all of the sweaters + practical shoes

my winter uniform so far? all of the sweaters paired with perfectly worn-in denim, and practical shoes. there’s something i love about the simplicity of getting dressing in cold weather. cozy sweaters, vintage denim, and comfortable shoes. and lucky for all of us, everlane is killing it in the sweater AND shoe departments this season, so i thought i’d pull together a little wishlist of all my favorites, either to get for yourself or to gift to someone who has taste as good as you. ;)

so here’s my look, all cozy in a cropped alpaca cardigan in almond, vintage levis, and the day boot in brick. i’m an everlane affiliate, so they kindly sent these two items as gifts so i could try them for myself. they were both at the top of my wishlist because i’ve been slowly building my collection of both sweaters and boots this season. and one thing that i’ve discovered over the past couple of years? i’ve never met an everlane shoe that i don’t like. in particular, i’d been meaning to try the day boot for ages and i’m so glad i finally went for it because they are just as awesome as everyone says. i bought my usual size, but i could see going for a half size larger if you know you’ll be wearing them with warm socks. and then keep scrolling because there’s a promo going on today that you won’t want to miss… ends today (tuesday, december 10) at 9pm PST!

the cashmere lantern sweater in brass

the recashmere varsity cardigan in spice chai

the recashmere vintage crew in heathered clay

the cropped alpaca cardigan in almond

the recashmere stroopwafel crew in faded sienna

the oversized alpaca crew in heathered java

today only, a special treat for you: get the iconic everlane day boot for only $175– instead of $225.


square toe slingback in burnt orange

day glove in caramel

the day boot in brick

the tapered square toe slingback in black

today only,  a special treat for you: get the iconic everlane day boot for only $175— instead of $225. 


the foundation bodysuit

it’s november, which means… it’s time to share the universal standard pick of the month. each month, they highlight one wardrobe essential to help you build your perfect capsule wardrobe, and this month is the foundation bodysuit. it comes in multiple different styles and colors from the short sleeve crewneck bodysuit i’m wearing here to a long sleeve and a turtleneck. and besides the fact that it’s ridiculously soft and stretchy, it comes in sizes 00-40 because size inclusivity is at the core of everything universal standard does. what i especially love is that not only do they offer every size, but the website literally shows every body type imaginable so that you don’t have to wonder how it will look on your body. honestly, even as a straight-size person, it is super stressful browsing a traditional online shop for clothes with image after image of the same body ideal. there is more than one body type out there! so i am really glad to be able to partner with a brand like universal standard so that i can share clothes for every body.

but back to the bodysuit for a moment! while i could literally just wear it around the house with literally nothing else because it’s so damn comfy, i decided to style it in a super classic look with a pair of high rise denim and their tirsa trench coat (which also comes in sizes 00-40, by the way). add a swipe of lipstick and a pair of red shoes, and you’re good to go.

use code calivintage20 for 20% off your entire purchase at universal standard through november 30

holiday gifts for kids

Now that my kids are a tiny bit older, and we’ve been through the whole Christmas thing more than a couple of times, I figured I’d share my take on kids gifts and toys: Less is more. Over the years, we’ve fallen into the rabbit hole with several different “collections.” Adam has baskets overflowing with Hot Wheels and Monster Jam trucks. Edie has probably every single My Little Pony. Calico Critters are super cute at first, but somehow manage to multiply before my eyes. And then there are the mountains of Legos. I’m not saying I wouldn’t give any of those things to my kids, I’m not a monster. But if I could go back and start over, I really think I would have slowed down and put a little more emphasis on choosing a few really good open-ended toys as the foundation for their play.

I read a quote recently that said, “a good toy is 10 percent toy and 90 percent child.” And from my own observations of my 3.5 and almost 6-year-old, I have to say that I 100% agree. So these are the gifts that are working for our entire family. The gifts that I am literally planning to get my kids this year, or that we already have. Then you can call me in a few years to see how we’re doing, because once I think I’ve figured it all out, these kids will throw me for a loop! But hopefully these gift ideas will help make your holiday season just a teeny bit less stressful!

above: Woodchuck Umi Play Kitchen

Raduga Grez Wooden Tea Set 

Way to Play Rubber Roads – 

KidArtLit Subscription Box

Bravery Magazine

Sarah’s Silks Play Frame Fort Kit

Ollie Ella Holdie World

Wobbel Waldorf Balance Board

…and for those of you searching for a kids’ bike, a lot of people were asking me about this last year, and I highly recommend you check out Cleary Bikes. My brother builds bike frames for a living, so I asked him to rig it up with training wheels to start him out, though their official recommendation is to actually remove the pedals so they can use it as a balance bike at first. But really, it’s whatever makes the most sense for you and your kid!

halloween costumes for imaginative play

since having kids, halloween costumes have always been a challenge for me. don’t get me wrong, i love halloween, but i don’t love all of the waste. you know how it goes, once the holidays begin, the consumerism picks up and just keeps growing until it peaks at christmas and your house is filled with piles of stuff. i love all the cute decorations and the kids have a blast trying one costumes at the store, but i just can’t justify all of the disposable stuff. so for the past couple of years, i’ve tried to focus on finding costumes that can be used or re-used beyond just the school carnival or halloween night. two years back, i bought the kids black pajamas and used scraps of fabric to turn them into little bats. then last year, we found these amazing and durable canvas capes from lovelane. it was a lot to spend upfront, so i was really nervous about making the purchase, but my kids still have so much fun playing in those capes a year later.

so this year, i knew i wanted to get them some new open-ended costumes for imaginative play to add to their little play chest. they already love the playsilks i put in their easter baskets earlier in the year, so when sarah’s silks reached out and asked if we’d like to try some of their costumes, the kids were so ridiculously excited. edie picked out the fairy dress, rainbow garland, and rainbow streamer. and adam picked out a reversible silk crown, star cape, and soft sword. we still have a couple of weeks left before halloween, but they have been playing with the silks nonstop and it is literally the cutest thing i have ever seen.

use code HALLOWEEN for 20% off costumes from sarah’s silks!

universal standard pick of the month

ok so it officially rained for two seconds this morning and i ran to my closet to finally style my new universal standard leather jacket. it’s been like 100 degrees every day, so you know everyone in southern california was just waiting for the chance to wear more than one layer haha.

but i am especially excited because this is my first time working with universal standard, and i am so blown away by the brand. if you’re not familiar, universal standard was founded by two friends who were determined to create an inclusive shopping experience where both “straight” and “plus” sizes could shop side by side. they carry garments in sizes 00-40, which is truly amazing. i’ve talked a lot about ethical fashion and slow fashion over the years, but one big issue that doesn’t get talked about nearly enough is size inclusivity in fashion in general! i love that i can share a photo of myself wearing this jacket and know that anyone who wants a leather jacket can find one in their size at the same store as everyone else.

not only that, but universal standard has a program called “fit liberty” that literally allows you to exchange any of their core collection pieces for a different size within one year of purchase. because yes, our sizes fluctuate and we shouldn’t be stuck with something that doesn’t fit just because our bodies change.

so here is the universal standard pick of the month, the leather jacket. each month, the editors choose a different seasonal style to help you build a timeless and effortless capsule wardrobe. it is such a classic and so fun to wear. i’ve been playing around with the styling and it pretty much goes with everything. just throw it on over any summer look and you’re good to go for fall. yes, you. whether you’re a size 00, a size 6, or a size 40.

get 20% off your entire order from universal standard with code calivintage20 now through october 14!

the lindsay robinson tia dress

and just like that, it’s fall. we don’t exactly get that season here where i live in southern california, but when i pulled on this linsday robinson tia dress in bronze and headed out to the park for a photo shoot, it certainly looked like fall with all of the bronzy dried flowers to perfectly match my outfit. one of the things i struggle with is finding a good “going out” dress. i tend to be so super casual in my style, and i try to be so thoughtful about what i buy and own, that i have a hard time justifying anything that might seem “frivolous.” i have such a strong desire to have clothes that i can wear every day, which is definitely a smart approach. but then, when i’m the mood to dress up or a have a little bit of fun, i realize that i don’t really have anything hanging in my closet to match my mood! which is why i love this sparkly dress so much! it’s still casual enough that i could wear it out for an afternoon burrito date with brendan (which i did on this particular day), but it’s also something that i can throw on for a holiday party and still feel appropriately dressy. it’s a middle ground that i really think i need to explore more often when i picked out new clothes to wear.

not to be pushy or anything, but i should probably note that this particular dress is a limited release, so you’re interested, now’s the time to check it out before they sell out! or if you’re looking for something a little more subtle, it also comes in a 100% sand silk noil.

linsday robinson tia dress in bronze, gift from brand
winden nicole barrette in pearl, gift from shop boswell
maryam nassir zadeh mules
clare v. petit lea in cream, use this link for $25 off your first order

the usual

it’s summer, it’s hot. i’ve been wearing lots of giant puffy sleeves. and mostly staying indoors. we’re getting ready to move out of our house again because we’re getting our one and only bathroom renovated in a couple of weeks! we’ll be packing up and moving in with my mom, which is not quite a vacation, but not too bad. she lives on the edge of a protected wilderness area out in the desert, so it’s pretty calm and relaxing just sitting around, dipping in the pool, and looking at the views. not glamorous, but nice. and when we get back, we’ll have a new bathroom! and the kids will go back to school! and it will still be insufferably hot until at least october, but i’ll have my puffy blouses. and summer will end soon enough. and things will finally be back to “normal.” until they aren’t again!

rudy jude adult day blouse
re/done wide leg crop jeans
everlane day slide sandals
clare v. fannypack
velvet canyon ruby tuesday sunglasses


ginny & jude

my summer of puff sleeves is well underway, and my latest dress is by australian brand ginny & jude. i’ve been admiring their dresses from afar for years, so i was very pleasantly surprised when they reached out and asked if i’d be interested in being interviewed for their series, the women project. so if you’re interested in reading a few of my ramblings, definitely head over to check it out, and take a look at some of the other women they’ve featured, who are most certainly more interesting than i am! and don’t forget to take a look at the dresses! this particular style comes in a number of different colors and fabrics including a dreamy velvet number that would be so perfect for special occasions.

ginny & jude ‘mood indigo’ puff sleeve dress in sea foam ramie
maryam nassir zadeh sophie mules
clare v. petit alistair in cuoio


christy dawn x madewell

earlier this week, i had the pleasure of photographing and sharing one of the new dresses from the latest christy dawn x madewell collaboration. i am a huge fan of christy dawn because all of their garments are made in los angeles utilizing up-cycled deadstock fabrics, so seeing a more ethical, sustainable brand model getting this type of visibility is a great step in the right direction for the fashion industry. so i headed out to one of my favorite parks on the edge of town to snap some dreamy photos, and was actually really surprised by how comfortable i felt wearing it in 95 degree heat! i don’t tend to go for more lightweight, semi-sheer fabrics, but it just felt so good! i’m wearing the dawn midi dress in floral garden, but you can shop the entire collection here.

linen jumpsuits (and a $250 giveaway to nadinoo!)

shall we kick off the summer with a little giveaway? i think so. this week, i’m giving away a £200 (about $250 USD) shop credit to nadinoo on my instagram! if you’ve been around here for a long time, then you’ll know that i’ve been a die-hard nadinoo fan for years. she’s always been one of my favorite designers, and i feel so fortunate to have been able to wear her clothes for so many years running. and this season, i just couldn’t keep my eyes off this inky blue linen coverall. i have this sort of rule that anything in my wardrobe should be able to double as both workwear and loungewear. my days see me doing so many varied activities, from digging in the garden to chasing after two little kids to meetings over coffee or just sitting at my computer answering emails. you might even throw in a little furniture-building as i’ve been working on setting up my home-studio these days, too! i like to be able to wear clothes that move and breathe and that still look good if they get a little dirty, good enough to go out for coffee or to just crash on the sofa. and i think nadinoo really has that figured out. so without further adieu…

click here to enter the $250 giveaway! and get 10% off everything at nadinoo with code CALIVINTAGE through june 30!

nadinoo suteki coveralls in indigo linen
old basket backpack (this ollie ella soukie backpack is very similar)
zouxou eugenia flat in miel

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