outfit: home again

calivintage: home again

after yesterday’s recap from the polyvore live runway show featuring a very glammed-up version of myself, i thought it would only be fitting for me to squeeze in a long overdue outfit photo so you guys don’t forget what i usually look like! i was in new york solo, so i didn’t have my photographer boyfriend around to take pictures of my outfits. and in a way, it was nice to have a little break from my usual blogging routine. in fact, i usually have the most fun when i get to spend my time behind the lens.

having said that, i’m still getting dressed every day, so here is what i wore on saturday for a chill day involving a very long nap followed by an unexpectedly fruitful trip to tj maxx where i scored a very witchy marc by marc jacobs black lace dress, a nice equipment trench coat, and a cute pair of vintage-inspired mary jane heels. and of course, after all of that bargain hunting, we rewarded ourselves with a trip to lanesplitters for pizza and beer before heading home for a night of watching movies on the couch. it was pretty much the perfect transition back home after such a hectic trip, but apparently it wasn’t enough to fully recharge my batteries. i woke up sunday morning with a terrible sore throat and spent the rest of my weekend under the covers. but at least i got in a few hours of fun before i went down!

dress: family affairs good spirits dress
top: thrifted vintage silk blouse
sweater: j. crew cashmere boyfriend cardigan
necklace: toujours toi stables necklace
bag: j.w. hulme mini legacy bag
watch: michael kors tortoise watch
shoes: vintage salvatore ferragamo vara flats in navy

calivintage: home again
calivintage: home again
calivintage: home again
calivintage: home again


  1. So cute! down time is the best! It must have been so hectic in NYC for fashion week, I watched you on the Polyvore live show, crazy how the internet brings so many people together!



  2. You look so cute!!! Love the drop waist dress which is funny because I used to NEVER say that. I wasn’t a fan but it looks great on you. Must be the the polka dots.

  3. Damn, your TJ Maxx sounds way better than mine! I managed to find a Norma Kamali dress for $15 at TJ Maxx once, but that was an anomaly. Cardigans, polka dots, and collared blouses will always be a good thing in my book. The Ferragamos are just icing on the cake!

  4. Damn, I totally wanted to see a close up of your necklace! Cute outfit.

    Let us know if you ever want to do a giveaway on your blog. We will provide you with some awesome neon goodies :)

    Always a pleasure to read!

  5. Very pretty. I’d say more, but I haven’t checked up on blogs in forever and have to many I am reading at once. This outfit is just adorable like a school girl, though you don’t look like a school girl. . you get what I mean, I’m sure.

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