teddy girls, part 2

after yesterday’s outfit post inspired by the teddy girls, i got a few requests for a post with some inspiration pictures. i had actually compiled a small collection, but didn’t post them because i wasn’t certain on all of the different image sources and i hate to post pictures without some sort of reference! but after some research, i believe that all of these photos were taken by ken russell, originally published in picture postmagazine in the summer of 1955. or at least this is what wikipedia tells me! (but please feel free to correct me if any of these have been misplaced!)


  1. I love this Teddy Girls look! When I read Teddy girls I mean I honestly was expecting some Victoria Secret get up – even though I did see your outfit post yesterday. But seriously I love these looks! Rough & rugged, ladies capturing masculinety & hard looks.


  2. P.S. I think I would have been one of them in the 50s . . .even though I adore vintage dresses. . I have always been the type to not want to fit the norm. . .so yeah.

  3. Gorgeous photos. thank you for reminding me that British women's style is brilliant and innovative and not what you see round most of the UK today

  4. I love this! I'd never heard of this movement before; never say style blogs can't teach you something. I'm completely fascinated.

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