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maryam nassir zadeh spring 2105


ok, after posting about the roberta heels last week, i realized that maryam nassir zadeh really deserves her own post. she launched her own womenswear line last year and while it is small, it really is on point. the color combinations, the styling, the attitude. everything about it is totally fresh and interesting. except for the hair… and those dirty, dirty nyc streets. but that’s not even a critique! these are the types of outfits i wish i could pull together, or even just pull off. i can’t even explain it, but i’m totally charmed by a little muscle tee layered under a cool sundress, and you already know how i feel about those shoes!

photos courtesy of maryam nassir zadeh.

Maryam_Nassir_Zadeh_002_1366 Maryam_Nassir_Zadeh_003_1366 Maryam_Nassir_Zadeh_004_1366 Maryam_Nassir_Zadeh_005_1366 Maryam_Nassir_Zadeh_006_1366 Maryam_Nassir_Zadeh_008_1366 Maryam_Nassir_Zadeh_009_1366 Maryam_Nassir_Zadeh_010_1366  Maryam_Nassir_Zadeh_013_1366 Maryam_Nassir_Zadeh_014_1366



adam’s apple

as much fun as i’ve had keeping a record of weekly adam photos, i think i’ve finally decided to move on from the rigid structure of it. especially now that the holidays are here and we’ve been documenting all of our activities with so much fervor! so from now on, i’ll just be posting without the constraints of a week-by-week numerical structure, and will just be sharing some of my favorite photos as we go along. i’ve never been good about following “the rules,” even when i set them for myself!

so here’s the latest photo of my little guy at 9 months. i can’t even keep track of how many weeks old he is anymore! on this particular day, we took a quick drive up to snow line orchard in oak glen to enjoy some fall weather and bundle up in sweaters. adam isn’t quite old enough to go apple picking, but he did get a kick out of his teeny tiny apple!

wearing: unisex bandit in hazel grey courtesy of petite soul, hello onesie courtesy of hello apparel, weathered brown handmade moccs courtesy of freshly picked.



want: roberta heels

i’ve been trying to keep a handle on my wishlist lately. but sometimes i can’t help but fall hard for something new. such is the case with maryam nassir zadeh. years ago, they had a pair of shoes that unfortunately got away from me (which still haunt me in my dreams). since then, i’ve always kept an eye on their beautiful inventory and carefree product styling. and wouldn’t you know, i’m stuck on their latest shoe collection. in particular, the sleek and minimal roberta heels, which come in a variety of colors from saffron to turquoise to chalky grey. if i could, i would swiftly snap them up in every color and wear them all fall.

photos courtesy of maryam nassir zadeh.



jane sews fall 2014

the new jane sews fall 2014 collection is out and i think i’m in love. in fact, i think i’ve found a solution to my new warmer clime: shopping designers in the southern hemisphere! actually, even though jane sews is based in south africa, her focus is really on timeless pieces that are suitable for all seasons. and she really has done just that with her latest collection. i can easily see myself wearing any one of these looks just as they are styled, or switching them out with a pair of ankle boots and a light jacket when the temperatures finally dip.

photos courtesy of jane sews.



mona fall 2014

as i slowly begin to pull out my fall wardrobe, i’ve been looking to some of my favorite designers for a few bit of inspiration. and the new mona fall 2014 collection, titled “lovers in lisbon” is right up my alley. in contrast to her sugary sweet spring collection, designer moriah hemed has taken a decidedly more mature turn this season with elegantly patterned prints and a cool blue palette. of the collection, she says:

during my honey moon in portugal back in 2010, i took special attention in the unique buildings of lisbon. they took my breath away, all covered with fascinating painted tiles, telling stories in many different colors. one image that didn’t leave my mind ever since is of a black yorkshire sitting at the edge of an amazing blue and white window on a gloomy day. so this collection is all about lovers in love holding hands, making plans and walking through colorful streets made of dreams.”

she still has plenty of dreamy signature frocks, but i’m also enjoying some of her more structured pieces as well. so much so, that i’m actually have a hard time picking a favorite from the bunch! you can shop the collection on her site now.

photography by ifat vercik, styling by anna karpunov, hair and make up by hen zarum, modeled by chen sherer at mc2



watch: advanced style

10_ADVANCED STYLE_Photo Credit to Ari Seth Cohen

the interesting thing about having a blog is that you really only get to see just the teensiest bit of my life and interests. one thing that i very rarely write about, but that is a big part of my life, is film. i have always devoured movies of many genres, from old hollywood films that i watched over and over as a child, to the french new wave and political documentaries that took over my life in my early twenties, to just about everything in between! for years, going to the movies has been a weekly affair for me. so of course, when i found out that ari seth cohen of the advanced style blog was filming a documentary, you know i was first in line to watch it. fashion in film? sign me up!

i was able to wrangle myself an advanced copy of the documentary, so i took it with me on a visit with my grandparents so we could all watch it together. only seems fitting, right? i don’t want to say too much because i don’t want to spoil it for you, but i can easily say that it was a delightfully charming slice of life. besides the incredible characters he followed, i was struck by how new york the film was. i mean, really, where else could you live such a fabulous and colorful life? it honestly made me want to book a flight and head out just to experience it on my own.

it’s currently showing in nyc, but will be continuing to roll out across the country throughout the month. or if you live out in the boonies like me, you can pre-order a digital copy from the advanced style documentary website or on itunes.



isabel wilson fall 2014

isabel wilson first caught my attention last season with a beautiful spring collection filled with fresh, bright colors and trippy water prints. with a background in textiles, it’s no wonder that she has a serious talent for design. and if last season was all about the prints, then her fall 2014 collection is all about texture. of the collection, she says she focused more on complex knitted structures and kept the color palate very simple. the result is a beautiful collection filled with luxurious wool coats, thick knits, textured prints, and the most adorable fringed crop top that i need in my life like right now. that paired with an easy color palette of black, grey, and navy and just the perfect hints of a bold, dark red, are really making me excited for when the temperatures finally drop!

photos courtesy of isabel wilson.



need supply highland punk

i’ve long been a fan of need supply, and i’m telling you, their lookbooks just get better and better! last month they put out their latest, titled “highland punk,” and it’s really got me in the mood for fall.

from o’keefe and her west to viv westwood and her brash old world, there’s something about a pioneering lady whose art is intimately connected to its place. this is harsh highlands and santa fe chic remixed via l.a. and london for a new street.

it’s been a long while since i’ve been attracted to plaid, but these mixed tartans are really doing it for me. especially in a pared down color palette with just the right punch of dark red mixed with moody neutrals. you can shop the entire lookbook right here.

photos courtesy of need supply.



adam: 33 weeks


i usually post my photos of adam over the weekend, but i was so busy the past couple of days that i wasn’t able to get to the computer! so here is a belated photo of my little dude at 33 weeks, decked out in autumnal hues in celebration of the season. it’s still too warm for all this layering, but we usually go out on early morning walks, so i take advantage of the opportunity to bundle him up before the chill burns off. that’s just what we do in california, we wear sweaters purely for the novelty of it!

he’s also sporting a silly little face courtesy of all those new teeth he’s been growing. he’s always chewing on his lip or making some other silly contortion as he gets used to his new chompers.

wearing: pact organic cotton trail stripe bodysuit and pants with matching trail stripe socks courtesy of pact, and a gap cardigan and knit beanie.