wild country

just like with my last outfit, sometimes you just gotta go with it. as soon as i laid my eyes on this gauzy dream dress by little tienda, i knew i had to have it. never mind that i rarely ever wear dresses anymore, or that it makes me look like a member of the rajneeshpuram. the heart wants what it wants. and maybe what i want is to float around on some remote oregonian commune wearing this dress. but also it’s just a complete ’80s dream, and i fully plan to be living that dream all spring and summer long. i wasn’t kidding when i said i was going to be fully embracing “the summer of the statement sleeve.” i kinda hope that the end of this season culminates with me walking down the aisle looking like a cream-puff princess diana. i am so ready to go over-the-top.

but in all seriousness, that wasn’t a wedding announcement, but this dress is just great. it’s a lightweight cotton gauze that i literally just washed (in the gentle cycle) and tossed into the dryer (on low), so it would take on a slightly crumpled, and totally casual texture. it’s exactly what you need to be wearing when the weather gets hot. and i’m bracing myself for it because i know it’s coming.

little tienda freya dress
circulo handwoven palm bag in small courtesy of artisan & fox
maryam nassir zadeh slides

play date

kicking around town on a monday morning in the best alternative to a mini dress i’ve ever laid eyes on. this little number has it all: you’ve got the qualities of a pinafore and a mini dress with the functionality of a jumpsuit. i also think it would be a good option for a beach cover-up, the type of thing you could wear around the resort if you were lucky enough to be out on holiday right now. i’ve got no plans for a vacation anytime soon, but this is the next best thing. i’m taking that whole “dress for the job you want” philosophy a step further. why not dress for the weather you want? or the vacation you wish you were on?

and if you’re in the mood for some avant guarde vibes to transport you to that sweet spot, you should definitely check out 323 clothing. everything is handmade-to-order in echo park, california. and nothing is boring about it.

you can shop 323 clothing right here.

323 play date overalls
hackwith design house balloon sleeve top
martiniano glove shoes in wood
vintage woven handbag


i recently had the pleasure of working with honest on a social media campaign. i only needed to get a couple of photos, but i guess i was feeling a little sentimental shooting with my baby who is about to be two, because we ended up doing three different shoots over the course of two days! sure, we were shooting diapers, but the photos mean so much more to me than just that!

when adam was little, i felt this intense need to document every single moment in photos. i had the luxury of being able to pull out my professional camera whenever the mood struck, so i have a ridiculous archive of pictures. but when edie was born, let’s just say that things got a little more chaotic. each moment was still just as special, but i realized that i didn’t need to document every single milestone for me to enjoy it– or even remember it. and honestly, it just isn’t as easy to pull out a camera as it used to be. i still find myself pulling out my iphone to grab quick snapshots to share in group texts with family members, but i don’t do all of those elaborate shoots i did with adam. so i think i had a lot of fun with this project because it gave me a chance to get some photos with edie all on her own.

this blog post isn’t sponsored, but the photos were shot in partnership with honest for sponsored content on some of my social media channels. if you’re interested, here is a link to the new limited-edition spring prints.

win $200 at tamarind boutique!

so excited to announce my latest giveaway in partnership with the beautiful northern california boutique, tamarind. they have shops in sebastopol, healdsberg, and online, of course. which really pulls at my heartstrings because i lived in the bay area for so many years and frequently spent weekends exploring up north. but more importantly, they carry some of my favorite designers like black crane, rachel comey, clare v, and ace & jig (including this dress i’m wearing)! and we’ve teamed up to offer you a chance to win a $200 store credit towards anything you find in the shop!

to enter, simply visit this post on my instagram!

the sleep shirt (for a good cause)

it’s funny, i spend a lot of time on my personal style, but you wouldn’t know it if you ever caught me off guard at home! i recently realized that i was pretty much just slipping into the same pair of old, worn out sweats every evening after dinner. they’re soft and comfy, and i don’t have to worry about the kids getting them dirty. but when a girl scout troupe knocks on your door at 6pm and you open the door holding a beer in a ripped t-shirt, you start thinking it might be time for an upgrade.

so i’ve been doing some shopping around, looking for ethical brands that make practical garments to wear at home. a friend of mine introduced me to canadian-based brand the sleep shirt a while back and i had been admiring their sleepwear from afar when they got in touch and asked if i’d be interested in spreading the word about their latest campaign.

in honor of international women’s day, they will be donating 20% of the proceeds of all short and long sleep shirts in blue oxford stripe to the howe sound women’s centre society, an organization dedicated to the prevention of violence against women and support for women, children and youth impacted by violence or abuse.

the campaign runs from today, march 8 through march 31. so if you’re in the market for sleepwear, now is a great time to use your purchasing power to support an incredible women-owned small business that is not only donating profits to great causes, but ethically producing their garments in canada using quality materials.

little tienda

calivintage x little tienda

i’m gonna go ahead and say that this is my spring look. super high rise pants because, yes, i’ll be wearing this style to the grave. i don’t care if low rise comes back. i’m old now so it’s mom jeans 4 lyfe. and this blouse is basically the standard by which all other blouses will be compared. puff sleeves? ruffles? ’80s vibes? check, check, and check!

and actually, i should talk more about this blouse because i’ve got a whole lot of things to say about it. for starters, it’s pure nostalgia because it looks exactly like the blouses that my mom wore around the time i was born in the ’80s. i can also expand on that and say that basically every woman had this blouse, including the most iconic princess diana. there was this whole young edwardian/laura ingalls wilder/prairie girl thing going on at that time, which is making a huge comeback, and i couldn’t be happier about it.

if you’re interested in more of the same, keep an eye out over at little tienda. their southern hemisphere fall 2018 collection is out any day now, and a little birdy told me they’ll be serving up even more ruffles and puff sleeves like this!

little tienda blouse coming soon
jesse kamm sailor pants in light blue denim
kate young for tura ally sunglasses in black
sylvain le hen barrette 022
clare v. pot de miel bag
maryam nassir zadeh sophie sandals

calivintage x little tienda
calivintage x little tienda
calivintage x little tienda
calivintage x little tienda

around town with metromile

calivintage x metromile

i’ve never been much of a driver. in fact, i didn’t even get my first driver’s license until i was 25. this was despite the fact that i grew up in suburbia, but definitely because i moved to san francisco at 18, where bikes and buses were the easy way to get around. i lived in oakland for years before i finally decided i should learn to drive, and even then, i was still mostly riding my bike to work and around town, with only occasional weekend trips.

a lot of time has passed since those days, but even now that i live in the ‘burbs, i think i’ve carried that same city mentality with me. we chose our first home because it was one of the most walkable neighborhoods in town, only a few blocks from grocery stores, restaurants, our favorite coffee shop, the bank. our family did finally graduate from a tiny two door yaris to a family wagon last year, which was an awesome upgrade, but my driving habits are admittedly similar to that of a granny! i work from home, so i really only drive the kids to school and back, or on short trips to the grocery store. if you think about it, the car mostly sits in the driveway.

but you certainly wouldn’t know if it you looked at our car insurance bill! the way traditional car insurance works, you pay the exact same rate no matter how much you actually drive. if you don’t drive a lot, you’re basically subsidizing high-mileage drivers with your insurance bill. we knew we were paying too much, but we couldn’t find an insurance company with fair rates. until we found metromile’s pay-per-mile insurance, designed for people driving less than 10,000 miles per year like us.  i partnered with the brand to see just how well it works. and the proof is in the pudding: we’re now paying a low base-rate plus pennies per mile. before making the switch, we were paying about $105 per month. and as you can see from the shot of the incredibly nifty app, we’re now paying under $70 on our first bill. each month will be different based on how much we drive, putting us in control of our bill, and resulting in a much fairer price for insurance.

i can now pull up the app whenever i want to see exactly how many miles i’ve driven, and how much i can expect to pay at that point in the billing cycle. and if you’re worried about paying too much for a weekend road trip, you won’t. metromile doesn’t charge above 250 miles per day, so if you drive more than that, you’re actually saving money. and you get the same type of coverage as most big insurance companies, from collision to comprehensive. the obd-II device only measures how many miles you drive, not your driving habits. and it comes in handy in the event of theft– gps tracking! plus a host of other app features like a street sweeping reminder, and an engine health decoder.

it feels so good to finally be paying a fair price for insurance after being gouged by other insurance companies for so many years. especially now that we have kids! i can think of a lot of better ways to spend that money than on a car sitting in the driveway, can’t you?

calivintage x metromile
calivintage x metromile
calivintage x metromile
calivintage x metromile

this post was created in partnership with metromile. we pay our own insurance bill and all opinions are my own, as always. thank you for supporting the sponsors that make this blog possible!

and if you’re curious: our car is a toyota prius v. i’m wearing the l’envers gaby cardigan in mustard with redone ultra high rise jeans, and kate young for tura lita sunglasses in amber, carrying a clare v pot de miel handbag and a mesh baby baggu in rust. adam is wearing a soor ploom rosie coverall in moss with a fairends black waxed canvas cap. edie is wearing a misha & puff popcorn sweater in confetti cake with vintage jeans and a noble carriage exclusive petite soul organic bandit bonnet in blush. in the trunk of the car, you can see a leader bag co. julien leather set in ivory & tan, ollie ella luggy basket in natural, brookes boswell suncrest hat in natural panama straw, and hamabi amets patchwork quilt.

the trench coat

calivintage x azalea

it’s funny, i call myself a fashion blogger (and i’ve been doing this for just about 10 years now!?!), but i’ve only ever owned one trench coat. and i didn’t like it very much. i loooove trench coats and always seem to be looking for one, yet i never seem to find exactly what i want. until now. i know this probably sounds silly, but it’s totally true! my main issue with trench coats is that they usually just come in classic khaki or black. i hate the way pretty much any shade of khaki looks against my light olive skin, so i’ve never been comfortable wearing those colors. and despite how much i like the look of black clothes, they always make me feel like i’m fading into the background– or else they manage to collect every bit of fuzz or dust or dandruff floating around.

but everything changed when i found this beauty from san francisco-based azalea boutique. it’s made of a super sturdy cotton canvas in the perfect shade of rusty brown. it’s got an oversized fit, but the heavy fabric gives it a nice structure so that it doesn’t just fall flat against the body, which i really like. and it’s a lot more affordable than most garments of this quality for sure. to give you an idea, the textile is like the heavier-weight cousin to kamm pants. yep, i’m sold.

doen capo top in rainbow plaid
re/done ultra high rise jeans 
naples belted trench coat courtesy of azalea
kate young for tura lita sunglasses
martiniano glove shoes in navy
circulo handwoven palm bag in small courtesy of artisan & fox

calivintage x azalea
calivintage x azalea
calivintage x azalea
calivintage x azalea

thirty five

this post is about a month overdue. but i thought i should write a proper post to tell you that i hit a milestone. i turned 35-years-old in january! which is surprisingly hard for me to grasp? when people ask me my age, i have to pause and think about it for a moment because i sorta still think i’m only 30! it’s almost as if time stood still for me after adam was born and i’ve just been coasting along in this state of limbo, caught between my old life and this new one that is centered so squarely on two little kids. in fact, adam’s birthday is about a week before mine, so i have a hard time even remembering that mine is coming up because the dust is still settling after the holidays and his big day. which is not something i mind at all. it just means that i’ve stopped keeping track as well.

and i suppose that’s probably pretty typical once you get to your thirties. it’s not like when you’re a kid and you’re counting down the days until you’re 18 or 21 or even 30. and there really isn’t anything particularly special about turning 35. i suppose it’ll be pretty big when i turn 40. but for now, i’m happy to be where i’m at. i’m excited about the year ahead, and i’m enjoying my time adjusting to a new schedule with both of the kids in school now. i’m getting that “me” time that had been almost non-existent for so many years, and i’m thinking forward about my business and what i want to accomplish moving ahead. all really wonderful, positive things!

but more importantly, this is still a fashion blog, right? so let’s talk about clothes! the moment i laid eyes on this ace & jig dress in the fall, i knew i had to have it. i envisioned it styled exactly like this, with kitten heel mules and a little drawstring pouch. an updated take on a totally ’80s look. i wore it on christmas and on my birthday. and honestly, if i could get away with it, i would buy this same dress in several different colors and wear them all of the time!

ace & jig lyon dress (it’s sold out in this color, but the link is for the same dress in henna, and it’s on sale!)
maryam nassir zadeh andrea mules (on sale! and get $20 off your first order when you use that link!)
clare v. henri bag (mine is actually the petit version, which has sold out)


outfit: eli & barry

i know i’ve said this before, so i hope i don’t sound like a broken record, but one of the great pleasures i get from writing this blog is all of the amazing people i’ve had the opportunity to connect with. i have to admit, in the back of my mind, i’ve always secretly wanted to be a designer myself, but it’s never really been in the cards. so being able to meet so many amazing designers doing incredible things really is the next best thing! and i am always so inspired by the talented, creative, and hard working women who dedicate themselves to creating ethical, sustainable fashion. one such designer is lily of eli & barry. she started the brand in 2016 and it is a one-woman show. she designs, pattern drafts, and produces all of the clothes in her hometown of denver, colorado. and it is that slow approach to fashion that guides her entire process. creating wearable clothes that will last a lifetime and earn a top spot in any wardrobe with their versatility and craftsmanship.

we connected on instagram and one day, she asked if i’d be interested in picking something out. i had been eyeing this top, so it was a no brainer. i love the sturdy cotton canvas because i know that it will age beautifully, getting softer and taking on character as i wear it. it’s brand new in these photos, but like the jeans, i know it will start to crease and take shape against my body. i just love the marks of something well-worn, and i look forward to breaking it in!

and use code CALIVINTAGE15 to get 15% off eli & barry!

wearing: pullover 2 in cotton canvas courtesy of eli & barry, jesse kamm sailor pants in american denim, centinelle julie’s bumble bees cotton silk bandana, sylvain le hen barrett 21 xs, martiniano high glove in saffron suede, clare v. petit henri (it’s sold out, but here is the full-sized version), garrett leight wilson sunglasses 

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