founded in 2008, calivintage is a mix of personal style, interior decor, food, and lifestyle content. erin perez hagstrom is a working mother of two living in southern california. she is currently documenting the restoration and renovation of her 1920s home and studio with a bright mix of mid century modern and bohemian design, while also creating a montessori learning environment for her two small children. her personal style is a mix of classic and minimalist designs with a focus on promoting socially and environmentally responsible practices. in addition to her experience working as a digital media and content specialist in the fashion industry, her blog has partnered with brands such as Martha Stewart, Clinique, HP, Munchkin, Zappos, Bugaboo, Bare Minerals, Topshop, Gap, DvF, and Target. She’s also been featured in Huffington Post Style, Glamour, Refinery29, Marie Claire, and Lucky.

for general inquiries or for sponsorship information, feel free to email erin@calivintage.com.

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where are you from and where do you currently reside?

i was born and raised in southern california.  i moved to the bay area at the age of 18 and lived in san francisco and oakland for about thirteen years before recently relocating back to my hometown of redlands where i’m currently living in a charming vintage home. i’m very proud of my heritage as a mexican american, and you can see some of the posts i’ve written about my family here.

what kind of camera do you use?  who takes your pictures?

i use a canon 5d mark ii with a 50mm f1.4 lens. (as a note: the 5d is a full frame camera, so if you are looking for a comparable lens but don’t have a full frame camera then i would suggest you get a 35mm lens to achieve a similar effect.) i shoot all of the coverage seen on the blog including street style photography and fashion week coverage. when you see a photo of me, it’s usually snapped by various family members who i lure into helping me!

where do you get your hair cut?

i get my hair cut by shannon dean at refuge salon in echo park. my hair is not colored or treated and it’s thick and straight.

what are your tattoos? do you have better photos of them?

i have a tattoo of a bear hugging the state of california on my left calf and i have a series of illustrations across the back of both of my arms. i wrote a post about them years and years ago, which you can see here.

what is your height/weight/measurements?

this might seem like a weird question to be answering, but i know how helpful it can be if you are wondering how certain items of clothing might fit you. i know i always appreciate being able to see how clothes look on other girls with a similar build, so here it is: i’m 5’5” and generally wear a size 6 dress, size 4 pants, size 32dddd bra, and size 8 shoes. feel free to email me about sizing on any of the items i wear.

can you explain the sponsorship situation on your blog?

you’ll notice that along the right sidebar of my blog, i have a handful of banner advertisements that have been paid for by sponsors of my blog. i began accepting sponsorships as a way to offset some of the costs of maintaining this blog, and as a girl who loves fashion, it’s opened-up very exciting opportunities to partner with brands that i’ve long admired. through these relationships, i’ve been able to break into the fashion industry which has been a dream come true. freebies are nice perk, and paid advertising certainly helps pay the bills, but that’s never been the guiding force behind this blog.

i see that some of your clothes are “courtesy of.” does this mean you were paid to wear them, and if so, do you feel that this compromises the integrity of your blog?

due to ftc regulations, bloggers are required to disclose when they are given items as payment for blog posts. while i don’t accept articles of clothing as payment for posts, some of the items i wear have been gifted by sponsors or brands, and i make it a point to be completely transparent when this is the case. i do my best to maintain integrity by only wearing items of clothing that i truly love, and always pick every item i wear, even if it was gifted.

i have a business and would like to be a sponsor.

you can read all of the details about sponsorship and send me an email at erin@calivintage.com.

i want to use some of the content on your blog or feature you on my blog/site.

thank you! please note that all of the content on this blog is my own intellectual property unless otherwise stated. i simply ask that if you share any of my content or photos, please provide proper credit including a hyperlink back to my site. and please do not use my photos for marketing purposes without express written consent.  if you’d like to arrange for an interview, you can contact me at erin@calivintage.com.