day space night

i’ve been following day space night for a few seasons now, and finally realized that i’d never shared them with you! i was initially drawn to them for their easy matching sets and fun color palettes. but it’s funny, as much as i love color, i always shy away from the bold prints that catch my eye. luckily for me, they’ve just released a collection of neutrals in oatmeal and black linen. the kinds of clothes that lay the foundation for a practical wardrobe without being boring. because as much as i love “the basics,” i need a little bit of style, too. and that’s exactly what you’ll find with these beautiful linen wares. i could easily see myself snapping up every single piece from this collection in both colors and wearing them again and again. the sam crop is such a perfect take on a classic men’s shirt. and was so bummed what i saw that the a-ok overalls were already sold out because i could easily see myself wearing them as part of my summer uniform. but thankfully, it looks like they’ve be restocking soon!

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you can tell i’ve been bracing myself for some seriously hot weather by how much i’ve been posting about linen lately. but can you really resist when collections like this exist to keep you looking fancy as hell even in the heat of the summer? i first came across stil while browsing through the offerings at one of my favorite shops, avenue boutique. the first thing that jumped out at me was the perfectly retro loren playsuit, which is what my summer vacation dreams are made of. but then of course, i wandered over to their site to learn more about the brand:

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town clothes spring 2018

i first learned about town clothes a few seasons ago, when my internet pal (and sometimes model) emily rose theobald, popped up in my instagram feed modeling one of their collections. she is an incredibly stylish woman, so i always stop to see what she’s wearing. and immediately i knew this brand would be one to watch. their latest spring 2018 collection is just so good! in addition lots of statement sleeves, which you know i’m all about these days, the color palette is filled with all of the perfect shades of cream and green in fun silhouettes using beautiful, natural materials like linen and cotton.

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rachael harrah

calivintage - rachael harrah

today i am so excited to introduce you to a brand new collection. rachael harrah has just launched her first round of perfect linen tops, and you are going to want one in every color! she’s introduced a classic long-sleeved linen blouse in addition to a breezy split neck short-sleeve, both in beautifully garment dyed shades of all natural linen. everything is produced in los angeles with a focus on functionality and durability. the type of clothing that you can wash and wear all day, every day. foundational pieces for your wardrobe to last a lifetime. i picked out the short sleeve in rust linen for myself, but i wouldn’t mind having on of everything!

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little tienda fall 2018

calivintage - little tienda fall 2018

it seems lately that i’ve been connecting with a lot of really amazing australian brands. one such brand is little tienda. i wrote about them a few weeks back in this post, wearing the martina blouse, which has become a stand-by this spring. but i can’t stop at just one piece! i’ve been thinking a lot about my spring/summer wardrobe, and i keep coming back to so many of my favorite pieces from this collection. currently on the top of my wishlist? the breezy cotton freya dress and the sweetest linen edith dress (i mean, c’mon? edith? it’s meant to be)! the color palette is divine, and the details are spot on. from the ruffled collars layered beneath easy jumpsuits to floaty gauze dresses, perfect for traipsing around on weekend adventures. i want it all!

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collections: ace & jig spring 2018

as is the thing with fashion, i’m already anticipating the new spring collections, some of which are already trickling into stores as early as january. one that is high on my wishlist already is ace & jig spring 2018. over the years, i have become more and more of a fan of their beautiful textiles and interesting designs. they really never disappoint, and always outdo themselves with each new season. i’ve probably said this before, but one of the things i really appreciate about ace & jig is that their textiles are so easy to wash and wear. you don’t even need an iron, you can just pull them from the dryer and put them right on. they have this really substantial weight to them and a depth of texture that makes them just so easy to wear again and again. and i always feel so pulled together when i throw on one of their dresses for the day– and i usually get the most compliments when i’m wearing ace & jig because they stand out from the crowd, but aren’t overly flashy or intimidating. it really is no wonder that they have such a cult following with people buying, selling, and trading their pieces.

the new spring collection is about to drop and i’m really really into the orange, tan, and mustard colors! although if i’m being honest, looking at the styling makes me feel like i could even pull-off some of the colors i normally avoid, like lavender or bright teal! i think one mark of a good designer is having the ability to convince the customer to try new things and to really get pulled into the whole world they’ve created. and that’s definitely what happens to me each time they come out with a new collection.

the new collection isn’t out just yet, but you can run and catch the fall sale if you head over now…

shop ace & jig

small business saturday deals

thought i’d share this as a resource if you’re looking to score some deals from your favorite independent boutiques and designers! although i suppose i should preface this by saying that my support goes to ethical businesses whether small or large, so you’ll have to forgive me for a a somewhat loose interpretation of “small business.” i guess i’m using it more as an umbrella term to capture not just small, but local, ethical, green, slow. my main goal is to consume less, to consume thoughtfully, reduce my carbon footprint, and support the businesses that do those things. this is by no means a definitive list, but rather, a collection of some of my favorites who are offering great deals that i’ll be shopping today, in addition to the local mom & pop shops where i do a lot of my gift shopping for the holidays.

i’ll also continue to update this list throughout the day. and feel free to include links in the comments if i’m missing anything!

garmentory – this is one of my favorite shopping destinations for independent boutiques and designers. everything you could want all rolled up into one convenient shopping experience. they’ll be having all of the usual sale items at up to 70% off, but if you’ve not yet signed up, then now’s the time to double-up and use my referral link to get $20 off your first purchase. that includes sale items! garmentory carries most of the items you’ll see listed below, so i highly recommend checking it out first!

lykke wullf – get 40% off with code lykkewullfholiday! i just got my first pair of overalls from this made in los angeles brand, and now i’m hooked. they serve up a really fun assortment of clothes that will add life to your wardrobe.

moorea seal – get 20% off everything! and in some cases, up to 70% off. no code needed. in addition to her namesake shop, moorea seal is the author of the best-selling book, the 52 lists project, which was featured on oprah and has become a go-to gifting item for me.

re/done – they’re currently having a huge sale with items discounted as much as 70% off! no code needed. and if you’ve never shopped there before, then now’s the time to double-up because you can use my referral code for 10% off your first order, including sale items! these are hands down my favorite jeans lately, and i love that they are sustainably made out of used levi’s.

lisa says gah – get 25% off with code VIP25! if you’re feeling bored with your wardrobe, then look no further. nothing dull about the selection at this san francisco-based, cult-favorite boutique.

mr. larkin – get 25% off with code TURKEY25! this is another favorite boutique. i literally just scroll through the inventory for styling inspiration because it is just so good. and they carry many of my favorite indie designers in addition to their own in-house line.

clare v. spend $300 and get a $50 gift card. no code necessary. the perfect deal because you can totally justify getting a new made-in-la handbag for yourself so that you can use that gift card on a gift for someone else!

good night, day – get 10% off with code SUSTAINABLEGOALS! if you’re looking for knits, then you’ve found your shop. everything in this canadian shop is handknit by designer tara-lynn morrison. if you’re interested in slow fashion, then this is the best place to start.

samantha pleet – take an extra 30% off sale and fall 2017 collection items with code saleaway! she also just released her resort 2018 collection. it’s not on sale, but it’s so good!

han starnes – get 20% off everything! no code needed. definitely the right time to snag the perfect sweater from this nashville-based brand.

pretty penny vintage – get 30% off in store and online with code loveyou. this is forever my favorite vintage shop based in oakland, ca. thankfully, they have an online shop and you can always call to order things you caught a glimpse of on their instagram feed.

fair season vintage – get 30% off with code THANKS30! this online vintage shop has the best selection of vintage denim, coveralls, and basics. and they just did a really beautiful collar necklace collaboration with lucy michel, so now’s the time to get one!

glossier – get 20% off plus free shipping! if you’ve been curious about this cult-favorite, then now’s the time to try some new products! i’m a huge fan of their boy brow, cloud paint, and generation g. they use really good ingredients and never test on animals.

herbivore botanicals – get 20% off plus a free mini brighten pineapple + gemstone instant glow mask with code GLOW2017! this shop has been a go-to for gift items for years. their bath soaks are the perfect luxurious gift for anyone who could use a little tlc.

storq – get 20% off with code GIVETHANKS! and they’re donating 20% of all proceeds to the homeless prenatal program. i lived in these clothes during and after my pregnancy. they’re thoughtfully designed and ethically produced with really wonderful fabrics.

misha & puff – get 20% off with code THANKS17! definitely my favorite knits for kids. and now that i think of it, they just came out with a women’s collection, so now’s the time to snag something because their prices aren’t cheap!

soor ploom 30% off current collection and 15% off essentials and collaborations. no code necessary! their simple smocks and rompers are the perfect compliment to your misha & puff knits.

bitte shop – get 20% off with code BLACKFRIDAY2017! they have such an amazing selection of toys, clothes, and books. and if you were ever curious, it’s where a lot of the edie and adam’s toys are from.

maisonette – this online shop is like garmentory for kids clothes and toys. they’re currently offering up to 30% off, and if this is your first time shopping, you can double-up and use my referral link for $25 off your first purchase! simply follow the link to create an account and claim your reward.

noble carriage – 10% off everything with code THANKS10 and 20% off orders over $100 with code THANKS20. another one of my favorite shops for kids. great gift options and organic clothes for babies!

merci milo – get 15% off with code Supportsmallbiz! this is one of my new favorite toy shops. they’re based out of highland park in los angeles and their shop is filled to the brim with adorable toys.

camomile london – get 20%, 30%, and 50% off select items! no code necessary. this is where all of the kids bedding comes from. and they make the cutest little pillows, too!

collections: good night, day fall 2017

i know, i know. i live in southern california where it hardly gets cold. my friends living in colder climes are always quick to point out that i am a total cold weather novice. but two things: 1. contrary to popular belief, it does get pretty cold out here. it doesn’t snow, but we’re out on the very edge of the desert, so we end up with pretty extreme temperature drops in the evenings, often dipping below freezing, and 2. despite that, i admit that it really is warm and sunny most of the year, which is why i am all the more obsessed with those rare occasions when i can wrap myself in a cozy sweater. but the truth is, i’m usually not prepared with nearly enough sweaters. so this year, i decided it was high time i started building a better cold weather wardrobe. and this season, one of the first places i looked was the canadian-based knitwear line good night, day.

i’ve followed designer tara-lynn morrison since i first started blogging, and have enjoyed watching her work evolve over time. in many ways, i feel like my aesthetic has grown and changed right along side hers. and i’ve only grown to appreciate her ethical stance in the business even more and more as the years pass by. all of her yarns are ethically sourced, and every single piece she sells is made by her, by hand. her goal is to create classic pieces that will last a lifetime so that you can reduce the amount you buy and contribute to a more sustainable, consciously political, slow fashion movement.

shop good night, day.

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collections: jesse kamm fall 2017

calivintage - jesse kamm fall 2017

i’m sure by now, you’re familiar with the iconic kamm pants. i will admit, i may own several pairs in different colors. but what you may not know, is that jesse kamm has come out with a really amazing collection for fall 2017 that has lots more than just good trousers. she’s of course, come out with a really lovely new colorway for the pants, but i’m also just generally into the styling and the wrap style seen in an easy top, a kimono jumpsuit, and a chic midi dress.

i love the brand because her pants are made of the sturdiest cotton canvas, constructed right here in california and garment dyed in the most beautiful colors. i’ve really shifted focus onto ethical fashion, with clothes being made with eco-conscious materials and with ethical standards in regards to labor. bonus points for being nearby, so that they don’t have to travel halfway across the planet just to get here.

you can shop jesse kamm here.

her clothes are also available from various retailers on garmentory. if you haven’t already signed up, you can get $20 off your first purchase using my referral code, if you’re interested!

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collections: ilana kohn fall 2017

calivintage - ilana kohn fall 2017

the new ilana kohn fall 2017 collection is out! i’ve long been a fan of her work, but for some reason, didn’t actually own anything by the brand until the past year. i picked up a pair of her now iconic boyd pants and i now have to try to stop myself from wearing them for days in a row. they are so comfy and i get compliments on them all the time, which is of course, an added perk. i just love her aesthetic, everything is simple and wearable, but she isn’t afraid to try new and interesting silhouettes. each piece makes a statement on it’s own, but is versatile enough to wear a million different ways. i love the fall color palette, and i’m really into the marion shirt and the phoebe shirt! i just know they’ll go with everything.

you can shop the ilana kohn fall 2017 collection here.

or if you haven’t yet signed up, her collection is also available at garmentory. and you can get $20 off your first purchase using this link.

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