spots and stripes

i know my last post was about bike style, but i did not turn around and hop on my bike today. (though i do think this would be a nice outfit for a ride on a warmer day.) but instead, i had some super fun and super secret business to attend to. i’m back from that, and now i get to spend the rest of my afternoon getting work done so i can premiere my first calivintage field trip, complete with video. weee!

anyway, in honor of the unseasonably cold weather we’re experiencing here in california, i decided to go out and stand in front of some interesting cacti and succulents. they look so pretty, but i’m sure they’re feeling just as cold as i am out here. though i do have an extra layer of smart wool socks hidden underneath my riding boots, so i’m doing just fine. the only thing i wish i had was a nice pair of vintage gloves. maybe in a lipstick red, no?

i kinda really need to do some shopping. hopefully this weekend! besides looking for new clothes and accessories, we really need to get some heavy curtains for the apartment. like most buildings in the area, our apartment has zero insulation and the same creaky old windows that were built with the house back in the 20’s. this means that when it actually does hit freezing here like it did last night, we all get a little too chilly indoors!

oh hello, little hummingbird! so nice of you to stop by.

vintage navy blazer, thrifted
vintage striped dress, ebay
skinny belt, urban outfitters
little heart tights, tabio
knee socks, drug store
vintage nine west riding boots, idol vintage
vintage coach purse, thrifted

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  1. I love the look of the taller socks underneath the shorter boots. I should have done that today, too!

    I have a question: what are some of your favorite thrift stores in SF? I'm looking for a few good ones.

  2. I had no idea it got so cold over there. It hasn't even reached freezing in rainy old England yet.

    Adorable outfit, I love the socks.

  3. Guess the hummingbird was super spying on you?

    Love this outfit and I think you must put lipstick red gloves at the top of your list this weekend!

  4. omg no insulation , i die!
    you look ravishing my dear=)
    always so adorable
    i really like those boots , they go really well with that strappy bag of yours.

    its so cold now!cant wait for your next outfit post


  5. I absolutely love the proportions and pattern mixing in this outfit! Adorable!

    Good luck with the window thing/curtain shopping….I know how it is! Our windows are SO old, and I hate how much energy is wasted!

  6. Love this combination and the humming bird picture is lovely! It was in the low 20s when I left WA…why is it so cold on the mainland…?

  7. It's freeeezing but you look too cute! I've taken to wearing tights and leggings under my jeans here in santa cruz ;]

  8. i really your posts everyday erin !
    you always contribute something fun to the fashion blogging world !

    im totally in love with your style and blog !

    love the stripe and dot tights combo much . i think i should try that sometime :D

    Glisters and Blisters

  9. You have hummingbirds there??

    Love this look, it's so sweet and simple. I really want some tights like that but they look like the sort I'd manage to ladder in seconds!

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