outfit: madeline

calivintage: madeline

the other day i was thinking about how often i dress in outfits that evoke the comment: “oh my! you look like madeline!” this is never actually intentional. perhaps it has something to do with the fact that i went to catholic school for 9 years of my life and had to wear a uniform to school every day. i always say that i deeply resent my parents for it, but perhaps i have developed some sort of deep and twisted relationship with the school uniform. or else maybe i just really like hot dogs. ketchup and mustard? har har.

now let’s discuss this dress: i’m very excited to be working with the lovely dierdre of curator boutique in san francisco. we got in touch by means of the internet and met for coffee one afternoon to discuss fashion and blogs and life and whatnot. she told me about her label and invited me into her lovely shop to play dress up and pick out a few pieces from her latest collection. this is exactly the type of partnership that i dream of! all of their clothes are made in san francisco of beautiful, soft and sturdy garment-dyed cotton. they do their best to limit waste during production and use organic fabrics whenever possible. the result? very high quality and relatively affordable locally made dresses that you can basically live in. i was immediately drawn to this easy sheath dress and immediately knew that i would layer it over some of my favorite button-up shirts this fall for yet another 60s schoolgirl-inspired outfit.

hat: vintage wool hat from mars mecantile in berkeley
coat: asos from last year
dress: the sadie sheath dress c/o curator
top: thrifted vintage silk blouse
tights: sheer reflections sheer tights c/o hanes
shoes: vintage salvatore ferragamo vara flats
bag: waverly three way bag c/o stella and dot

photos by kristin cofer.

calivintage: madeline
calivintage: madeline
calivintage: madeline
calivintage: madeline
calivintage: madeline


  1. between madeline and the facts of life I BEGGED my parents to send me away to boarding school. SO GLAD THEY DIDN’T –tv glamourizes everything. ALSO glad my mom decided against sending me to the christian high school in my hood too. Would have been the ONLY brown kid there….and it would have been HORRIFIC

    YA LOOK ADORBS. STOP BEING SO ADORBS. oh and I was snooping at the post you linked on twitter about your biking trip. I wish I had the endurance to do such a thing. IT LOOKED SO AWESOME. My partner and I have kicked around motorcycling through south america! :D

  2. Lucky you! I love Curator – I have a few pieces from when they were She-Bible. I have a hooded sweatshirt with a HUUUUUGE hood that I live in whenever it’s cold!

  3. Maybe you look like Madeline because you have the brunette version of her hair? Very parisian. :) I was going to be Madeline for Halloween, but I couldn’t find an appropriate hat…your re-life version is better than my fake one would ever have been!

  4. I often get the madeline comment too! More often than not it’s when I add a hat to an outfit. Oh well! I take it as a compliment because Madeline always looked cute in her uniform!

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