betina lou fall 2012

oh internet, how i love you for constantly introducing me to new designers! my most recent discovery came in the form of theĀ betina lou fall 2012 collection. this montreal-based designer launched in 2009 with a timeless aesthetic rooted in menswear and inspired by female icons of the past. the result is a very wearable collection with classic pieces that mix and match perfectly. and the easy styling is so spot on for this season with that little brown beret and that casually tied neck scarf. the online shop hasn’t launched just yet, but you’d better bet that i’ll be first in line once it does!

you can see more of my favorite fall collections here.


  1. Oh, I’ve been dreaming about that first look ever since Victoire ( a really cool shop in Ottawa, ON posted about it. I’ll eventually get my hands on that skirt with pockets, eventually, hehe. By the way, the Victoire girls carry most of the line and are super nice about providing sizing and mailing pretty much anything they have in stock, if you’re as obsessed with the line as I am :)

  2. Love this line, and could they have chosen a more adorable model??? Stop by my blog if you can, mine is all about thrifting and saving money; plus I just did a post on my new Paraders dress and a floral crown, plus I’m doing a give-away tomorrow! Hooray! Thanks so much!


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