good night, day fall 2017

i know, i know. i live in southern california where it hardly gets cold. my friends living in colder climes are always quick to point out that i am a total cold weather novice. but two things: 1. contrary to popular belief, it does get pretty cold out here. it doesn’t snow, but we’re out on the very edge of the desert, so we end up with pretty extreme temperature drops in the evenings, often dipping below freezing, and 2. despite that, i admit that it really is warm and sunny most of the year, which is why i am all the more obsessed with those rare occasions when i can wrap myself in a cozy sweater. but the truth is, i’m usually not prepared with nearly enough sweaters. so this year, i decided it was high time i started building a better cold weather wardrobe. and this season, one of the first places i looked was the canadian-based knitwear line good night, day.

i’ve followed designer tara-lynn morrison since i first started blogging, and have enjoyed watching her work evolve over time. in many ways, i feel like my aesthetic has grown and changed right along side hers. and i’ve only grown to appreciate her ethical stance in the business even more and more as the years pass by. all of her yarns are ethically sourced, and every single piece she sells is made by her, by hand. her goal is to create classic pieces that will last a lifetime so that you can reduce the amount you buy and contribute to a more sustainable, consciously political, slow fashion movement.

shop good night, day.

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jesse kamm fall 2017

calivintage - jesse kamm fall 2017

i’m sure by now, you’re familiar with the iconic kamm pants. i will admit, i may own several pairs in different colors. but what you may not know, is that jesse kamm has come out with a really amazing collection for fall 2017 that has lots more than just good trousers. she’s of course, come out with a really lovely new colorway for the pants, but i’m also just generally into the styling and the wrap style seen in an easy top, a kimono jumpsuit, and a chic midi dress.

i love the brand because her pants are made of the sturdiest cotton canvas, constructed right here in california and garment dyed in the most beautiful colors. i’ve really shifted focus onto ethical fashion, with clothes being made with eco-conscious materials and with ethical standards in regards to labor. bonus points for being nearby, so that they don’t have to travel halfway across the planet just to get here.

you can shop jesse kamm here.

her clothes are also available from various retailers on garmentory. if you haven’t already signed up, you can get $20 off your first purchase using my referral code, if you’re interested!

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ilana kohn fall 2017

calivintage - ilana kohn fall 2017

the new ilana kohn fall 2017 collection is out! i’ve long been a fan of her work, but for some reason, didn’t actually own anything by the brand until the past year. i picked up a pair of her now iconic boyd pants and i now have to try to stop myself from wearing them for days in a row. they are so comfy and i get compliments on them all the time, which is of course, an added perk. i just love her aesthetic, everything is simple and wearable, but she isn’t afraid to try new and interesting silhouettes. each piece makes a statement on it’s own, but is versatile enough to wear a million different ways. i love the fall color palette, and i’m really into the marion shirt and the phoebe shirt! i just know they’ll go with everything.

you can shop the ilana kohn fall 2017 collection here.

or if you haven’t yet signed up, her collection is also available at garmentory. and you can get $20 off your first purchase using this link.

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han starnes fall 2017

calivintage - han starnes fall 2017

it’s definitely that time of year when all of the fall collections are dropping and i’m having a hard time keeping up with all of my favorites! the new han starnes fall 2017 is, of course, amazing. it’s a small yet elegant collection of beautiful knitwear complimented by easy denim pants. these types of clothes really speak to me because not only are the styles perfectly timeless, but everything looks insanely comfortable to wear. i know that if i got even one sweater from this collection that i would have a hard time wearing anything else. you can just toss these on with messy hair and a pair of jeans, a swipe of lipstick and you’d feel perfectly cool and put together wherever you went. that’s what a good textile (and good design) will do for you!

you can shop han starnes here.

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ace & jig fall 2017

calivintage - ace & jig fall 2017

i haven’t been posting collections (or really much of anything) like i used to. but i’ve been having a lot of fun looking at all of the fall collections as they come out, and ace & jig fall 2017 just caught my eye. so perhaps it’s back to sharing some of my favorites like i used to?

i’ve been a fan of ace & jig for quite a while and have always admired their styling, even when the clothes weren’t exactly my style. but this season, i’m definitely into the slightly ’80s inspired ruffles and puff sleeves. i’m actually pretty excited about fashion lately because some of the details that i’ve always loved seem to be having a moment. these are the types of details that you might find on vintage prairie dresses or ’80s muumuus, but in decidedly cooler prints and shapes than you’d ever find at the thrift store. and yes, if you are confused, that is a compliment! i love it all! the hardest part is picking a favorite.

the fall pieces are trickling into their online store and in various boutiques. you can shop ace & jig here. or if you haven’t signed up for garmentory yet, you can get $20 off your first order by following this link. they carry ace & jig along with many of my favorite independent designers. and who doesn’t love a little discount?

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summer denim

calivintage - mr. larkin summer denim

though i may not always share the photos on my blog, i have always been obsessed with finding the perfect pair of jeans. for years, i was a j brand devotee. then i had two kids and kinda gave up on denim because my size was fluctuating so much. but now that things are leveling off again, i’ve started searching high and low for the best vintage and vintage-inspired jeans. most days, all i want to wear is a white blouse of some sort with the perfect pair of jeans. i should really post those photos somewhere as proof, but instead, i’m going to share this editorial by mr. larkin that sums it up better than i ever could. i love everything that they do!

i recently purchased my first couple pairs of re/done levis after having coveted them for years. i was really anxious about it because of the price tag, but the fit really is as good as the claims. so far, i have a pair of the ultra high rise and the high rise crop flare, which i promise i will photograph and share more about soon!

and i’ve been a fan of the classic jesse kamm sailor pants for quite a while, so i was really excited when she came out with a pair in 12.5 oz. american denim. i just ordered a pair and can’t wait for them to get here!

also wouldn’t mind trying out b sides, which are featured in this editorial, along with all of the other jeans in the photographs. they’re another brand doing reconstructed vintage jeans and they have a really cute wide leg style i’ve got my eye on!

of course, vintage levis (and wranglers and lee jeans) are also a great and inexpensive option, but i really love a super high rise, so it’s been harder for me to find a pair that fits just the way i want. i’m toying with the idea of getting my tailor to make some alterations to a pair of vintage jeans… we’ll have to see.

calivintage - mr. larkin summer denim
calivintage - mr. larkin summer denim
calivintage - mr. larkin summer denim
calivintage - mr. larkin summer denim
calivintage - mr. larkin summer denim
calivintage - mr. larkin summer denim
calivintage - mr. larkin summer denim
calivintage - mr. larkin summer denim

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nanushka spring 2017

calivintage - nanushka spring 2017

i know we’re kind of getting midseason over here, but with summer vacation upon us, i’m just getting started! the spring 2017 collection by nanushka has been popping up in my pinterest feed lately, and i love it so much! the brand had never really been on my radar before, but it was started in 2005 by designer sandra sandor and has grown to over 30 countries worldwide. so it’s about time that they caught my attention! all of the collections are designed in budapest and produced in europe.

the latest collection really caught my eye because it has this very fun, touristy vibe to it. it’s playful, yet still sophisticated with lots of interesting and offbeat elements. it’s the type of wardrobe i wish i could pack for my imaginary summer getaway. probably my favorite piece is the woven dana dress above, and i’m also really enjoying the straw hats and wicker handbags for that fun and carefree vibe.

shop nanushka here

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lykke wullf spring 2017

calivintage - lykke wullf spring 2017

it’s funny, just last week i was talking about how i try not to pay too much attention to trends, but the flipside is that sometimes i feel like my style can be so very reserved. which is why i’m finding myself so drawn to these fun looks from the lykke wullf spring 2017 collection. i’ve been an admirer of the brand for the past several seasons, but just barely placed my first order. i decided to take a risk and go a little bit out of my comfort zone with these linen ruffle pants! because sometimes you need to have a little fun with things, and that’s exactly what la-based designer jemma swatek serves up.

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lotfi spring 2017

calivintage - lotfi spring 2017

i’m on the hunt for a new handbag, so i thought i’d share one of my recent new favorites: lotfi. founded in san francisco in 2011, the brand was born from designer sharareh lotfi’s desire for a minimal, unfussy carry-all that was practical without being too boring. which is exactly what i’m looking for in a bag! i just love the casual vibe of the clean cotton canvas and corduroy textiles. and while you can never go wrong with something like the sierra bag in cocoa, you can also have a bit of fun with the bright lime green coro bag if you prefer to make a statement.

you can shop lofti directly. or find them at garmentory where you can get $20 off your first purchase using my referral link!

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