wayward daughter fall 2012

have you seen the new wayward daughter fall 2012 collection? the lovely cait has done it again with this darling collection of handmade pieces perfect for a girl with a weakness for peter pan collars and pinafores. when i first laid my eyes on the collection, i fell into a bit of a trance and immediately started dropping every single piece into my shopping cart… i can honestly say that i want it all! i’ve actually had the pleasure of modeling one of her spring pieces for a lookbook earlier in the year, and i was struck by the incredible quality of the garment. and you really can’t beat the feeling of owning something that has been lovingly handmade.


  1. You are so right about quality. You can’t fake a well made garment. It’s good to know she makes amazing pieces! Sometimes when I see things online, it’s hard to know how good the quality is…it’s a big thing for me. I love things that can last a long time.

    Lovely pieces! The model is so pretty. I like her freckles :)



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