a.p.c. fall 2012

as a person who grew up shopping in thrift stores, i’ve always been fascinated and drawn to looks pulled from a mix of different decades. as much as i am obsessed with everything from the ’60s these days, there’s always some other element coming in from another era. perhaps it’s for this reason that i’m so drawn towards the a.p.c. fall 2012 collection. there are plenty of sweet ’60s styles, but it’s been mashed up with a healthy dose of late ’70s, early ’80s preppy vibes. i love the mix of heritage pieces and stiff tweed with more youthful ’60s¬†silhouettes,¬†and of course, the styling is pretty much perfect. definitely a collection i wouldn’t mind wearing all season long!


  1. Love the entire collection; Especially the first one! I like how the leather accessories and leapord print give the sweet preppy look a bit of an edge.
    Sincerely, Lisett
    – “9th annual fashion on the square 2013”

  2. Something about that last look and the one right before it sit so beautifully, but I can’t quite place my finger on it, I’m not even a match-y person.

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