the usual

it’s summer, it’s hot. i’ve been wearing lots of giant puffy sleeves. and mostly staying indoors. we’re getting ready to move out of our house again because we’re getting our one and only bathroom renovated in a couple of weeks! we’ll be packing up and moving in with my mom, which is not quite a vacation, but not too bad. she lives on the edge of a protected wilderness area out in the desert, so it’s pretty calm and relaxing just sitting around, dipping in the pool, and looking at the views. not glamorous, but nice. and when we get back, we’ll have a new bathroom! and the kids will go back to school! and it will still be insufferably hot until at least october, but i’ll have my puffy blouses. and summer will end soon enough. and things will finally be back to “normal.” until they aren’t again!

rudy jude adult day blouse
re/done wide leg crop jeans
everlane day slide sandals
clare v. fannypack
velvet canyon ruby tuesday sunglasses


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