calivintage: cattitude

oh yeah, today is all about my brand new cat print dress! i can’t remember exactly how i discovered leah goren’s totally awesome etsy shop anymore. (i wanna say it was either siri or anja, though i do know i’ve seen both young and liz sporting said dress…) either way, i’ve had my eye on this darling little number for what seems like forever! and last week, i just couldn’t take it anymore and finally placed my order. it was hand printed and hand sewn to order and arrived with a cute little cat zine, too! and of course, i had to throw it on and gratuitously prance around for an outfit post right away. i love that it’s essentially a polka dot dress, thereby making it a perfect neutral to pair with any number of colors, layers, and accessories.

dress: leah goren handmade cat print dress
jacket: bensoni sailor trench coat
shoes: vintage salvatore ferragamo flats
bag: j.w. hulme mini legacy bag
lipstick: ysl rouge pur in le rouge
camera: meow pix camera (it meows!)

calivintage: cattitude
calivintage: cattitude
calivintage: cattitude
calivintage: cattitude
calivintage: cattitude


  1. yay! oh my gosh it looks so CUTE on you! isn’t it just perfect?? best purchase of the year for me. i feel like there needs a me a nation meet up and photo shoot with all the girls who own this dress haha!

  2. I’m with hilary…this dress exemplifies my cat love X1000000! So, so, so, so, so, SO good. In my top 10 of my favourite Erin outfits :)

  3. HOLY CRAP I don’t know how I have never seen your blog before but i am IN LOVE with it. Please excuse my enthusiasm but you just have me so excited. Not only is that dress amazing (and I’m about to head straight to the etsy to price one for myself) but you are also adorable and this whole blog is so inspiring. Going to have a good browse around now and catch up on missed time! Just a little hello from your newest and happiest follower :)

  4. Hello Erin, I’m SO thrilled to have found your beautiful blog (via modcloth). I’m absolutely smitten with your style and I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to find you. As for this dress? Adore it. I’m such a huge fan of whimsical prints and you’ve styled it perfectly. Count me in as your newest follower!! xx veronika

  5. i am so not a cat person, but holy crap lady this dress is adorable!!! i love ith with the trench and the ferragamos. really, this is one of my very favorites ever!

  6. Ah I want this dress so bad! I have the shirt version which is way awesome. But I pretty much want everything that Leah makes :n )

  7. I literally gasped at those pictures. That dress is sheer perfection. I think this is one of my favorite outfits you’ve worn! You look like you’re having so much fun wearing it, too!

  8. How amazing is the dress?!?! (And I’m actually not a cat person! ) And the print really looks like polka dots! And how cute is your camera! Perfect, perfect outfit!

  9. The dress looks amaaaazing on you Erin! So happy you (and everyone else) love it so much. And vintage Ferragamos are my favorite shoe of all time – I actually have 5 pairs in different colors – so cool to see them with the dress.
    Do you mind if I put a link to this post in the etsy dress listing?


  10. Omg! What an absolutely wonderful outfit! I am completely completely jealous of your sailor trench coat! I can’t even —- And your dress is whimsical and quirky; it looks perfect on you. :]

  11. Just when I think I have a favourite outfit of yours you go and pull this amazing one out and my jaw dropped! So so good! I am obsessed with cat-themed clothing and I need this dress now. I also love how many ways you style your Bensoni trench, it’s so versatile yet so quirky. Love.

  12. That cat print dress is so so cute! I love how quirky and original it is. It looks great with the nautical-ish coat. I really love the collar on that jacket. You look amazing!

  13. When you posted this dress on Tumblr (from the Etsy listing you purchased), I thought it would be scandalously short. But I’m delighted to see it’s the PERFECT length on you! I absolutely adore it and the way you styled it with the sailor cape and Ferragamo flats! God Erin, I love you.

  14. after seeing this adorable babydoll dress, you left me no choice, absolutely NO CHOICE but to have to start a serious search of my very own for nothing but this style of frock to wear all. summer. long. i even had to write about this new sartorial quest o’ mine over in my neck of the woods. take a peek?

    oh. and thanks for the continuing daily wardrobe inspiration. seriously if i could steal all your closet’s contents, i would. in a heartbeat. for real.


  15. Oh I have been looking for this post for days, saw it mentioned on another blog but couldn’t remember which one nor who exactly you were but then I woke up this morning and thought ‘calivintage’ and so pleased it was! This is so beautiful and love the inky not-quite-pefect print design, its something I might try on a plain tee depending how DIY-inspired I’m feeling…! Keep up the good work, love the blog :) xx

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