purple plaid

calivintage: purple plaid

oh hello there! by the time you’ve read this, i will be happily sitting on a plane on my way to new york for fashion week! this is the outfit i wore yesterday to work, and is probably what i will be wearing on the plane because it’s just so perfectly comfortable. except i will probably be wearing double tights, a pair of boots, and my new leopard print coat, since the forecast in new york is an unfathomable 28 degrees. the process of preparing and packing was been pretty arduous to say the least, so i hope i’ll be prepared for all of the events ahead of me.

and oh yes! i am making lots of silly faces in today’s post. my lovely friend lindsay snapped my photos during a quick break from work and she did a pretty good job of catching some candid shots of me being goofy. i think these are probably a more accurate representation of what i look like in real life. in that picture below, i think i’m dropping the f-bomb because a big bus full of people got out right in front of us. oh yeah! and i just realized that i’m debuting my latest haircut as well. i got it cut by my pal shannon dean of revamp salon and it’s getting awfully close to the old bob. i’m quite happy with the progress so far.

anyway, if you’re going to be in new york for fashion week, shoot me an e-mail or send me a little tweet so we can try to meet up! or if you’re just interested in seeing what i’m up to, be sure to follow me on twitter and tumblr to get status updates. bon voyage!

dress: asos large gingham swing dress
cardigan: j.crew infinity cardigan
tights: tabio 110 denier tights
shoes: kork ease bette wedges
bag: cambridge satchel from modcloth

calivintage: purple plaidcalivintage: purple plaid
calivintage: purple plaid
calivintage: purple plaid
calivintage: purple plaid

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  1. I absolutely love these candids – those are always the hardest kind of shots to get! Your new haircut looks great too – I’m growing out a pixie cut (for the third time now, yikes!) and I’m always such an impatient wuss about getting some good in-between cuts, I just end up wearing it up until it’s long enough for the cut I want!
    the other emily

    1. 28 degrees? The wind-chill here north of Chicago is -14 F. Hah, had to walk a mile in that today wearing only leggings on the bottom and a light coat :<

      Cute outfit!

  2. New haircut!
    wow, looks great! Looks like it grew a lot from last outfit post!
    i so need a haircut likr that but i guess i’m not going to california to cut it in that saloon you’re always writting about!

  3. I love the combination of purple and mustard! It’s one of my favorite ones. It’s funny, I almost didn’t notice the haircut because I was so used to you having it back when I started reading your blog.

    Have fun in NYC! I really wish I could go and meet everyone. Maybe you should just come to Boston instead.

  4. Oh I’m so sad I won’t be able to make it out to NYFW this season to meet up with you again, but I’m sure you’ll have lots and lots of fun :) You can seriously pull off any hair style Erin! I’m so jealous! The bob is coming along nicely! I love these candid shots of you–they really show off how adorable you are!

    PS. You’re wearing Lakers colors hehe!

  5. Your new hair looks amazing! a return to the bob I see. I love this outfit, the purple works so well with the yellow and the goofy pictures are so cute.

  6. Have fun in NY! I just sent you an email at the probably the most inopportune time, sorry :) Loving the new hair cut, I wish I could pull that off, it’s gorgeous :)

  7. so adorable!!! love it all! if you don’t mind me asking, what size dress are you wearing??? with all these international sizes, i have no idea what to get. thanks so much and hope you have a fabulous time during fashion week! :D

  8. Ahh! I live in NY. I would totally love to meet you. Unfortunately, I don’t have a Twitter account to see where you will be. :( Have fun though!!

  9. Love the purple check and mustard together with the brown accents. Perfect. Good luck in NYC! And I love that 28 degrees is unfathomable to you. Oh, what “winter” must be like in California :)

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