mod squad

calivintage: mod squad

can i just tell you that i’m completely obsessed with this skirt? the moment it arrived in the mail, i unwrapped it and sort of gave it a little hug. it’s made of a thick wool, and it’s completely lined making it a perfect option for a girl like me who insists to wear mini skirts even when it’s cold. i think i’ve described the effect as similar to wearing a down puffer vest when you go camping. your arms are unhindered, but you’re still hella warm. it’s also kinda like sleeping with a warm blanket and sticking one leg out to regulate your temperature. that and i love the perfect a-line shape and sweet ’60s style.

this is also what i wore last monday when refinery29 visited my office to snap a few photos for this cute article about modcloth! i love their office tour features, so it was fun to invite them in to our workspace to snap a few photos and to interview me and a few of my adorable co-workers.

wearing: equipment brett silk blouse, lauren moffatt mini skirt, vintage salvatore ferragamo vara pumps, j.w. hulme mini legacy bag, ralph lauren denim & supply wool pea coat, ysl rouge pur couture in le rouge

calivintage: mod squad
calivintage: mod squad
calivintage: mod squad
calivintage: mod squad
calivintage: mod squad

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  1. Lovely outfit. I like that blouse a lot. It looks so pretty and retro with your skirt (which is totally adorable, btw). I love your style!


  2. So cute! I, too, insist on wearing miniskirts in all kinds of crazy Bay Area weather, but I never thought of finding a warmer skirt as opposed to piling on layers of tights. I love it!


      1. I have to admit, the image that first accompanies “quilted miniskirts” conjures up images of Little House on the Prairie, but you’ve clearly disproven that :) I’m game!

  3. How cute is that! (and you look great it it – I love that you look like a normal person – except with more style than a normal person)

  4. Beautiful skirt! I seem to dress like it’s summer all year round, but I live in the North of England where summer lasts for about 3 weeks. Maybe I need to get myself a woollen mini skirt and combine the best of both worlds.

    1. it’s like that here in sf, too! it’s usually around 65 degrees almost all of the time! it gets a bit chillier in the winter, but usually the summer doesn’t get warm except for a few weeks and days randomly throughout the year.

  5. Ooh lala! Your skirt would make any girl swoon my dear. I love everything about it! The pattern is what makes it truly special :) I love that you gave it a little hug when it arrived! I admit I’ve done the same thing to my clothing on occasion…haha! Great idea pairing it with a butter yellow blouse too. Looks gorgeous with your dark hair!

  6. I need that skirt in my life. I love wool and the uber cold weather of the northeast has never deterred me from wearing dresses. So, I’m with you.
    P.s. It made me smile when you said “hella”…I miss living in Vegas where all my California friends got me to say that for four years.

  7. super duper uper cute:) I tried on the coat version the other day, but I was surprised how thin it was! although I loved the design, I couldn’t justify getting it when I knew I needed a heavy coat for the New York winters.

  8. Wool-skirts are the best in cold weather!! Longer ones when it’s really cold (like -20C, as it sometimes can be in sweden). And you can always wear 3 layers of tights with it as well!

  9. Goodness gracious. I don’t know where to begin: I love your outfit, we have a similar style (even hairstyle), your outfits are flawless, you’re enjoyable to read. Glad I stumbled upon your blog it’s quite entertaining!


  10. I would be in love with that skirt too! Actually, I am and I don’t even own it. It’s just so incredibly cute and perfect! Your yellow blouse looks great paired with it. Such a perfect look.

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