outfit: calivintage + ralph lauren, day one

calivintage + ralph lauren, day one

today i’m excited to share a fun little series that i’ve been working on with ralph lauren denim & supply. you wouldn’t believe my excitement when they asked me if i’d be interested in styling three looks from their new collection! pretty exciting stuff! they had so much stuff to choose from, that it was actually a challenge to narrow it down to only three looks! for my first outfit, i opted to go for a very nautical look built around this pretty much perfect sailor stripe shirt. over the years, i’ve picked up a number of different striped shirts, but i’ve had a hard time finding one that fits exactly the way i want. it’s funny how such a simple item can be so difficult to find, but when i got this shirt in the mail, it was love at first sight. if you are still on the hunt for one like this, i highly recommend it.

anyway, there are a few more photos than usual because the weather was just so nice out and we were having a bit too much fun playing with the light as the sun set behind the oakland high rises near lake merritt. i love this spot because it’s such an interesting contrast between the urban setting to the west and such a lovely natural estuary to the east with pretty migratory birds floating around in the evening sky.

top: ralph lauren denim & supply striped jersey boatneck in cream/fresh water
pants: ralph lauren denim & supply boyfriend chino pant in luxury tan
jacket: ralph lauren denim & supply fleece velvet-trim tux jacket
bag: rebecca minkoff covet satchel
shoes: rosegold danielle heel
lipstick: ysl rouge pur in le rouge

calivintage + ralph lauren, day one
calivintage + ralph lauren, day one
calivintage + ralph lauren, day one

calivintage + ralph lauren, day one
calivintage + ralph lauren, day one
calivintage + ralph lauren, day one
calivintage + ralph lauren, day one
calivintage + ralph lauren, day one


  1. Things are getting pretttttttttty corporate over here. I love your blog but I hate that you shove so many products down our throats :/

    1. oof! i’m super disappointed to hear that! but still, i’m really glad you let me know how you feel. this blog is my baby and i spend countless hours thinking about ways to represent a wide diversity of clothing and designers. it’s a balancing act between etsy shops, big brands, local bike shops, and indie designers. i know that i won’t always get it 100% right, but i do try really hard to stay true to myself.

      anyway, i was over the moon when ralph lauren told me they wanted my take on denim & supply because they have cool stuff and i really admire the brand. i picked out all of the outfits (and hemmed and hawed for hours along the way), hoping to get everything just right! i’m bummed you aren’t too keen on it, but it means a lot to me that you spoke up about how you feel, and i’m definitely going to spend some time thinking about what you said.

  2. yes, there’s a lot to be said for the quality and look of the actual items you chose… but damn! the way you style yourself? so great! you have a really great eye for what suits you, erin, and your confidence really shows. i can imagine if someone asked you what you wore today, and you said “khaki pants and a striped shirt with a peacoat” it could sound pretty bland, but you really make it work.

    all of this to say: hey! you’ve got awesome taste/style!

    can’t wait to see the other looks.

    1. julia, thank you so much for this comment! i really appreciate it. i was excited to take on this project because i knew it would be fun to try my hand at styling. it’s much different than just pulling items from your own wardrobe, and i wasn’t even sure if i could do it! so knowing that you can still see my personal style come through and that you can get a sense of confidence makes me feel really good. thank you!!!

  3. I need chill basics for days when I’m not feeling so dressy, that boatneck top is perfect! And don’t even get me started on the velvet trimmed coat!!!

  4. What a great look Erin! I own a pair of cream pants that I never wear because they are such a pain to style. But I might just go pull them out right now … thanks for the inspiration (& super excited for you styling Ralph Lauren goodies – lucky gal!)
    Kelly @
    Elegantly Academic

  5. Yeah the boatneck needs to come up nice and high – just like that one, great look, I always think of RL as boring but you make it look cute. There’s that smile!

    1. aw, yay! i’m still unsure what to do with it. go long or cut it short again? it’s been fun so far letting it grow just because it’s been so long since i’ve let it go this long! and now i can allllmost pull it into a ponytail. i wouldn’t mind being able to pull it into a topknot this spring…

  6. I think you are doing the challenge really well, this look is gorgeous and classic and still totally you! I never mind seing a good collaboration between a blogger and a brand they love, I don’t think anyone is forcing the readers to buy, just inspiring a way of styling and thinking. So I say: it’s all beautiful and positive!

    Virginie ♥

  7. thanks virginie! i’m really glad to hear that you like it and i’m glad that you were able to draw some inspiration from my styling! it’s been really fun and exciting and i can’t wait to share the rest of the looks.

    you are too sweet! and i love your latest post. you look like a pretty present!

  8. Wow, that coat is just so incredibly stunning. I love how you’ve styled it nautical, but added the heels. It really ties everything together with the elegant coat. So so excellent.

  9. Hey Erin!

    I think you styled this look so well and your personality shine’s in these pictures, your blog is one I look up to and I feel that you are a genuine person when you blog. The internet can be a big scary thing sometimes and my hat goes off to you and all the hard work you must put into this blog everyday, keep inspiring us :)



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