outfit: wavy gravy

calivintage: wavy lines

oh hello! i just got back from a quick weekend trip to visit my family in southern california. i didn’t take a ton of photos, but i promise to be share the few snapshots i did take while i was there. the weather was hot (reaching highs in the 90s), and it was good to see family and familiar places from my past.

but before we get into that, i thought i’d catch up and share an outfit from last week. and yes, it’s another shift dress! no matter how hard i try to stay away from this almost universally unflattering form, i find myself collecting these shapeless dresses and wearing them more often than i care to admit. though i’ve certainly shared a good portion of my ever-growing collection on my blog (see here). they’re just so easy and comfortable, and they evoke that playful 1960s spirit that i love so much. they also have a tendency to create phantom belly bumps and emphasized arms… but, try as i might, i’m still an absolute sucker for a shift dress and don’t think i’ll be giving up the habit any time soon!

dress: tocca envelope dress
shoes: rachel antonoff for bass sandals
bag: j.w. hulme mini legacy bag
bracelet: giantlion
lipstick: nars schiap
nail polish: opi polish courtesy of glossybox

calivintage: wavy lines
calivintage: wavy lines
calivintage: wavy lines


  1. I really am in love with the colors in these photos. So vibrant! Also, I’m definitely eying those see-through shoes – think I might have to get them eeeek! Looks like you had fun in socal, too. Sometimes it can be nice to have really hot weather for a change… glad you got to make it down for a trip!

  2. i love this dress and i love that rich espresso colored bag! i just got a vintage coach willis bag in that same color and i looove it!

    also, i noticed you’re originally from redlands. i’m from riverside (now happily residing in sf). we were practically neighbors… and still are i guess! hope you had fun in socal! <3

    p.s. i too am obsessed with shift dresses. i'm currently creating a must have list for my blog and a shift dress made the list.

    -aimee lynn

  3. i love the quirky colors of this shift dress! it is so so cute and the print is really fun. your sandals are also really amazing!

    <3 Ilene

    1. thank you! i’ve been hacking away at my fringe between haircuts now that it’s gotten so long and requires less maintenance. i’m always a little apprehensive about doing it myself, but i don’t mind if they’re just a tad bit choppy!

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