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lauren winter spring 2015


the new lauren winter spring 2015 collection is out, and i want it all! i’ve followed lauren winter since her blogging days many years ago, so i really don’t know how i hadn’t written about her excellent designs until now. she really has a wonderful talent, and has been releasing beautiful handmade collections for quite a few seasons now. and i have to say, this latest is my favorite yet! i was first drawn in by the cool, handprinted shapes top and shorts, and immediately started counting my pennies. then, of course, i laid my eyes on the easy hourglass caftan. but of course she had to go and make the perfect jumpsuit ever. so basically, i’ll be emptying out my rainy day fund so i can walk around all summer in this dreamy collection. am i laying it on too thick? i can’t help myself! i am so ready for hot weather and cool linen clothes. you can shop the collection now.

photography: lydia bittner-baird
model: megan scott

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need supply co. spring 2015


the new need supply spring 2015 lookbook has got me dreaming of a complete wardrobe overhaul. for spring, they took “a crisp, clean, and natural approach to dressing for the new season. with a focus on balancing volume and shape, each piece is allowed to stand on its own. the look is brought alive by the wearer, rather than defining them.” i love the classic styles and interesting silhouettes punctuated by statement jewelry. and i have been lusting after that current/elliot quilted denim coat since last year. i thought it had gotten away from me, but seeing it pop up this spring is making me think that perhaps it’s meant to be! you can shop the entire collection here.

photo credit: need supply








heinui spring 2015

the new heinui spring 2015 look book is out, and i’m falling all over myself over here. last season, i was lucky enough to get my hands on one of her wrap dresses, and it quickly became a favorite. i was so impressed by the quality and workmanship, and the fit was just perfect. it is not every day that you find such a combination, so you’d better believe that i took note!

this season, i’m especially loving the whimsical blue prints and playful tropical motif! a perfect resort feel, but in practical and elegant designs that can be worn day to day. i think my favorite piece is that stunning kimono-style wrap dress up top with the all over water babe print. i want to wear it right now with a straw hat and sandals!

photo credit: heinui



ymc spring 2015


oh man, i am having a bit of a love affair with the new ymc spring 2015 collection. it’s simple and sophisticated with nautical vibes, some dressier pieces mixed in with comfy loungewear. it’s the kind of wearable clothes that are realistic in just about any wardrobe. the types of pieces you wear to death. and i certainly wouldn’t expect anything less from this super cool british brand.

photo credit: ymc


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atelier delphine spring 2015

i came across the new atelier delphine spring 2015 collection the other day while browsing the olive austin instagram account. shop owner laura ullrich has the most impeccable taste, so of course she has introduced me to yet another awesome designer. the brand has been around since 2011 after designer yuka izutsu decided to create romantic loungewear for the modern woman. her latest collection is right down my alley with lots of cool gingham pieces and some really standout marbled prints mixed with denim and chambray for a very relaxed yet sophisticated vibe. all of the fabrics are imported from japan with each piece constructed in the usa with a focus on meticulous workmanship. now to figure out which piece is my favorite!

photo credit: atelier delphine



young frankk spring 2015

the new young frankk spring 2015 lookbook is out, and it’s better than ever! christine young is easily one of my favorite jewelry designers, offering unique designs that make a statement while still easily incorporating into an everyday wardrobe. all of her jewelery is created by hand in her richmond, va. studio, and her latest collection of minimalist designs hits all the right notes.

everything will be available for purchase in her shop next week, or you can head over now to snag a deal on some of her past season collections!

photography: alejandro poveda
styling: mia flanagan
model: modelogic [mid-atlantic]
select clothing provided by: need supply co.



bon george spring 2015

you may remember last season, i wrote about the new la-based brand, bon george. well, they’ve just released their second collection and, dare i say, it’s even better than the first! besides the cool, mimimal designs, what really stands out about this brand is that all of the clothes are created with sustainability in mind. bon george believes in fair wages and ethical sourcing, and each piece is designed, sourced, and assembled in los angeles using salvaged vintage textiles and trims. that’s a pretty big deal in this world of fast fashion that we live in! that combined with thoughtful design and a focus on timeless classics means that you will be able to continue wearing each piece season after season. all of their designs are limited edition, so you better head over to pre-order your favorite styles before they’re gone forever!

get free shipping at bon george on all pre-orders using code ‘calivintage’ now through monday, february 9!



royal caballito spring 2015

it’s still taking me a bit of time to get back into the swing of things after two very busy months, but now that we’ve come out the other end, i’m pretty excited about all of the fun new collections we have to look forward to this spring! the new royal caballito spring 2015 collection is the perfect breath of fresh air, and exactly the type of thing that i would love to be wearing right now. designer diana saldaña has created a beautiful collection of fun and playful patterned knits with plenty of cozy, oversized scarves, easy sweater dresses, and the cutest little matching sets! they’re bright and cheerful without being overly saccharine, and they make a statement without being overpowering.

photos courtesy of royal caballito.



need supply co. pre-spring 2015


i’m gonna tell you right now, i’m not anywhere near being ready for spring. just looking at these photos is making me feel pretty anxious about all of the fall clothes hanging in my wardrobe that i have yet to wear. i have to be patient because we’re not even through the coldest months yet, but i can already tell the spring lookbooks are gonna be tempting me. case in point: the need supply co. pre-spring  2015 lookbook has got be feeling all sorts of feelings. clean white against that perfect shade of indigo blue that i can’t get enough of, the splashes of cool peachy nudes, and the simple styling. doesn’t it just make all of your fall clothes feel so blah?

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mayflower supply co. fall 2014


she’s done it again! liz hull, of brooklyn-based vintage shop mayflower supply co. has just released her fall/winter 2014 collection, and it’s perfect. her inspiration?

“woody allen’s leading ladies in the 70′s like meryl streep in kramer vs kramer with effortless and oh-so-perfect long breezy hair and rosy cheeks, and diane keaton in annie hall wearing loose, oversized layers strolling around manhattan.”

the team? none other than my favorite new york leading ladies including annie strole doing makeup, photographer hannah metz, and modeling/styling by emily theobald of golly magazine. and in addition to the selection of vintage goods you see here, they’ve also introduced a selection of hand knit hats by none other than good night, day. it really doesn’t get much better than this, folks. so head on over to the shop before all of this glorious vintage sells out!