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first rite spring 2014


first rite launched it’s inaugural collection just a couple of years ago (i was particularly smitten with the fall 2012 look book), but i’m not sure why i hadn’t shared her work until now! i learned about designer nikki garcia’s work through mutual acquaintances some years back, and i’ve been quietly following her ever since. i always get excited about new designers, and really enjoy waiting for each new collection. her latest round of indigo dyed linen for spring 2014 has really got me itching to finally add one of her pieces to my wardrobe!

i love that even though it’s a spring collection, everything can easily transition from spring to fall, which probably has to do with the fact that all of the clothes are designed and sewn in san francisco. the city with no seasons and every season all at once.

photos courtesy of first rite.

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FRWeb3-023 copyFirstRiteWeb-152 copy

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young frankk fall 2014


even though i’m still clinging to the summer, the fall collections from some of my favorite designers are starting to pour in. i was trying to wait until august, but i just couldn’t resist sharing the new young frankk fall 2014 collection. designer christine young launched the jewelry line in 2012 out of richmond, virginia and i have been watching her ever since. all of the pieces are hand made by the designer herself so that each piece is truly one-of-a-kind.

photography and styling by christine young, modeled by gabriella cetrulo.

 aw14_7 aw14_9 aw14_11  IMG_0142_lo IMG_0184_lo IMG_0292_lo  IMG_0353_lo IMG_0782_lo



lifetime collective spring 2014

lifetime collective is a brand that’s actually been on my radar for a number of years, but as i was browsing through their spring 2014 collection, i realized that i’d never written about them on my blog. i was especially drawn to this season because of a particular jumpsuit that i’ve been lusting after for months, but then quickly became enamored with their cool cotton shirts in pale pastels and geometric patterns. now that the summer heat is on, i want nothing more than to be outfitted in their easy dresses and separates.

images courtesy of lifetime collective.



clare v. x steven alan

earlier this summer, clare v. and steven alan teamed up for a cool photoshoot featuring some of the designer’s offerings available at steven alan stores. i don’t know much about the shoot, but i can tell by looking at the photos that it was shot in and around the clare viver boutique in silverlake. after years of coveting her classic messenger tote, i finally got one a few months back. and ever since, i’ve found myself lusting after so many of her minimalist designs. that and i now want to copy that exact look above. so much good.

photos courtesy of clare v. and steven alan.

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isabel wilson spring 2014

i’m telling you, i’m really excited about so many new (and new to me) designers that i’ve been learning about lately. such is the case with designer isabel wilson, who just launched her inaugural spring 2014 collection. i was drawn in by the beautiful water prints on this amazing pair of now sold out shorts. she’s designed textiles for clients like anthro, calvin klein, marc jacobs and the like for a number of years, so it’s no surprise that the prints in her own collection are totally on point. of the collection, she says:

i was inspired by the trippy imagery one can find when looking at water, and the reflections that occur on its surface. i have been designing textiles for years for other designers but always wanted to start something of my own. i decided that i wanted to create some comfortable clothing with a focus on unique textile design for myself and my friends to wear around town!

and i’m certainly glad that she did. i’m still wishing i could get my hands on those shorts, but fortunately for me, she has an entire collection full of equally awesome pieces. and of course, she’s on my list of new designers to watch in the coming seasons.

images courtesy of isabel wilson.



objects without meaning spring 2014

i’ve been meaning to share the objects without meaning spring 2014 collection for quite a while, but since i’m still getting settled in the new place, i haven’t had nearly as much time to pull together blog posts as i would like. it’s a shame because i’ve been coming across so many cool new brands that i’d never heard about before, and it’s been getting me really excited about fashion lately. case in point: this super cool collection summer collection with major touristy vibes by los angeles-based team alexandra michelle and andrew hogge.

the brand was conceived in 2011, but this is the first season that i’ve heard of them. they recently released an exclusive collab over at need supply, which may be how they ended up on my radar. i love their minimalist designs and cool summery leaf print, and of course i could only dream of being able to pull off the styling. though i’d be happy to settle with one of those gauzy pieces neatly incorporated into my summer wardrobe.

photos courtesy of objects without meaning.



datter industries 2014

a couple of years back, before i got the watchful eye ring by datter industries, i don’t think i’d ever consistently worn a piece of jewelry. it was like my gateway drug into finally wearing jewelry. it went with everything, and just made me feel cool. soon after, i started stacking rings, and i even dabbled in bracelets and the occasional necklace. i think what i like the best about kaye blegvad’s designs is that they make a statement, but are still subtle enough to wear daily. and of course, i love the fact that they’re all handmade by the designer herself, who travels between studios in london and brooklyn. so of course, i was beyond delighted to see that she just released a new 2014 lookbook filled with pretty new pieces all expertly arranged.

photos courtesy of datter industries.



shop my vintage collection!

as you know, just last week i made another major move from los angeles to redlands. nothing like packing up all of your belongings and loading them onto a giant truck to make you reevaluate your hoarding habits… so i started the process of sorting through my racks and boxes filled with vintage goodies in an attempt to lighten the load before the move. unfortunately, despite my best efforts, i didn’t quite get it together in time. but i did manage to enlist the help of toni of fair season to help model some of my most prized vintage dresses before i left. so now that the dust is settling in my new place, i can finally open up my shop again!

and i’m not gonna lie, seeing them all neatly arranged in the shop makes me a little sad to see them go. but they were well-loved and cared for and now it’s finally time for me to ship them off to new homes. i had fun collecting them and wearing them over the years, and i’m sure someone else will enjoy them just as much.

shop calivintage!


dear creatures summer love sample sale

one of the nice things about living in los angeles is that there seems to be an abundance of samples sales out here. one such event that i’m pretty excited about is the summer love sample sale featuring goods from dear creatures, zooey magazine, the loved one, and seychelles & bc footwear at up to 80% off. be there or be square!

saturday, june 28th, 11am – 6pm at 3650 eagle rock blvd., los angeles, ca 90065.



front row shop

i know i’m probably the last person on earth to have heard of them, but ever since i discovered online retailer frontrowshop, i’ve been having a bit of a love affair. i keep browsing through the new arrivals and scrolling through the archives, tempting myself with all of their cool clothes. my internal monologue turns into the voice of doge as i find myself thinking, “wow. so fashion.” and then add everything to my favorites list.

these are few of my current favorite items (i have the denim dress below and this pair of white wide leg jeans; and that dusty pink trench below is in two parts so you can wear it as a cropped jacket!!!), but my picks aren’t really representative of the entire scope of their selection. they have a lot more statement pieces and on-trend styles, i’m just a sucker for minimalist looks these days.