sailor style

calivintage: sailor style

oh hello there! on monday, i got a few comments from people asking to get a better look at my sailor trench. fortunately, with the neverending rain we’ve been having, it’s come in handy and i’ve already worn it a few times this past week. so here it is again! today i was especially pleased to be wearing it when my new (to me) vintage straw hat came in the mail. i didn’t plan it, but i feel like the hat actually completed my little sailor look! and if there’s one thing i love about dressing for the spring, it’s straw hats! last year, i wore my vintage boater hat to death, so this year i decided to upgrade to a wider brim. i like how just small changes like that seem to make things feel fresh again.

too bad the wind didn’t agree with me… looks like i’ll need to go on a little hunt for some new hat pins to keep it in place!

hat: vintage straw hat from gritsgirlz on etsy.
coat: bensoni sailor trench from gilt groupe
sweater: cashmere cardigan from t.j. maxx
top: asos pussybow blouse
jeans: j brand jeans from gilt groupe
shoes: jeffrey campbell mary janes
lipstick: ysl rouge pur in le rouge
nails: zoya nail polish in marley

calivintage: sailor style
calivintage: sailor style
calivintage: sailor style
calivintage: sailor style
calivintage: sailor style


  1. This look is so cute! I love the coat, too. This look, especially with the adorable hat, makes me think of the Madeline books for some reason. Love it!

  2. Oh this is my favorite outfit of yours! Reminds me of the “Costume dramas, street fashion” that was recently done so well. Looks so spring like, especially your pretty nails!


  3. Hat pins! What an amazing accessory that I feel gets left out a lot. I just started getting back into hats and I am so excited to wear them once the temperature climbs above 30! You always look so put together and chic, thank you so much for the inspiration. What color nail polish do you have on in this post, it’s the perfect shade of purple!

  4. Yay! You posted a picture with the trench!! I wasn’t sure that I could love a coat more than the yellow asos mac, but this one is giving it a run for sure! Is it pink or tan (or somewhre inbetween?) Whatever it is, I’m quite liking it!

  5. Best nail polish colour ever!
    I am so jealous of your coat – this season if I see something similar I think I’ll have to buy it :P
    But it’s painfully ironic for me to wear sailor-esque items as I am notoriously motion sick >.<

  6. Just brilliant. I have to admit that after your last post wearing it I searched high and low online for that coat to see if I could track it down anywhere. I didn’t manage to find it, but at least I can live vicariously through all the wonderful outfits that you style it with!

    Have a great weekend.


  7. Erin, your style is so polished, classic and 70s chic these days! I am LOVING it. Your idea about picking timeless, albeit if more expensive, items is key… loooooove all your new purchases and how you’re styling them these days. Bravo!

  8. I have that blouse (it’s lovely) and I have some even wider legged flares to wear it with but I haven’t anything like that JACKET. I love it!

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