for the birds

vintage jersey dress with vines and birds
no name wood platform sandals

i really need to invest in a tripod…

i tried to catch my boyfriend on his lunch break to take pictures of my dress, but he could only snap a few before he left. we went to the back of the building where a vine was growing against a wall. the lighting was perfect and everything, but when i loaded the pictures onto the computer, i noticed that there were two big plastic trash cans in the frame that i couldn’t crop out. oops. i really need to stop relying on him during the week for this kind of stuff.

so it’s back inside again with the camera propped on top of a book propped on top of the couch. and the lighting is bad. but i was determined to do an outfit post today because i’ve never shown you this dress. a few years back, i became obsessed with these little 80’s jersey dresses. a lot of them are done in that “80’s does 50’s” style and they’re suuuper comfortable. but then one day i realized that jersey isn’t exactly the most forgiving of fabrics. it sorta clings to the body in a most unforgiving way. so i sold most of them, and kept only two. i just love the green vines with two little sparrows perched on each shoulder.

ok, and now i really need to get to sewing. i’m replacing modern buttons on a modern skirt with some vintage buttons and i have tons of dresses and skirts to hem! not to mention, i still haven’t figured out what to do with all of these feedsacks i have. my mom gave me a bunch of them a while back and i want to try sewing them into skirts and blouses. i need some of those vintage one-yard patterns!


so we celebrated memorial day yesterday in the good ol’ u.s. of a. as i’ve mentioned before, my little bro is visiting from southern california, so me and my beau decided to treat him to a little barbeque in tilden park! we made hamburgers seasoned with cumin and green onions and other delicious things and we packed up a cooler with pbr for our picnicing excursion. it was a lovely day, which was a very nice surpise after the freezing cold weekend! oh, schizophrenic bay area weather!
me in a vintage floral print jersey dress and vintage red bass loafers.


me and the beau, sweatin over the grill.
cheeseburgers. yum!


my little brother in his dr. pepper ringer shirt and vintage 501s.
my brother (devin) found a polaroid camera at an estate sale over the weekend, but it has a strange habit of spitting out the last 4 pictures of the reel. not cool considering that polaroid film runs about $1 per photo. sigh. but we got a few good shots with it, because my camera battery was dead! also, other news, i want a kitty! devin convinced me to take him to the animal shelters in the area, and while i can’t possibly accomodate a dog (but oh! i want one), i can manage a kitten. i want a teeny tiny black cat. though i’m not sure what my landlord will think of that.

photo credits: all photos taken by devin, except the last one. i took that one.