leading with love

i was recently interviewed by one of my favorite brands, leader bag co. you may have heard me mention them before because they make the holy grail of diaper bags in the form of this beautiful canvas and leather backpack. after two kids, i can confidently say that this brand has got it all figured out. so i was delighted to be able to answer some questions for them as part of their leading with love series. as you know, even though i’ve had this very public forum for almost a decade, i still tend to be pretty reserved when it comes to talking about my private life. i’m not even trying to be so private, it just isn’t very natural for me to start divulging lots of information! so i really appreciate having the opportunity to answer such thoughtful questions and share more about myself. so i hope you enjoy learning a little bit more about me, where i came from, and where i’m headed next!

you can read the interview here.


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