. Good to know there are stylish ones out there for decent prices. :D

  14. I love that dress so much, and Velma. She’s always been my favorite of the Scooby gang. Also, this is so random but when I first stumbled onto your blog it was awhile back and wanted to name my blog Kallie-Vintage because my name is Kallie and then I found your blog and was all…OMG I LOVEEE HERRR STYLEE CANNOT STEAL THE NAMEEE! Haha, so I was really extra stoked to find my picture on your tumblr this week. xo

  15. absolutely stunning! love your whole outfit, so glad I stumbled upon your blog. can I just ask what camera your using? your pictures are stunning!


  16. I’m kind of in love with this outfit. Your dress is adorable and so 70’s-tastic! The Velma reference is amazing. Reminds me that I need to find Scoobie Doo on TV one of these days and bask in some childhood memories. Super cute outfit!

  17. Love that Scooby Doo was your inspiration! Maybe next time I’m stuck I’ll turn to cartoons for inspiration haha :) I’ve been wearing lenses myself for just under a year and LOVE them, and don’t like my glasses much at all any more. Maybe if I had some cool ones that would change!

  18. I need to stop wearing contacts and start embracing my nearsightedness! Those glasses are perfect, and I looove your shoes!

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